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  1. 1. Top 10 Security HERRING Companies The Messaging Experts TM A AppRiver At-a-Glance AppRiver ! ! ” AppRiver AppRiver ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! AppRiver ! AppRiver ! ! ! ! AppRiver AppRiver AppRiver
  2. 2. Hosted Exchange without the Hassle st to Offer Unlimited Storage. { to Provide Akamai Enabled High Availability. First to Hermetically Seal a Hosted Exchange Service within a comprehensive Spam & Virus Protection System. to Market with Turn-key Proprietary Architecture. to Provide Personalized, Daily Quarantine Reports. AppRiver 1101 Gulf Breeze Parkway Gulf Breeze, FL 32561 Phone: 850-932-5338 Toll-free: 866-223-4645 Fax: 850-932-5339 www.appriver.com
  3. 3. CONTENTS HOSTING 6 MICROSOFT 16 Preaching Convergence The Competitive Landscape . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 18 Too Many Devices, Too Little Time . . . . . . . . . 18 Unified Communications Lineup . . . . . . . . . . 19 The ROI of UC . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 19 Product Stack . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 19 2 Editor’s Note The Partner Perspective . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 20 Hardware and Software 6 Unified Communications: Opportunities . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 20 Hosted Solutions The Business Value of Hosted Unified Communications . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .8 Microsoft UC Core Products . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .8 Advertising Sales Matt Morollo EAST Microsoft Exchange Server 2007 VP, Publishing Hosted Messaging Services . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .10 508-532-1418 tel JD Holzgrefe 508-875-6622 fax Director of Advertising, East Microsoft Office Communications Server mmorollo@1105media.com 804-752-7800 tel 253-595-1976 fax 2007 Hosted VoIP . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .12 WEST/MIDWEST jdholzgrefe@1105media.com Hosted Meeting Services with Dan LaBianca Erik Nielsen Microsoft Office Live Meeting 2007 . . . . . . . . . . . .14 Director of Advertising, Eastern Sales Manager West/Central 303-862-4625 tel Putting It All Together . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .14 818-674-3417 tel 720-247-9032 fax 818-734-1528 fax enielsen@1105media.com dlabianca@1105media.com IT CERTIFICATION & Bruce Halldorson TRAINING: USA, EUROPE Western Regional Al Tiano Sales Manager Advertising Sales Manager CA, OR, WA 818-734-1520 ext. 190 tel HOSTED RESOURCES 209-333-2299 tel 209-729-5855 fax 818-734-1529 fax atiano@1105media.com bhalldorson@1105media.com AD INDEX SALES STAFF Patrick Cragin Tanya Egenolf Advertiser Page URL MidWest Regional Advertising Sales Associate 1&1 7 www.1and1.com Sales Manager 760-722-5494 tel 303-255-1733 tel 760-722-5495 fax AppRiver C2, 1 www.appriver.com 440-851-6859 fax tegenolf@1105media.com Intermedia 15, C3 www.intermedia.net pcragin@1105media.com Kaseya 9 www.kaseya.com PRODUCTION Logicworks 5, C4 www.logicworks.net/Redmond Danna Vedder Serena Barnes Microsoft Account Manager Production Coordinator The Planet 3, 17 www.theplanet.com 253-514-8015 tel 818-734-1520 ext. 164 tel TriVenture 13 crmontarget.com/whitelabel 775-514-0350 fax 818-734-1528 fax USA.NET 11 www.usa.net dvedder@1105media.com redmondadproduction@ 1105media.com 2 Hosting Microsoft December 2007
  4. 4. Editor’s NOTE HOSTING MICROSOFT Hosting’s Time Is Now Editor in Chief BY SCOTT BEKKER, Editor in chief Scott Bekker Managing Editor Wendy Gonchar T here’s been a flurry of activity around hosted services in the last Art Director year or so. It feels as electric as it did when the abbreviation ASP Scott Shultz automatically meant Application Service Provider. But the infra- Senior Graphic Designer Alan Tao structure feels better now, stronger, more real. Perhaps it’s the billions of dollars being invested by Google, Microsoft and Yahoo! to build out data center capacity for slightly mysterious ends. Maybe it’s the runaway success of Salesforce.com President with its predominantly Software as a Service (SaaS) delivery model for Henry Allain business applications. Perhaps it’s the fact that major vendors are start- VP, Publishing ing to offer hosted versions of software that had traditionally been Matt N. Morollo offered exclusively through the sales of licenses for local installation. VP, Editorial Director What all those companies recognize is that the underlying networks Doug Barney for remotely accessing hosted applications are much more solid than VP, Conferences they were a decade ago. Broadband is everywhere. Customers who rely Tim G. Smith on hosted applications can be assured that all their branch offices and Director, Marketing even most home offices have the bandwidth to get the same perform- Michele Imgrund ance as the corporate headquarters. With wireless networks popping up Creative Director not just at Starbucks but at McDonalds, too, traveling staff can easily Scott Shultz find a spot to access hosted applications on the road. Executive Editor, New Media Buying applications as hosted services can free IT departments from Michael Domingo the need to add staff for new applications or it can permit redirection of Executive Editor, Web Initiatives highly paid professionals from network maintenance tasks to business Becky Nagel development work. It can also make pilot implementations trivial to set up and take much of the guesswork and expense out of installing a new solution. Solutions providers have thornier issues. The SaaS model threatens President & CEO lucrative