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With the literature world increasing becoming difficult for new writers to enter into and prove themselves because of the difficulties in getting published, Qpeka introduces a fresh and innovative way to help writers share their talent with the chance to also earn from the same and all this while the readers can read it for free and also interact with the writers!! Its innovative, its new, its Qpeka!!! A fresh new world for readers and writers. coming soon......

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Qpeka - Presentation for writers

  1. 1. A Presentation for Writers by Write to www.qpeka.com info@qpeka.com
  2. 2. Next Steps What we need Benefits to writers Our USP Current Trends Introduction What is Qpeka1
  3. 3. What is QpekaIntroduction Qpeka is an online platform that aims to give readers free, legal and unrestricted access to reading material viz books, blogs, reviews, poems, short stories, articles and a lot more.Current Trends We at Qpeka are creating a free platform for readers to enable them to read anything published on our website for FREE Unique ReadingOur USP Multi-linguistic Multi-formats experience Unknown/ Famous authorsBenefits to writers unpublished work Vision and Way Forward There was a time where one had to be famous for his work to beWhat we need published, and readers needed to purchase the works. We aim to revolutionize the world of reading by developing a seamless interface with integrated networking, where any writer can showcase their magic with words and any reader gets to readNext Steps it for free. 2
  4. 4. Internet penetration at a nascent stage in India In 3-4 years, India is expected to be the 3rd largest Internet MarketIntroductionCurrent TrendsOur USPBenefits to writersWhat we need India – Today 125 MN users 8.5% penetrationNext Steps 3
  5. 5. Current Trends in online publishingIntroduction Rising presence of non-print books Advantages of non-print books 4.0% 5.1% 3.2% 1.2% 13.7% 1.6% Higher Flexibility Light weightCurrent Trends 33.3% 28.6% Others Easy to Carry Eco-Friendly E-book Audio Lower cost Lower storageOur USP 58.3% Print: Hardcover 51.0% Print: Paperback Font/ Light Instant Access adjustmentsBenefits to writers 2010 2011 Average e-book: $7.44, Average hardcover: Value of non-print book sales – £92m in 2011, a $19.09, Average paperback: $12.18 366% increase on the previous year Physical book sales in the first three months of “Many publishers now increasingly rely on 2012 were down 11% ebooks as a source of growth for their business”What we need Only 2% of Indians & 7% of Brazilians have purchased an e-book, but both countries have large populations and so those numbers represent significant opportunity for publishersNext Steps Increase in internet market size, increase in literacy in India, combined with increasing dominance of non- print books confirms that the market for non-print books is the way ahead for publishers and writers 4
  6. 6. Qpeka’s USPIntroduction FREE GET PAIDCurrent Trends Excellent Interface – Fast Reduce & Intuitive PlagiarismOur USP Multi-linguistic, IncreaseBenefits to writers multiple formats Visibility For Readers For Writers Preview works Transparency before reading in transactionsWhat we need One Stop Services like Location for editing, reviews, almost anything cover design,Next Steps related to reading copyrights etc 5
  7. 7. Qpeka for writersIntroduction How will Qpeka help you to grow…Current TrendsOur USPBenefits to writers Wide Reach Liaison with publishers Edit worksWhat we need Readers WritersNext Steps Connect to readers Reviews & Comments Copyright 6
  8. 8. Qpeka for writers Qpeka puts you at par with Average Published BookIntroduction Qpeka Writers Published WorkCurrent Trends 1000 Qpeka pages* Level – 1 writer INR 10 per book Price of printed book INR 200 Level – 2 writer INR 20 per book Royalty payment 15% Level – 3 writer Payment to writerOur USP INR 30 per book INR 30 per book Market Size for Free Online Reading is 10x Print Book Size because…Benefits to writersWhat we need FREE No plagiarism Worldwide Reach No multi-reading Assume 2,000 x10 INR 24 INR 4,80,000 Average annual print copies Our Market Multiplier Revenue per book = per yearNext Steps Disclaimer: The numbers suggested in slide are indicative. Qpeka does not guarantee the above numbers for all material *1 Normal Print Page = 2 Qpeka Pages 7
  9. 9. Qpeka requires these from a writer…Introduction • No plagiarized/copied content Good original • Writer is entirely liable for any plagiarized/ malafide complaints & claims • Plagiarized content will be removed from the website, and the author will beCurrent Trends content prohibited from uploading any material for a period of 3 months • Qpeka is very serious about battling plagiarism • Personal details like Name, Age, Pen Name, Address and Contact detailsOur USP Personal & • Writers can also upload a small brief about themselves and their work Content info • Banking details, PAN card, identity proof once the work qualifies to be paid • Qpeka will ensure hassle free account creation & uploading servicesBenefits to writers • A writer can chose to upload and tag his/her work under different genres • The works will need to be classified based on following criteria Type of o Articles: up to 2,000 words Content o Short Stories: 1,000 – 10,000 words o Books: 5,000+ wordsWhat we need o Poems & Shayaris: Min 1,000 words • A writer can upload their work in MS-Word or PDF formats Format of • Font type: Arial, Font size: 10 ContentNext Steps • Images can form part of the document • No scanned copies will be accepted 8
  10. 10. Qpeka – Our association with youIntroduction We are a young team looking to change the way we read online. We also wish to promote talented unknown writers who get discouraged to write because their work does not find any platform.Current Trends If you believe in our vision and our aim, we would be keen to be associated with you in any way. We also welcome any feedback/ideas/suggestions that will help us give you a better experienceOur USPBenefits to writers Send us contact details with some of your worksWhat we need We will send you our details and formal agreement Sign-up and upload your workNext Steps Enjoy the world of Qpeka and start earning 9
  11. 11. Whatever we possess becomes of double value whenwe have the opportunity of sharing it with others.”- Jean-Nicolas Bouilly, Writer & PoliticianFor any queries & feedbackWrite to us at info@qpeka.comOrContact:Abhishek Barari - +91 98196 41134Dhaval Sukhia - +91 81085 00677Please like/ follow us onhttp://www.facebook.com/QPekahttp://twitter.com/Qpeka
  12. 12. We just need one more favor from you. Please do fill oursurvey at http://tiny.cc/oxjxgw. All those who fill our surveywould be reqularly updated about our progress and shallalso get 5 books free to read every week till our launch We look forward to seeing you on our website at www.qpeka.com