Jean Paul Ladage Managing Enterprise Content With Plone


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Philips Research - one of the worlds largest privately funded research centers - has successfully migrated their intranet to Plone. This project integrated an impressive set of features. * Single sign-on * Advanced cache setup to scale to 2000 daily logged in users. * Gradual Migration of over 50 static websites * Location Awareness * Atom feed based integration * Configurable homepages This case study demonstrates the integrated features and explain the caveats in scaling Plone for enterprise environments.

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Jean Paul Ladage Managing Enterprise Content With Plone

  1. 1. Plone in Enterprises speaker : Jean-Paul Ladage date : October 10th 2007 at : Plone Conference
  2. 2. Introduction • Jean-Paul Ladage • Chairman of Stichting Zope Plone • Plone Foundation Member • ZEA Partners Member • Sales and Technical Director Zest Software
  3. 3. Multiple locations Single Sign-on Quote of the day Research Groups Content Publishing Migration support Google Appliance Atom feeds Feedfeeder World wide intranet Link Micro formats Monitoring Link of the day AZ links Navigation Page Phonebook Scalability
  4. 4. Philips Research • Philips Research as part of Koninklijke Philips N.V. has expanded the scale and scope of its activities to become one of the world's major private research organizations • Creating technologies that will lead to products for improving people's lives • From electrical engineering and physics to chemistry, mathematics, mechanics, information technology and software
  5. 5. Challenges • How do you keep employees informed instead of overwhelmed with information? • What are acceptable levels of defects? • Will performance be an issue? • How do you manage the project?
  6. 6. Scalability • LDAP authentication against an Active Directory containing over almost 200.000 users • Single Sign-on using Apache mod_ntlm and apachepas • Over 1300 logged in users daily • Fine tuned CacheFu using Role based cache keys
  7. 7. LDAP • ldapconfig simplifies the configuration of LDAPUserFolder and LDAPMultiplugins for PlonePAS • ldapconfig comes with a which is well documented • PloneLDAP provides the necessary patches to LDAPMultiplugins to get user and group management features. • copy it to $INSTANCE_HOME/etc/ •
  8. 8. Apachepas • Apache authentication modules like mod_ntlm inject an special header upon successful authentication. • A PAS plugin that reads the authentication header from the request and assigns a role based on group membership •
  9. 9. Home Page • Composite Pack to manage page layout • Custom Viewlets • Generic Setup Profile for configuration • For 3.0 support take a look at Collage • Location Selector
  10. 10. Multiple Locations • Aachen • Bangalore • Briarcliff • Because Philips Research is based in 7 Eindhoven Products locations world wide and the large volumes of information being published, we • Hamburg designed a concept called Location Awareness. This allows site managers to • provide one or more target locations • pluggablecatalog Redhill for each piece of content. The end user can select his preferred location and • • locationmonkey therefor hide content that is not relevant Shanghai for his location.
  11. 11. Pluggable Catalog • (not released yet) • Provides IQueryDefaults • Define a function that provides the logic • Make the catalog smarter • interface.directlyProvides(locationDefaults,IQueryDefaults) • saves us customizing a lot of catalog queries in templates and browser views
  12. 12. Performance • Caching 24 versions of the home page • Dealing with large numbers of logged in users • Drop personalization • Cache based on Roles + Location
  13. 13. Feedfeeder • Import of Atom feeds used for news items • Fully searchable in Plone • Location Aware like all other content
  14. 14. Colloquia • An adapter for feedfeeder items • A Microformat is put at the top of the <content> tag of each Atom entry. <div> • <dl> It reads this structure and uses the <dt>date<dt><dd>2006-11-23</dd> values for saving the feed item in Plone <dt>permission<dt><dd>philips</dd> </dl> • ‘date’ will fill the date at which the </div> Colloquium is planned • ‘permission’ allows us to differentiate between workflow states.
  15. 15. Message of the day • Message of the day • Link of the day • Quote of the day • Rotation script (daily cron job) • Why? Because it’s Fun!
  16. 16. Google Search • Research Google Appliance integration • Authenticated searches
  17. 17. AZ Links • Search index of links to all intranet websites • Search by keyword or A-Z index • Easy editing for managers
  18. 18. Migration support The Philips Research intranet consisted of over 60 individually managed FrontPage based websites. By providing a gradual migration path each site can start migrating content in Plone, while the main navigation points to the • existing website. After the content is 40+ Research groups migrated, changing the main navigation to Plone is managed with a single • 12+ Service departments checkbox for each subsite. • MS FrontPage website using DOM manipulating javascript as the main template
  19. 19. Migration support (2) • Main navigation links to external websites for visitors • Home button of each external website links back to Plone • Main navigation links to a migratable folder inside Plone for managers • Migrate folder by clicking a checkbox
  20. 20. Migration support (3)
  21. 21. Project management • Extreme Management to support us • Good at managing complexity by breaking down stories into tasks. • Iteration meetings allow the customer to provide feedback early and change course at regular intervals • Standup meetings help the team to communicate daily progress and ask for help • Reporting is pretty much non-existing • Join the Extreme Management sprint on saturday
  22. 22. Conclusions • Philips Research acknowledges that Plone is a valuable solution and will continue to invest in their intranet. • Embrace Open Source for their Services • Release products to the community
  23. 23. Questions? Thank you for your attention