installation opportunities. But as hosters seek new business Neal Vitale opportunities, they’re reaching out to solutions providers with recurring CFO Richard Vitale margins and other innovative channel programs. Solutions providers with vertical expertise, on the other hand, have brand new opportunities Executive Vice President Michael J. Valenti to partner with hosters and offer new applications that can reach a Managing Director geographically limitless audience. Dick Blouin In the same vein, any ISV needs to look hard at available hosting VP, Financial Planning & Analysis options for providing their solutions in the SaaS model. With the biggest William H. Burgin vendors leading the way, hosted versions of software could quickly VP, Finance & Administration become a checkbox that every ISV needs to offer just to compete. From a Christopher M. Coates straight development perspective, the hosted model has its advantages, VP, Audience Marketing & such as the ability to roll out security updates once and be sure every Web Operations user receives them. Abraham M. Langer All of these opportunities are floating out there for customers, VP, Information Technology solutions providers and developers to grab. We’ve pulled together this Erik A. Lindgren collection of information from some of the major hosting providers in VP, Print & Online Production the market. We hope it will help you make sense of the potentially Mary Ann Paniccia cost-saving and business-building opportunities for your organization Chairman of the Board in these transitional times. • Jeffrey S. Klein 4 Hosting Microsoft December 2007
  5. 5. ADVERTORIAL Accelerating Growth with Logicworks Managed Hosting Enabling Partners with Enterprise Capabilities A Partner, Not A Competitor “If you want to grow your business, you have to focus on your By having faithfully stuck to its own core competency—deploying strengths,” says Carter Burden, CEO and President of and managing highly available Web application delivery environ- Logicworks. “Today’s businesses are well-advised to fully exploit ments—Logicworks is uniquely positioned to partner with consult- their core competencies, and to seek partners to fill in the gaps.” ants, system integrators, and independent software vendors. A 14-year veteran of providing technology services and out- Logicworks does one thing well: business-critical Web applica- sourcing solutions, Logicworks enables partners and customers tion hosting. By not encroaching on customers’ and partners’ with enterprise-level capabilities that were previously not part of competencies and revenue streams—application development, their initial solution set. application or end-user support, licensing—partners can take full advantage of Logicworks’ capabilities without risking customer As a SAS 70 Type II audited managed services provider, abandonment. Logicworks offers fully managed hosting solutions that satisfy complex and growing customer needs. Achieving Growth Using a consultative sales discovery process, Logicworks works Foundation Network Services with its partners to help first define the business requirements Through a nothing-shared approach, Logicworks provisions that need to be satisfied, before designing a technology solution. and manages fully customized, resilient hosting environments. The comprehensive service includes managed security and Logicworks helps partners be more successful by aiding in multi-tier backups. capacity and disaster recovery planning; assisting with RFIs, RFQs, RFPs, and security questionnaires; taking partners’ Coupled with Logicworks’ Core Services—24/7 technical customers on data center tours; crafting customized SLAs; support, enterprise-grade SLAs, customized monitoring, OS enabling regulatory compliant solutions; and offering flexible patching and hardening—Logicworks delivers a secure, highly billing solutions. available computing environment that can support today’s and tomorrow’s business initiatives. Demonstrating the highest level of competence and expertise with Microsoft technologies and a proven ability to meet “No Transactions Lost” customer needs, Logicworks enables clients to achieve better Specialized in deploying enterprise-grade database backends, IT- and business-alignment, and improved service delivery to its Logicworks’ Managed Database Service extends a 100% SLA, own end-users. assuring that no database transactions will get lost. Taking over as the “operational” DBA, Logicworks has vast experience in For more information or to arrange a meeting to discuss your delivering clustered, highly available solutions. requirements, contact Logicworks today. 212.625.5337 Redmond Hosting Supplement www.logicworks.net/Redmond
  6. 6. FEATURE UNIFIED COMMUNICATIONS: Hosted Solutions By Joe Schurman Microsoft MVP Gurdeep Singh Pall, Microsoft Corporate VP, Unified Communications Group, surrounded by new devices supporting Microsoft’s Unified SOURCE: MICROSOFT Communications strategy, which includes a hosted option. 30-year paradigm shift in telecommunications technology has breached the desktop with a newly converged and evolved set of communication and collab- oration tools. Microsoft comes to the market full bore with a solution it calls Unified Communications (UC), which includes a suite of collaboration and messaging tools that integrate with traditional TDM and VoIP services to create a fully developed communications platform. All that is leveraged directly from the desktop and within the ubiquitous Microsoft Office suite. With an over- abundance of Microsoft partner and customer interest, Microsoft has also pro- vided a hosted solution for the UC platform that will create new services capa- bilities for hosted environments, appealing to both small to midsize business (SMB) and enterprise markets. Here is an overview of these hosted solutions for the newly released and announced Microsoft UC platform. 6 Hosting Microsoft December 2007
