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EU-Australia knowledge exchange event: Services and science supporting climate action - Geoff Gooley


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This presentation provides a summary of a knowledge exchange event between the EU and Australia that focused on platform-based science and services supporting climate action. The event was held with Australia in Melbourne, 3-5 March 2020. Read more about the event here:

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EU-Australia knowledge exchange event: Services and science supporting climate action - Geoff Gooley

  1. 1. Geoff Gooley, Prgm Mgr, CSIRO Climate Science Centre on behalf of the Australian KE4CAP BKE team Platform-based science and services supporting climate action: An EU-Australia bilateral knowledge exchange workshop on developing and using web-based resources to enhance climate intelligence and support climate action Melbourne, 3-5 March 2020
  2. 2. Context (policy settings and market drivers) • Federal Govt (Dept Ag, Water & Environment) funded National Environmental Science Program, Earth Systems and Climate Change Hub, incl. on behalf of the National Climate Science Advisory Committee: o Scoping study to inform strategic development of a national climate services capability for Australia • Federal Govt (Dept Home Affairs) - Emergency Services Australia - funded project to develop a national disaster risk & information services capability (incl. climate-related natural disasters, cross-cutting & multi-sectoral approach) • CSIRO Navigating Climate Change (NCC) Mission: a national climate risk capability by 2025 to enable the Australian economy to disclose and respond to climate risk, while identifying adaptation and transition options (n.b. initial emphasis on financial services sector and TCFD) • Australian Bureau of Meteorology (n.b. GFCS imperative) restructure of national climate services capability….pending??
  3. 3. Background • Co-sponsors: KE4CAP, NESP ESCC Hub & NCC Mission • Participants: o Government: Federal and States/Territories (n.b. Local Govt absent)) o Industry: Consultancy (‘Big4’/SMEs) & financial services sectors, NGOs o Research/technical: CSIRO, BOM, GA, universities o Indigenous: Traditional Owners o International: KE4CAP representatives (research/technical & Local Govt) • Objectives: o Current state, future state, how to get there? o EU-Australia Knowledge exchange and co- learnings • Program/format o 3 days o Plenary, panel and small group discussions o Social engagement and informal networking • Themes: Day 1: National challenges & solutions o Standards & QC o Linking, integrating & coordinating o Linking science & services o Business models & IP m’ment o Traditional Knowledge and science Day 2: National capability o Value proposition o Engagement: co-design/co-production o Integrating 3rd party knowledge o Governance & resourcing o Evaluation & review Day 3: Next steps (government, research, private sector & Indigenous) o Governance & strategy o Business models & partnerships o Barriers & enablers
  4. 4. Outputs • ESCC Hub 2020: proceedings-style report to participants & broader Australian stakeholders science-and-services-supporting-climate-action/ • KE4CAP 2020: high level outcomes & learnings report to EU/international KE4CAP stakeholders 2020.04.08_bke_eu-australia_report_final.pdf
  5. 5. Key findings/Outcomes: Value proposition for national climate services capability
  6. 6. National Climate Services Capability for Australia
  7. 7. How do we get there……next steps…..way forward…..KE4CAP????
  8. 8. The Earth Systems and Climate Change Hub is funded by the Australian Government’s National Environmental Science Program, with co-investment from the following partner agencies FOR MORE INFORMATION Geoff Gooley Neil Plummer Kevin Hennessy Roger Street Rebecca Gregory