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Summer Safety Tips for your Pets from 24ProtectPlus
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Summer Safety Tips for your Pets from 24ProtectPlus


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Summer Safety Tips for your Pets from 24ProtectPlus

Summer Safety Tips for your Pets from 24ProtectPlus

Published in: Lifestyle, Health & Medicine

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  • 1. Summer Safety Tips for Your Pets from 24Protect PlusSM
    © 2009 24Protect Plus℠
  • 2. Heat and humidity affect your pets, too.
    Pets are as likely – if not more likely - to be affected by sunburns and heat strokes as you are.
    So, as you include your pets in all your summer outdoor activities, make sure you follow some simple tips from 24Protect PlusSMto ensure their well being.
    Why Special Safety in Summer?
  • 3. Protect Your Pet – Tips for Summer Safety
  • 4. 24Protect PlusSM Tip #1:
    Never leave your pet alone in a car on a warm day.
    Not even when the temperature doesn’t seem that hot to you.
    Sunshine alone can spike the temperature inside a car to 110-120 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • 5. 24Protect PlusSM Tip #2:
    Provide cover from direct sunlight.
    Outdoor pets need shelter because the shade from trees is not adequate protection.
    Indoor pets should be kept inside until the sun sets and temperatures are lower.
  • 6. 24Protect PlusSM Tip #3:
    Go easy on strenuous activities.
    Dogs face a high risk of heat stroke and sunburns, especially on hot and humid days.
    This is because they are unable to cool themselves by panting or sweating.
    Vigorous activities or exercise should be limited to cooler times of the day.
  • 7. 24Protect PlusSM Tip #4:
    Oodles of water!
    Water can prevent dehydration and help cool down your pet.
    Make sure that your pet’s water container is always full.
    Keep the container away from direct sunlight so that the water remains cool and does not evaporate quickly.
  • 8. 24Protect PlusSM Tip #5:
    Keep your pets bug free.
    Fleas are more active during the summer months.
    Opt for a flea prevention plan for your pet to avoid infestation.
  • 9. 24Protect PlusSM Tip #6:
    Prevent insect bites and stings.
    Drain standing water that can attract mosquitoes.
    Keep your pets away from beehives, woodpiles and ant hills.
  • 10. 24Protect PlusSMsuggests that you follow these simple steps to protect your pets from sun and heat.
    © 2009 24Protect Plus℠