  7. 7. Build your website now for success in the New Year! $50 * OFF! At 1&1, we offer affordable web hosting plans for every customer and budget. Set goals for your business next First Year year and let our website solutions help you achieve them. Yahoo! Go Daddy Sign up today and improve BUSINESS STANDARD PREMIUM your business with 1&1. Included Domains 3 1 $1.99 /year with purchase Web Space 250 GB 10 GB 200 GB Monthly Transfer Volume 2,500 GB 400 GB 2,000 GB E-mail Accounts 2,500 IMAP or POP3 500 POP3 2,000 POP3 Mailbox Size 2 GB Unlimited 10 MB Search Engine Submission Extra charge applies Website Builder 18 Pages Freeware Flash Site Builder 18 Pages – – Photo Gallery RSS Feed Creator – $4.99 /month Ad-free Blog Freeware Map Driving Directions – Dynamic Web Content – Don’t wait! Web Statistics These specials are only E-mail Newsletter Tool $10 /month $3.99 /month In2site Live Dialogue – – valid through 12/31/2007! Chat Channels – Form Builder – DOMAINS NS 11 Marketing Center – – Premium Software Suite – – only .biz 2 99 90-Day Money Back – – $ Guarantee 24/7 Toll-free Phone, 24/7 Toll-free Phone, Support 24/7 Phone, E-mail E-mail E-mail Fir st Year Price Per Month $ 999 1995 $ $ 1499 – SPECIAL OFFER FOR 1 YEAR $50 off* 10% off ENTERPRISE SERVERS ERVERS $20 0 TOTAL/YEAR $ 6988 $ 23940 $16188 119 $ 88 88 OFF! ** Fir st Yea r We offer a variety of hos f hosting packages and servers to fit your needs and budget. © 2007 11 Internet, Inc. All rights reserved. Visit 1and1.com for full promotional offer details. *Offer valid for Business Package only, 12 month minimum contract term required. **Offer valid for Enterprise I and II packages only. 12 month minimum contract term required. Discounts taken monthly through the duration of the contract. Offers valid 11/2/2007 through 12/31/2007. Prices based on comparable Linux web hosting package prices, effective 10/24/2007. Product and program specifications, availability, and pricing subject to change without notice. All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners. Call 1.877.go1and1 Visit us now 1and1.com
  8. 8. FEATURE: Hosted Solutions The Business Value of Hosted virtual environment was critical, so upon Unified Communications release of the 2007 edition of Microsoft’s IT business decision makers are split UC platform, both Microsoft Office between outsourcing IT services and manag- Communications Server (OCS) 2007 and ing these services internally. Up until a few Microsoft Exchange Server 2007 are sup- months ago, hosting collaboration services ported on environments running Microsoft was nearly impossible due to the burdens of Virtual Server 2007. required integration, implementation, net- These modifications in application work traffic and security. Today, the architecture now create a host of new Microsoft Unified Communications 2007 options for the customer that are not platform provides the capability to imple- limited to an on-premise deployment as ment these collaborative systems in a hosted they were before. model to assist organizations who either do not have the expertise and physical real estate Microsoft UC Core Products to host application servers, or the amount of The Microsoft UC product portfolio is com- IT staff to manage these services onsite. In a prised of both collaboration and messaging hosted environment, the Microsoft UC server products, which include the following: platform can be managed by UC and MCSE certified technicians and still provide a Microsoft Exchange Server 2007 localized approach for these organizations Microsoft’s flagship mail services product, even though theses services may be hosted Microsoft Exchange Server has dominated miles, cities or countries away. enterprise organizations and SMBs for years. Based upon previous case study informa- Exchange Server 2007 now provides addi- tion and by interviewing new customers, tional and enhanced features to customers Microsoft and its UC partner organizations such as Unified Messaging, which integrates concluded that providing a hosted model in voicemail and calling features within addition to a consolidated, onsite approach Microsoft Office Outlook 2007. In addition, would appeal to IT decision makers who enhancements have been made for remote were concerned about the amount of applica- mail services, mobile messaging with tion, IP and telephony-based services that are Windows Mobile 6 devices and now, hosted required with a bundled UC solution. services for e-mail, filtering, security, archiv- Providing a hosted solution for these services ing and business continuity support for a never-loss email service. Microsoft concluded that providing its Microsoft OCS 2007 Microsoft Office Communications Server Office collaboration and messaging (OCS) 2007 is VoIP on steroids. Based on a servers in a supported virtual VoIP server platform, OCS provides a combination of communication tools environment was critical. such as Instant Messaging, voice services through VoIP and call controls for corpo- relieves the IT decision maker by providing a rate phone systems, as well as hosted online managed services package that usually only meeting services. OCS provides support involves an upfront deployment fee and for new VoIP devices developed specifically ongoing support contract so that the organi- for the OCS client, Microsoft Office zation’s representative doesn’t have to worry Communicator 2007 including video and about deploying, storing and supporting voice devices, such as new desktop phones these services on-site, which can definitely be with integrated video and color display, cost and physically prohibitive. monitors with video support, and meeting Based on customer requests, Microsoft also service devices like Microsoft Office realized that providing its Office collabora- RoundTable that provide panoramic video tion and messaging servers in a supported displays and active speaker recognition. 8 Hosting Microsoft December 2007
