ccna cisco cisco routers & switches yaser rahmati آکادمی رحمتی یاسر رحمتی rahmaty academy cisco fundamentals of wireless lans routing ssh telnet cisco rollover cable routing & switching dhcp flash ram nvram rom line vty flow control protocol link-state ospf ip vlsm ipv4 network addresses dns voip lan and wan interfaces next-hop cisco ios media access control itu-t ieee wan lan global configuration mode ios examination commands show vlan show version cisco networking login user exec mode configure and test telnet on a cisco router or swi console port com port console encapsulation academy rahmaty wlan cisco wlan rahmati academy webfig winbox sxt lite5 license levels release candidate current bugfix routeros chain band hap ac lite routerboard wireless mtnca mikrotik shortest path first protocols exchanging the routing information classless routing protocols eigrp routing dynamically dynamic routing protocols metrics ripv2 ripv1 igrp classful routing protocols distance vector igp network discovery egp nat troubleshooting nat ipv4 private address space configuring nat nat operation cli nat terminology network address translation manual allocation automatic allocation discover messages dynamic allocation autoconfiguration offer messages packet filtering acl numbering and naming acls naming acls access control lists a tcp conversation standard ipv4 acls wildcard masking extended ipv4 aclss ip acl operation acl operation troubleshoot acls ospf network topology encapsulating ospf messages hello packet intervals bdr spf tree interior gateway protocols components of ospf types of ospf packets synchronizing ospf database hello packet multiarea ospf link-state updates neighbor adjacencies dr cidr routing and switching essentials static routing implementation ip route command default static route configure static and default routes classful subnet masks static routing next hop best paths initial configuration of a router networks network interface card packet routing load balancing default gateways traffic routing decisions vlan subinterfaces inter-vlan routing multilayer switch post secure unused ports dhcp snooping telnet dos attack dhcp spoofing mac address flooding duplex communication auto-mdix feature network time protocol switch led indicators dhcp spoof attack cisco catalyst 2960 switch modes basic switch management cisco discovery protocol configuring ssh boot sequence flash file system deleting vlans ieee 802.1q broadcast domaiin vlan segmentation default vlan tagging data vlan management vlan trunks voice vlans types of vlans collision domain native vlan vlan implementation frame forwarding flexibility hierarchical fixed platform switched networks core modular platform distribution form factor iphone stackable platform access modularity converged networks resiliency application layer services small network topologies traffic analysis network plus infrastructure intermediary devices servers and peripherals end devices for users hardware threats budget device inventory ip telephony network-aware applications documentation environmental threats real-time video protocols protocol analysis of a small network network+ simple mail transfer protocol imap application layer dynamic host control protocol hypertext transfer protocol smtp tftp domain name service file transfer protocol http well-known application layer protocols and service the message heard around the world pop ftp trivial file transfer protocol osi and tcp/ip models revisited presentation layer session layer variable length subnet masks communication between subnets subnetting formulas vlsm chart subnetting converting from decimal to binary broadcast transmission converting a binary address to decimal binary notation ipv4 network classful addressing multicast transmission public and private ipv4 unicast transmission network portion and host portion of an ipv4 addres assignment of ip addresses and broadcast address host bitwise and operation binary number system acknowledgement rfc 768 stateful protocol window size tcp reliability rfc 793 tcp session termination three-way handshake connection-oriented tcp tcp server processes netstat tcp and udp port addressing reliable delivery udp separating multiple communications transport layer protocols ip version 4 (ipv4) de-encapsulating connectionless network service appletalk routers ip components ip version 6 (ipv6) configuring a cisco router novell internetwork packet exchange router backplane network layer protocols addressing end devices unicast mac address mac address representations llc and mac sublayers broadcast mac address collision detection csma frame delimiting ethernet crc cyclic redundancy check csma/cd addressing ethernet frame size ethernet encapsulation error detection data encapsulation carrier sense multiple access mac sublayer ip address conflicts interface operating systems aux port ios bootcamp command syntax check volatile ram loopback context-sensitive help securing privileged exec access mode securing device access the show version command navigating between ios modes tia telephone message size timing of delivery access method message formatting and encapsulation eia moving data in the network message encoding rules of communication letter what is communication speed network protocols and standards photograph face-to-face types of physical media iso eia/tia data link layer protocols coaxial cable stp cable utp cable wireless media copper cable throughput network media fiber optic cable ansi nic network interface cards physical layer protocols bandwidth security cameras services media peer-to-peer devices switches world wide networks byod medium-sized business communication medium network topologies topology diagrams small home network internet platform clients and servers exploring the network router#disable c:\users\user\documents\ccna\navigating the ios router#configure terminal privileged exec mode router(config)#end specific configuration modes router# router> router(config-if)#end router(config)#exit router(config)#interface fa0/0 router>enable router(config-mode)# router(config)# show startup-config show running-config show mac-address-table show flash active configuration file show arp show cdp neighbors show interfaces programs configuration show processes number of ports on the switch configuration register 0x2102 image filename ios version amount of ram amount of flash memory type of processor system uptime configure terminal account database tacacs working with router users aux creating a user in the account database enable user-level protection username terminal access controller access-control system user login local showing connected users removing a user banner exec motd banner login banner motd exec banner configuration message of the day how to configure the five main passwords of the ci enable secret enable password configure passwords on the line vty testing telnet connectivity configuring vty ports console connection to cisco router serial/com port rj-45 cisco router console settings db-9-to-rj-45 serial cable db-9 ios prompt terminal emulator rj45 connect pc to cisco router or switch hyperterminal no parity securecrt putty windows 7 bits per second network device serial cable data link router transport arpanet osi model network layer 7 layers in network osi model of networking layers in network protocols osi model diagram hub network session open systems interconnect osi model application presentation مدل osi switch physical نمونه سوالات آزمون های بین سئوالات ccna
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