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Abbey Road Red Hackathon - Lyra


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## Inspiration
We wanted to create something interactive, collaborative and emotional, and also utilize Microsoft Azure Cognitive Services API and the BCI (Brain Computer Interface). The main idea was to generate lyrics by taking one word suggestion from the user and then crawl the web for sentences. Then an inspiration came from the artist Lula, who does improvised shows, to crowd source the word suggestions from the crowd. Currently she ask the crowd for a few words, emotions and feels and generates random lyrics from that herself.
It would be engaging to be able to include the crowd in the creative process. Lula uses the Mimu gloves for her performances and we want to add BCI reader to monitor her brain activity level, which will be reflected in the sentiment level of the lyrics generated.

## What it does
The people in the audience can input a word suggestion in a simple text field. The application also takes emotional input from the brain wave scanner to monitor the artist's activity level. After clicking the generate button, a few lines of AI-generated lyrics is presented.

## How we built it
The service is built out of the following components:
* Using the suggested words, we crawl twitter, Bing news and Bing advances search for sentences that contain the words. This is done by using Microsoft Cognitive services API.

* We assemble all sentence suggestions and use Microsoft AI Text Analytics API in order to estimate the sentiment in each sentence. They can be either positive or negative.

* Then we present the positive and negative version of the generated lyrics.

## Challenges we ran into

* It was a challenge to generate lyrics that make sense.

## Accomplishments that we're proud of

* We tried to solve the challenge mentioned above by using sentences written by humans, for example on twitter.

## What we learned
* We learnt a lot about Microsofts cognitive services and AI in general.

## What's next for Lyra
* To try Lyra in an improvised live performance.

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Abbey Road Red Hackathon - Lyra

  1. 1. • Devices/Resources/Data • BCI (MindWave Mobile) • Attention (%) • -> linked with the complexity and the musical notes sequence; • Use a seed/preset?? • Meditation (%) • -> linked with the scale of the music (major/minor); • RAW mV from Alpha/Beta brain waves?? • Data analysis windows size, definition??? • Camera • Streaming? • Picture? • Microphone • To convert speech to text • TextBox Input • Software/Technologies • C#, JS, BING • Azure Cognitive Services • Computer Vision • Tag visual features • Categorize an image • Describe an image • -> linked with the lyrics directly • Detect faces • Detect image types • Detect the color scheme • Generate a thumbnail • Speech services • Speech-to-text (SR) • Intent Recognition • Text Analytics • LANGUAGE EXTRACTION • KEY-PHRASE EXTRACTION • -> linked with the lyrics directly • SENTIMENT ANALYSIS • -> linked with the music scale using the valence (major/minor) = (+/-) Music and lyrics automatically generated from biosensors and azure cognitive services #BioLyrics #NeuroMusic Main issue to solve: windows size of the data sent to Azure !!!! Vision Scope -> Alpha Version
  2. 2.