  9. 9. Systems Managed. Kaseya provides all the systems management tools we need in one complete package. It was like it was built specifically for our business. Visit Kaseya.com/download for a FREE TRIAL Kaseya’s Managed Service Systems managed, remotely, securely, easily. Kaseya Edition automates the following: is the ultimate systems management framework for • Computer Inventory / Audit getting control of your entire windows based • Remote Desktop Management / Remote Support • Patch Management computing infrastructure. With maximum scalability • Network Monitoring / Alerts and flexibility, Kaseya gives you the power to securely • Windows Event Monitoring / Alerts • Software Deployment / Update automate IT administration. From innovative features • Help Desk / Trouble Ticketing like web based administration to patch management • Network Policy Enforcement • Backup and Disaster Recovery and remote monitoring, Kaseya enables organizations • Endpoint Security to automate-day-to-day IT tasks, improving systems • Integrated Reports performance. Get Kaseya today and check off your • Maximum Security • Flexible Web Based Administration to do list: Systems Managed. • Fast and Easy Deployment Kaseya.com Kaseya.com
  10. 10. FEATURE: Hosted Solutions Microsoft Office Live Meeting 2007 Microsoft Exchange Server 2007 Microsoft Office Live Meeting is the latest Hosted Messaging Services version of Microsoft’s online meeting Microsoft has provided hosted solutions service technology. It provides a wealth of for enterprise messaging through earlier features, including video integration with releases of Microsoft Exchange Server. The Microsoft RoundTable, VoIP and Internet difference with what is provided in the UC Audio Broadcast support, the ability to 2007 platform for Exchange Server and share presentations and data, polling previous versions is that now Microsoft and QA panels, as well as recording Exchange Server supports Unified Messaging capabilities for on-demand viewing. Live with voicemail integration. In addition to these Meeting provides an Internet-based meet- services, Microsoft has introduced newly ing platform that scales to millions of users enhanced Exchange Server, server-based and offers the highest quality of video, voice solutions to provide state-of-the-art messaging and data support. continuity (guaranteed, uninterrupted e-mail service), security services for encryption and Each product plays a specific role in anti-virus/anti-spam, filtering services, as well enabling effective communication and as compliance services. collaboration on a global scale. These The following Exchange Server products services cross firewalls using a series of are available within a hosted model: standard communication protocols known as Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) and Microsoft Exchange Hosted E-mail Real Time Protocol (RTP). Utilizing these Exchange hosted e-mail provides a pay- The Microsoft standards-based protocols Microsoft’s as-you-go model that enables you to Exchange 2007 Unified Communications servers can scale up or down as needed, minimizing Hosted Messaging now communicate with each other and your financial risk. Microsoft Hosted Services model offers four different with non-Microsoft platform services Exchange can help you free up valuable products for using a common language. This capability capital, IT staff and other costly resources filtering, archiving, also provides a truly hosted platform for for more effective, strategic use within continuity and customers that require a hosted model. your organization. encryption. 10 Hosting Microsoft December 2007
  11. 11. ADVERTISEMENT Sinking an eagle putt keeps the CEO impressed. Crashing your email server doesn’t. STEVE THE IT DIRECTOR arrived to his office early this morning. Today, he was looking forward to a 7 a.m. tee time with his CEO. His plan was to quickly check email, then head directly to the course. But as he attempted to open his email client, his system administrator burst into the office, “Steve, bad news. We were here all night upgrading the virus scan- ning engine, and the servers wouldn’t come back up. I don’t know what happened, and we are still trying to reach the ven- dor!” Setting down his clubs, Steve realizes his golf game with the CEO won’t be happening now. Rather than sinking a few putts and strategizing on a new IT project, he’ll be fighting fires again this morning—along with everyone else on his team. USA.NET Hosted Exchange Services Would Have Saved the Day! Do what you do best. Leave the email worries to us. protection, ensuring that the email you receive is the email you Your email is critical to your business operations. But adminis- want. Plus, USA.NET purchases premier support from our solu- tering the servers dedicated to the email system is difficult tion partners to guarantee we receive the quickest and highest especially when it’s not your core business. At USA.NET, our quality of customer service, so you