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Unicenter® Management for Web Servers Release 5.5


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Unicenter® Management for Web Servers Release 5.5

  1. 1. Data Sheet ® Unicenter Management for Web Servers Release 5.5 Unicenter® Management for Web Servers is an integrated set of web management tools that provides in-depth web server performance management, web traffic analysis and online transaction monitoring, all in a single solution. Its unique management approach from multiple perspectives enables your organization to deliver fast, continuous and reliable end-user access to intranet, extranet and Internet content. Predefined thresholds, corrective actions and automatic alerts put you in control of web application performance. Top Three Key Features Managing the Front availability or performance of your web • Visibility into Web server Health & performance across vendors/ platforms End of Web-Based servers, you may not realize soon enough that your web server went down or that • Simulates and measures end-user Applications you are running out of system resources. experience on the Web server side Traditional commercial websites have Conversely, if you monitor the • Comprehensive reports on Web visitors evolved from simple publishing models to performance of your web servers without behavior pattern and trends sophisticated environments and paying attention to visitors and patterns applications that are central to an followed on the website, you will not have What’s New organization’s growth and operations. If a the information you need to make • Historical data collection web server is down or end users strategic, revenue-generating decisions. experience slow response time when Moreover, if you don’t monitor the • Out-of-the-Box Web-Based Reports connecting to an internal or external site, content, availability and response time of • New Web Services Management the most popular paths followed on a productivity decreases, visitors shift to capabilities website, you will not be able to prevent competitors’ sites and revenue is lost. • Integration with Netegrity SiteMinder problems before visitors experience Web server management involves errors or slow download times, and • Same level of coverage across Web ensuring that each component of the consequently leave your site. server agent and platforms, including overall web infrastructure is performing AIX and Mainframe Linux properly, HTTP requests are serviced Unicenter Management for Web Servers promptly, and transactions on the back- by providing unique comprehensive and Supporting Environments end systems are executed in time, while intelligent management from different • Windows 2000, XP, 2003 securing a positive end-user experience. perspectives offers the tools • Linux (Intel) organizations need to improve end-user At the same time, there are additional satisfaction, keep their eBusinesses • Unix (Solaris, AIX) factors to consider. Web servers must be running smoothly and maximize customer • Mainframe Linux is available in managed from multiple approaches. For retention. prior product release example, if you analyze visitors’ access and behavior without monitoring the
  2. 2. Data Sheet 2 Helping to Ensure Fast, Continuous, Reliable Access to Web Application Content Unicenter Management for Web Servers from Computer Associates International, Inc. (CA) provides unique, comprehensive and intelligent management from different perspectives, offering the tools your organization needs to improve end-user satisfaction, keep your business running smoothly and maximize customer retention. Figure 1. Managing an entire web server farm from a single central location CA has made significant improvements to returning visitors reports. Similarly, the single support channel, reduces the this solution, incorporating new capacities Web Response Monitor has been learning curve and quickly increases to support hundreds of web server virtual enhanced to ease product administration return of investment hosts running on a single platform with a and configuration, incorporating now new single agent, and new self-configuring Web services monitoring capabilities, and Cross-Vendor, Cross-Platform capacities so that agent thresholds are delivering detailed visualization and Management. Unicenter Management for configured automatically based on your reports on web server, network and page Web Servers features web server agents unique web environment conditions. In component response times. and super agents that provide a uniform addition, the product delivers out-of-the- look and similar functionality across all box, real-time and historical reports to popular web servers and web server help you identify current bottlenecks, plan Distinctive Features farms, so there is no need to learn how to for future needs and spot trends that begin to appear before they turn into and Functionalities operate multiple interfaces (see Figure 1). critical situations. • Central Point of Control and Integrated, All-in-One Approach. Visualization. This product manages Unicenter Management for Web Servers homogeneously across heterogeneous Similarly, as part of CA’s Product is an integrated set of tools manages from web server vendors and platforms, Development Initiative to unify and various perspectives — IT, end-user and improving cross-departmental simplify management, ensure business units perspectives — to help communication. interoperability. and provide more ensure continuous and reliable access to flexibility and value to our customers web application content. Ease-of-Use. Managing from the same Unicenter Management for Web Servers Web Response Monitor component will • More Value Out-of-the-Box. interface and from a single central point interoperate with Netegrity technologies, Unicenter Management for Web across vendors and systems — such as so you can seamlessly manage response Servers provides web server agents, an Apache server running on Linux and time and content accuracy of web-based web traffic analytics and web response an IIS server running on Windows NT — application that have been secured with monitoring capabilities to help eases product usage and its associated Netegrity SiteMinder organizations maximize IT learning curve investments, productivity and revenue. Additionally, the Web Traffic Analyzer, Super agents are also included to Historical Performance Data which can be implemented on a stand- manage an entire web server farm Collection. Unicenter Management for alone basis, has been enhanced to from a single central location. Web Servers enables historical collection provide more business-centric metrics, • Reduces Portfolio Complexity. An and summarization of performance and such as completion ratio funnel, most integrated approach like this mean response data across agents to detect error types per visitor or new versus fewer products, less overhead costs,
