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Osh — Curiosity Learning on Mobile

Design prototype for Osh, a mobile app for curiosity learning.

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Osh — Curiosity Learning on Mobile

  1. 1. by Blended Labs The easiest way to learn Osh
  2. 2. A learning stream for each big topic Space Art History Geography Productivity Animals Scroll down for the next unit Swipe left-right to "play" current unit Stream
  3. 3. Choose topics and learning goals at the start Choose "more theory" or "more practice" Press "like" to get more units like this Stream is personal
  4. 4. 5-10 cards Beautiful images Very short texts Some of the facts will be later in the quizzes Unit type Cardstack
  5. 5. Narrow topic 5-7 questions Two choices Majority of questions are visual Same fact, multiple questions    Painting + title -> artist    Painting +artist -> title Beyond facts: pattern recognition    "Name the artist", "Fiction or real?" Cardstack recommendations to learn from mistakes Unit type Micro quiz
  6. 6. Discover entities related to the topic films  books  long reads  people   products   apps Actions buy install follow add to Pocket send to email Unit type Recommendations
  7. 7. Progress celebration Next level preview Nice way to ext    Like reading until the end of a chapter Checkpoints
  8. 8. Direct access to every unit Topic map
  9. 9. Learning stats Ultimate challenge   Answer 25 questions without a single mistake Achievements
  10. 10. How to improve Osh model of learning? What will make you spend more time in Osh and less time in Instagram, Facebook and mobile games? Help us make it better