never have to call the virus certified engineers are focused on managing email and cus- scanning software vendor again. tomizing solutions for our customers 24x7x365. From system maintenance to upgrading technology to ensuring you have the It’s more than just email. Its productivity tools built for most reliable email services on the market today, we’ll make your business. sure your data is available and protected. And you can rest Not only will you receive the email and collaboration tools inher- assured that your next career-boosting golf game won’t be ent in Microsoft Exchange, but you will also have access to 20+ interrupted due to email issues. enhanced services. As your business needs change, you can turn up those additional services instantly — making you the IT Reliability backed by the toughest SLAs in the business. hero. Whether your organization requires mobility solutions, reg- The safety and security of your email is a top priority. From data- ulatory compliance and archiving tools or custom integration preserving backups to complete redundancy, you’ll never be with another application, USA.NET has the services to meet without the email your business needs to be successful. your current and future messaging needs. Through our rigorous change management process, you are assured we lab test every change before it’s implemented. Making the move to USA.NET, Steve and his CEO will now be USA.NET is SAS 70 Type II audited which means our opera- playing “closest to the pin” and spending their time together tional controls and effectiveness are reviewed by an independ- discussing business roadmap strategies instead of sitting in a ent 3rd party audit team. With USA.NET, there are no surprises conference room discussing the financial impacts of the recent except the speed at which your team finishes those strategic IT system failure. projects now that email is no longer a distraction. Best-in-class Spam and Virus Protection. Spend More Quality Time with your CEO! USA.NET uses state-of-the-art gateway servers that prevent Contact Us Now email-based viruses and productivity-draining spam from ever entering your network. With USA.NET, you’re not stuck with just 1.800.530.8518 a single protection technology. We integrate multiple points of www.usa.net 1.800.530.8518 www.usa.net Referral and reseller opportunities available
  12. 12. FEATURE: Hosted Solutions Microsoft Office Communications Server 2007 offers secure third- Microsoft Exchange Hosted Filtering party instant Exchange Hosted Filtering incorporates messaging with multiple filters to actively help protect video conferencing. businesses’ inbound and outbound e-mail from spam, viruses, phishing scams and Microsoft Office Communications e-mail policy violations. Server 2007 Hosted VoIP The most extreme collaboration possibilities Microsoft Exchange Hosted Archive come from Office Communications Server, Exchange Hosted Archive provides storage and in this case, hosting is an option, as and retrieval of both old e-mail and instant well. As part of the UC platform, Office messages. Communications Server 2007 offers users the ability to access features such as secure instant Microsoft Exchange Hosted Continuity messaging with multiple third-party products Exchange Hosted Continuity is a business such as Yahoo!, MSN and AOL; OCS voice continuity solution that helps protect and services that allow users to use VoIP for com- provide continuous access to e-mail. munications or call controls for their existing corporate phone system; plus hosted meeting Microsoft Exchange Hosted Encryption services using Live Meeting technology inte- Exchange Hosted Encryption is a convenient, grated within an optional video device called easy-to-use e-mail encryption service that Microsoft Office RoundTable. helps safely deliver your confidential business The major feature release of this new plat- communications. form for hosted solutions is the support for 12 Hosting Microsoft December 2007
  13. 13. HOW WILLYOU COLORIT? JACK UP SERVICES REVENUE—HOST DYNAMICS CRM AND RIDE THE WAVE WITH US!! ANY WAY YOU WANT. Our white label program is perfect for Microsoft partners who want to host Microsoft Dynamics applications with absolute control but who have no interest in building out, managing, and maintaining state of the art data centers. Our team will support you. And since we’re the pioneers in the field of hosted Microsoft Dynamics, that means something. We know how to make it work. Talk to us about our white label program for Microsoft Certified and Gold Certified Partners. Together, we experience success no matter what the color. WHITE LABEL HOSTING OF crmontarget.com/whitelabel or phone us at 1-800-893-0453 ©2007 – CRM OnTarget is a registered trademark of TriVenture – All Rights Reserved | Dynamics CRM and other logos are the registered trademark of Microsoft