  3. 3. Data Sheet 3 problems and show trends before they turn into critical situations. • Trend Recognition. Performance metrics and response time data are collected and summarized hourly, daily, weekly and monthly to help identify performance issues and bottlenecks that may require additional resources or configuration changes. • Custom Data Retention Periods. The ability to define data retention periods helps ensure that the critical data needed to historically analyze web server infrastructure availability and performance is available on-demand. Figure 2. Unicenter Management for Web Servers reports on all critical information Web-Based Reports. The product needed to help ensure access to web application content. provides out-of-the-box performance and alerts as well as web analytics custom • Helps Ensure Adequate System understand visitor traffic, patterns and reports that are accessible on-demand via Resources. Monitoring critical web trends, and delivers customer analytics any browser. server resources helps ensure that metrics, providing insight for measuring there are enough system resources to and improving conversion rates • Ease-of-Use. User-defined and ad hoc handle web traffic, traffic load and effectively. reports can be scheduled automatically and published via a web browser to traffic fluctuation. • Measure Conversion Rates. Once improve flexibility, accessibility and you understand customer behavior in- Web Transaction Monitoring. Virtual depth — such as forward path data sharing. user interactions are recorded and played analysis, reverse path analysis, top • Information Sharing. Alerts and back to navigate through the web servers content paths or path analysis-to- thresholds breached reports can be and follow critical site paths to report back conversion rates — you can leverage published and distributed easily, on system health, content accuracy and this critical information easily to make thereby improving cross- departmental response times. informed business decisions to help communication and decreasing drive revenue. problem resolution time. • Simulates the End-User Experience. • Increased Automation. The ability to Individual HTTP and FTP as well as In-Depth Web Server Resource aggregate information in a manner end-to-end transaction requests can be Monitoring. Unicenter Management for meaningful to both IT and business simulated and monitored by the Web Web Servers monitors all critical web units allows for easier, faster Response Monitor to help ensure that server resources and Web Site content identification and action on issues download time, size, content and integrity, and provides two levels of specific to departmental organizations content changes fall within acceptable thresholds, along with automation of and roles. limits. corrective actions. • Preventive Management. This Portal Integration. Unicenter ® • Policy-Based Management. Warning/ solution will periodically exercise and Management Portal provides role-based, critical thresholds and automatic measure application response time to dynamic and personalized views of corrective actions can be set for enable IT to detect and prevent management information securely over monitored web server metrics and application errors or problems before the Web. Integration with Unicenter Website errors such as broken links, ® end users encounter problems or Management Portal allows Unicenter missing images, outdated or orphan wrong return content. solutions to consolidate data from pages, providing cost-effective web numerous and disparate data sources, infrastructure management. Web Traffic Analytics Reports. A Web Traffic Analyzer component helps you
  4. 4. Data Sheet 4 • Improved Scalability. This new querying, reporting and presenting it in a feature helps you locate and resolve unified view that suits each viewer’s bottlenecks or performance issues unique needs. quickly within large web server deployments. Supported • Improved Flexibility. With its new Environments architectural design, Unicenter Management for Web Servers scales • Windows 2000, XP, 2003 up or down as needed to adapt to any • Linux (Intel) enterprise size, from small and medium environments to large organizations. • Unix (Solaris, AIX) • Mainframe Linux is available in Web Services Management. Unicenter prior product release Management for Web Servers provides integrated, centralized visibility and control over Web services activities What’s New in Release deployed anywhere on the network. 5.5 • Web Services Response Time Visibility. The product exercises and Self-Configuring Capabilities. Unicenter measures business transactions that Management for Web Servers learns web involve interactions with Web services server usage patterns over time and periodically to help ensure fast, dynamically adjusts agent warning and continuous and reliable access to Web critical thresholds according to custom services content. environmental conditions. • Proactive Management. Unicenter • Reduce IT Intervention. Adaptive Management for Web Servers reduces thresholds reduce IT intervention from the cost and complexity of Web two angles: less configuration time and services deployments, as organizations fewer false alarms, as alerts will only that host Web services-enabled be sent out based on critical applications are notified of problems conditions, not on temporary load and before end users are impacted. traffic fluctuations. • Increased Productivity. This new feature frees up IT personnel time for more strategic, non-routine tasks. For more information, Support for Multiple Web Server call 1-888-864-2368 Instances. Unicenter Management for Web Servers has been completely re- or visit architected to improve product scalability and support hundreds of virtual web server instances fully. Copyright © 2006 CA All rights reserved. All trademarks, trade names, service marks and logos referenced herein belong to their respective companies.