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Cut of your Smoking Cost by 50% with E-cigarette


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How to save money swithic

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Cut of your Smoking Cost by 50% with E-cigarette

  1. 1. Cut off your Smoking Cost by 50% withE-cigarette
  2. 2. Cigarette smoking is injurious to health. This is one message that isprinted on every cigarette pack you buy, and everyone knows this for afact, but it’s surely a hard habit to kick. Several people actually startsmoking cigarettes from a young age, and by the time they understand itsconsequences, the habit turns into an addiction, and impossible to shakeoff. This is where the e-cigarette steps in; it ensures that you make theright call without giving up on your habit. The e-cigarette is a healthierand cheaper solution to the tobacco smoking.Before understanding the health benefits of e-cigs, you can compare thedifference of prices between the tobacco and electronic cigarettes. First,you have to understand how the electronic cigarette works. It comeswith a cartridge, an atomizer and a battery recharger. The device usesthe atomizer to convert the liquid cartridge into vapor smoke, which isinhaled by the smoker. When you purchase a new electronic cigarettedevice it comes with a pack of flavored cartridges. The cartridges cost thesame as a pack of the tobacco cigarettes. Now, you can do the math toestimate the fortune you can save.Initial Cost of SmokingTo start with, an electronic cigarette cartridge costs around $8 USD, andit can offer you a smoking time of close to 50 cigarettes. Considering the
  3. 3. fact that an original cigarette packet contains 10 cigarettes, you cancalculate that you need to buy minimum 4 packs of cigarettes. That willcost you $32 USD, which is the standard price for general cigarettes. So,if you smoke 50 cigarettes every month, then you will be spending$32USD for each month. Now, when you buy an e-cigarette, it will costyou around $28USD for the device and the cartridge for the first month.It may initially seem that the difference is small, but you must know thatpost your first pack, you only need to make the cartridge purchase, andnot the complete device.Person Who Smoke E-cig Can Save 50 %on His SpendingAt the end of the year, a tobacco smoker will spend $384 USD, while thee-cig smoker will splurge $116USD, which is $268 less than the annualsmoking expense of the traditional cigarette. You can even buy adisposable electronic cigarette, which runs for a month and costs around$8, it helps you to save more. Even if you don’t consider the monetaryfactor, think about how healthy it is to smoke electronic cigarette.Using it will ensure that you are not damaging your health, and thehealth of people in your vicinity, and you contribute your bit to savingthe planet, as well.Smoking electronic cigarettes is the best call you can ever make. It willsave you money, and you can smoke anywhere, anytime you feel likegetting a drag.