  14. 14. FEATURE: Hosted Solutions Microsoft RoundTable A new device from Microsoft, Microsoft Virtual Server. Previous versions of Communications platform product. RoundTable creates Office Communications Server, such as Live Common uses for Live Meeting include sales panoramic video of Communications Server, had the ability to presentations, company meetings and job the meeting place run on a virtual server environment, but this interviews. The built-in recording feature and includes solution was not supported. With OCS 2007, allows you to record the entire session eight microphones and software for Microsoft now supports a fully hosted model inclusive of video, data and voice and allows tracking the flow running on Microsoft’s advanced virtual for posting recorded meetings for later of conversation software, Microsoft Virtual Server. Running on-demand access. Complete with user among speakers. OCS on a virtual environment provides interfacing polls, a Questions Answers organizations with the power of real-time panel, and support for Internet Audio communications tools with the flexibility of Broadcasting, Live Meeting also supports the a hosted model. Microsoft RoundTable device to share panoramic video and active speaker controls Hosted Meeting Services with making your remote meetings more effective Microsoft Office Live Meeting 2007 than ever before. Microsoft Office Live Meeting provides users with the ability to present information, share Putting It All Together video and provide online real-time demon- Each of these hosted elements creates new strations across firewalls. Live possibilities for enterprise organizations and Meeting comes in two forms, both a hosted SMBs. Taken together, the technologies can model using the Live Meeting online service open up huge opportunities for productivity or hosted through Microsoft Office gains while holding steady, or even reducing, Communications Server, another Unified • overall infrastructure costs. 14 Hosting Microsoft December 2007
  15. 15. Is managing Exchange a giant headache? Virus spread through “LonelyGirl4u” won’t stop “cute puppies” forward Mailbox is “full” - let the archiving Email is down again, but tutorial begin. Again. your phone won’t stop ringing get a premium Exchange infrastructure with 99.99% uptime SLA and 24x7 expert support. Visit us at www.intermedia.net or call 1-800-379-7729 for a 30-day risk-free trial.
  16. 16. FEATURE PREACHING CONVERGENCE Microsoft is finally getting real about a one-stop strategy for e-mail, voice mail, IM and Web conferencing—and that’s creating plenty of opportunities. By Lauren Gibbons Paul hen Bill Vollerthum got a call from Microsoft last year asking whether he wanted to be one of 15 companies on the Partner Advisory Group for Microsoft’s soon-to-be-announced Unified Communi-cations (UC) strategy, he found it hard to suppress his glee. After all, Vollerthum’s company, Enabling Technologies Corp., a Gold Certified Partner, had years of experience with conventional PBX-based telephony and had dabbled in voice/data convergence. Getting the early scoop on Microsoft’s UC plans would position Vollerthum to be one of the first partners aboard the official UC train. “I was very excited. I saw that this could be ucts under the UC umbrella were released in a very positive revenue stream for us going 2007 (see “Product Stack,” p. 19). In a public forward,” says Vollerthum, president and Executive E-mail message in June 2006, CEO of the Glen Arm, Md., company. Things Microsoft Chairman Bill Gates predicted moved quickly after Microsoft publicly that such Unified Communications innova- unveiled its UC products and vision in June tions will “dramatically streamline the way 2006. Enabling Technologies has worked on we communicate at work and stay in touch five beta adoptions of Exchange Server 2007 with friends and family at home.” Unified Messaging (UM), which gives users a Though Microsoft didn’t invent the single identity for access to voice, fax and e- concept, UC/UM is a rather revolutionary mail data from the office and the road. It also approach. The idea is giving people one allows them to manage their e-mail, calen- way to communicate, for work and for play, dars and personal contacts by telephone. that transcends the current pitfalls we all So far, “the product is living up to the put up with on a daily basis. The classic, hype,” says Vollerthum. “It has been unbeliev- simple example is calling a colleague ably stable. We’re seeing a real buzz in the about an urgent matter. You get her voice marketplace about this product.” mail, so you leave a message. Then you send Exchange Server 2007 was released to an e-mail. Next, you try her cell phone. All manufacturing last December; other prod- to no avail. 16 Hosting Microsoft December 2007
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  18. 18. FEATURE: Hosted Solutions would automatically forward to her cell phone (assuming that you’re on her list of THE COMPETITIVE high-priority contacts) and, within moments, you should be speaking with her. (Embedded LANDSCAPE business rules allow you to prioritize calls— such as those from your boss or best client— Microsoft has never been afraid of moving onto turf already and to indicate your presence, or immediate populated by other industry heavyweights, and its approach availability, to some people but not others.) to Unified Communications is no different, according to Irwin Another example: You’re having an Lazar, principal analyst for Nemertes Research Inc. in Chicago. instant-messaging (IM) exchange with a co- Microsoft’s chief competitors in this space: Cisco Systems worker. During the discussion, you realize Inc. and IBM Corp./Lotus , says Lazar. Cisco’s Unified you need to escalate to a phone call. Thanks Communicator client competes directly with Microsoft’s to integrated VoIP telephony, you could initi- Office Communicator. Meanwhile, Lotus Notes (now owned ate the call right in the IM client. Then you by IBM), which pioneered group collaboration, now has could bring in another client or colleague Unified Communications features. and review PowerPoint slides together, thanks But Lazar doesn’t view Unified Communications as a seri- to integrated Web-conferencing capabilities. ous horse race. “It’s not going to be a winner-take-all,” he “[Unified Communications] is about in- says, noting that many companies