Mrs. Etienne's Introductions


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Mrs. Etienne's first graders introduce themselves using powerpoint slides.

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Mrs. Etienne's Introductions

  1. 1. Can you guess who is introducing himself/herself to us? October 11, 2011
  2. 2. My name is Meagan I like books. I like pizza. I like pink.
  3. 3. My name is Ross. I like to go to the computer lab. Cupcakes with Oreos inside are yummy! I like cookies with ice cream.
  4. 4. My name is Raegan. I like pizza. I like to swim. I lick to eat candy.
  5. 5. My name is Connor My Dad is in boxing. My Best Fred is Karsin. We play spies.
  6. 6. My name is Jacob. I Like to play with my dad. My favorite food is macaroni. I like sledding.
  7. 7. My name is Logan Pizza is my favorite. Sledding is fun. Ice cream shakes are very good and tasty.
  8. 8. My name is Jesse. I like pizza. I like cinnamon rolls. I like spaghetti.
  9. 9. My name is riley. I like to eat eggs. I like to run. I like to play. .
  10. 10. My name is Isabel. I like pizza and cookies. I like to swim.
  11. 11. My name is Emily I like hotdogs. My favorite color is purple. I like hamburger.
  12. 12. My name is Bryson. I like to ride my bike My favorite food to eat is cheese pizza. My favorite treat to eat is ice cream.
  13. 13. My name is Cody. I like pizza. My little brother is diabetic My favorite food is ice cream.
  14. 14. My name is Garrett. Winter is my favorite season. I like to ride my bike. I like cats.
  15. 15. My name is Dylan. I like pizza. I like dogs. I like spaghetti..
  16. 16. My name is Selene. I like hamburgers I like pizza. I like to ride bikes.
  17. 17. My name is Owen. I like to play with my friends. I Love to play with my cat. I Love School.
  18. 18. My name is Yanely. I like books. I like pizza. I like pink
  19. 19. My name is Samantha. I do gymnastics. I like ice cream . I love chocolate .
  20. 20. My name is Taryn I like to play I like eating apples and swing
  21. 21. Mi name is Dominic I like pizza I like cake I like my mom
  22. 22. My name is Kylee. I like going to the Zoo I like riding a two wheeler. I like chocolate ice cream.
  23. 23. My name is Annalisa. I like Dogs. I like Cats. I like pizza.
  24. 24. My name is Analise. My favorite season is summer. My favorite month is June. I like spaghetti and ravioli.
  25. 25. My name is Cooper. I am 7 My favorite pizza is pineapple pizza. My favorite ice cream is vanilla.