How To Stop Your Jack Russell Dog Pulling On The Leash


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One of the common problems you may face with an active dog like your Jack Russell Terrier is your dog pulling on the leash. Find out how easy it is to stop this habit.

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How To Stop Your Jack Russell Dog Pulling On The Leash

  1. 1. How To Stop Your Jack Russell Dog Pulling On The LeashBy Darlene BrowneYour Jack Russell terrier is a very active dog and this is due to its geneswhereby it was first bred to hunt small games like foxes which are veryactive and run very fast. Hence there will always be the tendency of yourJack Russell terrier dog pulling on the leash when he gets distracted bysmall games especially during your walks in the park or wooded areas.However you can easily stop your dog pulling on the leash with somesimple tricks.Using The Heel Command To Stop Your Jack Russell Dog PullingLeashI have an easy method that you can use to teach your dog to stop pullingon leash. It consists of a simple 3-step "Heel" command and this simplecommand works wonders for both puppies and full-grown Jack Russellterriers and other dogs alike. Page 1 of 4
  2. 2. The first stage is to teach yourJack Russell terrier dog to heel toprevent your Jack Russell dogfrom pulling on leash. Here iswhat you need to do: 1. You will need to have the collar and leash on your Jack Russell. 2. Stand next to and to the right of your terrier so that you are both facing in the same direction and your terrier is sitting on your left. 3. Start walking forward slowly in a straight line, leading with your left leg. As soon as your terrier takes off and starts pulling on the leash, stand still and pull the leash back towards you. Remember not drag your Jack Russell back towards you as all you need to do is halt its progress. 4. Wait until your Jack Russell stop pulling on the leash. Then praise it and then continue walking. No command needs to be given at this stage because you are teaching your Jack Russell good manners so that it can more easily understand the Heel command when the time comes to teach it fully.I suggest that you apply this method for ten minutes at a time and forthree or four times per day. You will normally find that within four orfive days you will be ready to move on to the next phase. With thismethod, it is also quite likely that you will find that you are getting goodresults within a few minutes; at least enough that your terrier dog willstop pulling on leash and drag you all over the place. However, it maytake longer for some older dogs that have not been trained to changetheir leash-pulling behavior. Page 2 of 4
  3. 3. Variations On The Methods To Stop Your Dog Pulling Leash Sometimes you may have to vary the way that you are training your dog slightly. There may be instances when your terrier dog starts to pull on the leash and you may need to: 1. Stop and give your terriers lead a few tugs and growl the guttural growl, ("AAHH!" rather then "NO") then bring the dog back beside you. 2. Start walking away again and hold a treat by your side. Make sure that your terrier knows it isthere.3. Your terrier should be following alongside you. If it tries to jump forthe treat, ignore it. You have to be careful not let your dog bite at yourhand though.4. When your terrier gets tired of that and simply walks along besideyou, just say "HEEL!" Then reward it for walking beside you.5. Repeat this over and over and you should start to see the results. Ifyou praise your terrier as it comes towards you then your terrier is beingrewarded only for backing up (the very last action it performed). Youneed to reward your terrier for walking freely beside you as you moveoff from the stand still.It may be a common problem but having your Jack Russell terrier dogpulling leash doesnt have to be a nightmare. Just follow the simple stepsabove and you will find that you and your Jack Russell will be able toenjoy long, peaceful walks without any pulling on the leash in no time. Page 3 of 4
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