will use Microsoft desktop, context transitions that enable productivity,” IM and Web-conferencing products, “but will want to inte- says Michael Khalili, Unified Communications grate that into their Cisco telephony system.” Getting corpo- product manager for Microsoft. “It’s about rate America to accept Microsoft as a telephony expert will be breaking down the walls between voice mail, a harder, though not impossible, sell. Time will tell just how fax and e-mail. It’s about choosing the tool well Microsoft can demonstrate its chops in telephony. that’s the most appropriate for the context.” So far, Lazar thinks Microsoft has done an excellent job of educating the market on its Unified Communications strate- Too Many Devices, Too Little Time gy. “[Microsoft has] gotten people talking. [It has] shown In speaking about Microsoft’s Unified people what is possible,” he says. “[The company has] a Communications strategy in June 2006, chasm to cross to get an enterprise to consider a Microsoft Microsoft Business Division President Jeff telephony system, but [it] will make it in some cases,” partic- Raikes quoted research indicating that the ularly among smaller organizations. —L.P. average organization has 6.4 different types of communications devices and 4.8 different communications applications per user. As the The UM aspect of UC provides a single number of devices and applications grows, of identity across all modes and devices, greas- course, productivity is likely to decline. ing the wheels of communication, at least to Unified Messaging to the rescue! those with whom you want to communicate. People used to have to have multiple So, using the previous example, you wouldn’t devices and applications because of the sys- waste time e-mailing your colleague because tems’ limitations, says Marc Sanders, group you’d see at a glance that she isn’t online. product manager for Microsoft Unified When you dialed her work number, your call Communications. “Now, we’re putting people in control of their systems. It’s about produc- tivity and convenient access and faster We believe Unified Communications response times.” Microsoft’s UC strategy is closely linked to is the next big messaging app for the its “People-Ready Business” approach, which aims to amplify business results through soft- next three years. We’re betting the ware that empowers employees. “There’s a company on it. direct correlation between a company’s apti- tude for collaboration and communication —Bill Volerthum, President and CEO, and its resulting business performance,” Enabling Technologies Corp. Raikes said during his keynote. 18 Hosting Microsoft December 2007
  19. 19. Unified Communications entails converg- The ROI of UC ing e-mail, IM, VoIP, and audio/video/Web Many companies may have been planning to conferencing into an intuitive experience put off upgrading to Exchange Server 2007. that’s integrated with the business applica- But their plans may change when they see tions—such as Microsoft Office—and busi- what UC can do for their businesses. The ness processes that employees use every day. most obvious benefit: server consolidation. The resulting environment is the “new world Vollerthum says many of his early adopter of work” that Gates often refers to. customers were able to go from separate servers for voice mail, e-mail and fax service Unified Communications Lineup down to one that can handle all three func- Two products are at the heart of Microsoft’s tions. That capability makes administration UC strategy: Exchange Server 2007 and easier and, over time, reduces hardware costs. Office Communications Server (OCS) 2007, Replacing the conventional PBX-based according to Khalili. Exchange Server han- phone system in favor of VoIP is an obvious dles the asynchronous store-and-forward source of savings, though some companies communications, while OCS takes care of may be reluctant to do a wholesale migration real-time communications such as IM, due to service-quality concerns. Exchange voice and voice conferencing. If the other Server 2007 runs on a 64-bit processor, party in the live communication doesn’t respond, the communication becomes asynchronous and is handed from OCS back to Exchange. Other forthcoming Microsoft products contain UM applica- PRODUCT STACK tions such as enhanced meeting capabilities Microsoft delivered the components for its Unified and “soft phones,” software that uses Communications-enabled solutions in 2007. Internet technology to make calls. RELEASE Microsoft executives have been quick to PRODUCT DESCRIPTION DATE* emphasize the important role to be played by what Raikes calls the “broad partner ecosys- Exchange Server Unified Messaging, messaging DEC 2006** 2007 and communications software with UC tem” that will use OCS as a platform to add with unified inbox, including Service Pack UC capabilities to other applications. e-mail, voice mail and faxing inOCT2007 Khalili envisions several scenarios for part- functionality ner involvement. First, systems integrators Microsoft Office SIP-based, real-time communi- JUL 2007 that, like Enabling Technologies, have teleph- Communications cation platform with UM capabi- ony experience will be in high demand as Server 2007 lities; hub for Unified Communi- companies migrate to Exchange Server 2007. cations solutionsdeveloped by partners “There is tremendous opportunity around the deployment of these systems,” he says. Microsoft Office Conferencing service designed OCT 2007 Integrators that have done other Live Meeting to optimize collaboration Microsoft implementations would do well to and training gain the skills