Facts to know about indian wedding d js


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Facts to know about indian wedding d js

  1. 1. Facts To Know About Indian Wedding DJsWedding is the most glamorous and special event in anyone’s life and thisparticular day will remain in your heart forever. Reception or after ceremonyparty is the most memorable occasion and proper entertainment is the key tomake this event special and unforgettable but managing the entertainmentresponsibility is really a daunting task and most of the people cannot handlethe work without taking any professional help and if you are also one of themthen you must go for Indian wedding planner. A good wedding planner canmanage the wedding party in a perfect way and you just have to pay them themoney and they will manage the wedding party on behalf of you.Choosing good Indian wedding DJs, good decorators, photographer areconsidered to be the very crucial job. Always remember one thing that a goodwedding DJ can bring more spice to the party. A good wedding DJ alwaysensures that you are going to have a rocking wedding party. Good party musicthat your guest will dance to and enjoy is the most important element formaking the party really successful and here come the importance of having adisc jockey on the floor.A good DJ should have vast range of genres that will please all the guestpeople including young and old alike. Your DJ should have good collection,from pop to 50s doo wop, to disco and 80s rock. When you are going to hire awedding DJ for the party, make sure that he has proper digital musicequipments that can play digital music so that there will be no technicaldisturbance all of a sudden.Experience plays a very crucial role in this type of entertainment industry andthat is why it is really important to hire a wedding DJ who has enoughexperience in this field. Now you might be wondering how to know whetherthe DJ is enough experienced or not. A professional and experienced DJ shouldalways have his own website or portfolio where you can see all the past eventswhere is played music. Always remember one thing that a good DJ alwaysknow what type of music could go well for your guests, when to announcecertain things, how to keep the entire crown entertained etc. The DJ shouldhave high spirit and when you are going to hire a DJ for the party, make sureyou are going to ask him that how many wedding parties he covers in a month.Not only the musical equipments but a DJ should have good lightingequipments too.
  2. 2. Now you must know why DJ can bring more spice to the party-Indian weddings have become quite elaborate and grander. All the aspects ofwedding, whether it is the matter of decorations, photography, video etc havebecome highly stylized and extravagant. Music is one of the most importantthings in any event. Event managers and wedding planners are focusing moreon the music in any event. Wedding environment has undergone variouschanges and the events have been planned in an attractive way. There aresome weddings in India today where the celebrities also make specialappearances. Having the live music involving the chartbusters is the majorthing in Indian wedding today.There are a number of advantages of having a DJ in any party. The mostimportant advantage is that the person knows the pulse of audience and it ishis responsibility to keep the audience entertained. It is very important tochoose the right DJ for any occasion. One thing you should remember whilechoosing DJ for your event is that the profile of the DJ should match with thetastes of the guests. You should hire a DJ who can play good music and cankeep the audience entertained at the fullest. The presence of mind is one of themost important things for the Indian DJs. The best DJs should have the abilityto interact with people effectively who are present at the event. If the DJscannot read the mind of the audience then it will be quite difficult job for his toplay the music.When you are going to hire a professional DJ for any event, it is reallyimportant to discuss some matters along with the DJ. The first thing youshould discuss with the DJ is the duration of the performance. Most of the DJshave a time fee and they do not perform more than the time limit. So, it isbetter to discuss about the duration of the event and the fee before theperformance. You should also ask about the extra costs for the extensions. Thenext thing you should discuss with the desi DJs while hiring is the choice ofsongs. The guests might be of different ages and different natures. If you inviteolder guests then you should ask the DJ not to blare out the loud songs. If youhave a list of some favorite songs then you should provide the list to the DJbefore he starts performing. It will help him to make the playlist accordingly.You should also ask the DJ whether he/she is open to listen to the request ofthe audience or not. You must also ask the DJ to keep stock of the mostdemanded songs with him. Before you look for a professional DJ, you should
  3. 3. determine how much you can spend for hiring the DJ. You can refer to thelocal classifieds to get the contact numbers of the DJs. You should also ask theDJs whether they have any hidden costs or not.If you do not know how to choose a good Indian wedding DJs then you canhire a professional Indian wedding planner who can help you in a best way.