needed to play in the UC Microsoft Office Unified Communications client JUL 2007 world. “We have partners that are having Communicator that works with Office Communi- extensive success with SharePoint and Office 2007 cations Server 2007 to deliver a 2007 deployments. Our UC strategy allows presence-based, enterprise VoIP “soft phone” them to integrate UC into those platforms,” says Sanders. “[Partners] can expand their Microsoft Office Audio-video collaboration device OCT 2007 competency and add in the advanced RoundTable with a 360-degree camera; infrastructure expertise. That gives them the combined with Office Communi- cations Server 2007, RoundTable chance to be Exchange deployment partners extends the meeting environment in addition to being a desktop solution part- across multiple locations ner. They can have a deeper exchange with S O U RC E : M I C RO S O F T * A L L D AT E S R E F E R TO C A L E N D A R Y E A R the customer.” * * R E L E A S E D TO M A N U FAC T U R I N G D E C E M B E R 2 0 0 6 December 2007 Hosting Microsoft 19
  20. 20. FEATURE: Hosted Solutions ton on the IM session and the buyer and bro- THE PARTNER ker’s phones would ring so they could confirm the transaction” by voice, as per Securities and PERSPECTIVE Exchange Commission regulations. “This is a sales manager that says, ‘I can increase my bro- Time will tell whether Microsoft’s Unified Communications kers’ productivity by 30 percent? Sold,’” says (UC) play lives up to Bill Gates’ freewheeling vision of reinvent- Tripp. “That’s the stuff we’re interested in.” ing how people reach each other at work, at home and from the road—and what benefits Microsoft partners can expect to Hardware and Software reap as a result. If your line of business meshes in any way with Opportunities the UC strategy, you’re likely to find yourself climbing aboard Beyond systems integration and implementa- the “UC Express.” tion, the field is wide open for ISVs and If you weren’t one of the elite few tapped last winter to be hardware vendors to leverage the Microsoft part of Microsoft’s UC group, don’t despair. Most UM products UC platform. “Both Exchange [Server 2007] haven’t yet shipped and there’s still plenty of time to put and OCS [2007] have a set of APIs that allow together your own company’s UC plan. for integration with a wide number of appli- Where to start? First, read up on Microsoft’s new UC products cations,” says Khalili. “We’ll see a lot of real- and decide which best fit your company’s profile. The next time communications and presence integrat- step, says Microsoft’s Khalili: “Begin engaging with your part- ed into traditional applications.” ner contacts at Microsoft to get plugged into the machine.” RADVision Inc., a Fair Lawn, N.J., video- Because telephony requires a specialized skill set, it may conferencing solution provider and Gold make sense for consultants and integrators to consider part- Certified Partner, plans to integrate its Click nering with other companies that have demonstrated track to Meet product line with Microsoft UC records in those areas. “It can be tough to develop these skills technology, creating a single platform for from the ground up,” says Enabling Technologies’ Vollerthum. audio/video/Web conferencing. Bob Romano, “It may make more sense to partner with a company that vice president of marketing for RADVision, already has the skills.” Meanwhile, keep an eye on the rest of thinks there are great opportunities for chan- the field (see “The Competitive Landscape,” p. 18). nel partners that provide consulting services In any case, Vollerthum says, UC is the real deal. “We believe for companies that want to do this. this is the next big messaging app for the next three years,” he Beating Microsoft to the punch, says. “We’re betting the company on it.” —L.P. Objectworld Communications Corp. two years ago created Unified Messaging software called Unified Communications Server. This potentially boosting throughput enough to product allows companies to replace their get past those concerns. PBX phone systems with VoIP with UM Increased productivity of peripatetic knowl- capabilities on Microsoft Exchange platforms. edge workers is another key selling point. David Levy, president and CEO of Unisys Corp., another Gold Certified Partner Objectworld, a Gold Certified Partner based and member of the UM partner-advisory in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, doesn’t regret group, has shown clients in vertical industries getting into a market on which Microsoft has such as financial services. For example, an now set its sights. investment bank is looking at implementing “We’ve shown Exchange Server 2007 work- unified messaging for bond-desk traders. ing with Unified Communications Server. We Traditionally, those traders spent their days fully agree with and foresaw Microsoft’s with phones crammed to their ears while vision in this area,” says Levy. He adds that shouting at banks of computer screens. With Objectworld’s offering is a good choice for UM, “they can use IM to communicate back customers who want to get up and running and forth with upward of 25 buyers” rather than just four or five, says Peter Tripp, vice on UM as soon as possible. • president of global outsourcing and infra- Lauren Gibbons Paul (lauren.paul@comcast.net) structure services for Unisys in Blue Bell, Pa. is a freelance journalist who specializes in writing “Then the seller on the desk would hit a but- about business and technology. 20 Hosting Microsoft December 2007
  21. 21. Sell smarter email. Exchange 2007 81% - 1
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