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Printportfolio2 2011

  1. 1. OUTDOOR TRIPS EXPERIENCE THE CENTRAL COAST WITH THE LOCAL EXPERTS! Big Sur • Morro Bay • Wine Country Kayak Tours on KAYAK • BIKE • HIKE Morro Bay National Estuary ECO TOURS Scenic Morro Bay is protected from the open ocean by a pristine four mile long sand spit – no large waves. Morro Bay Half Day Classic: $65-85 per adult* Our most popular kayak tour. Great for beginners and families. An easy morning of paddling with optional gourmet picnic lunch on the dunes. Morro Bay Evening Paddles: $70-100 per adult* Sunset, Full Moon & Dinner paddles available. Bicycle Day Trips (starting at $129 per adult*) •Wine Country – Paso Robles and Edna Valley •Taste wine by bike or by van •Bikes included with tours Hiking Ecotours (starting at $50 per adult*) 1 on # •Big Sur – coast, waterfalls, redwoods Trip Ad •Montaña de Oro – hiker’s paradise visor ® •Estero Bluffs – beaches, seals, great views GET OUTSIDE. Group and Corporate Trips •Special group itineraries •Team building on kayak tours •Naturalist led hikes •Multi-day custom itineraries * Youth and group discounts available GET OUTSIDE. Reservations Required CALL TOLL FREE 888-873-5610 Reservations Required P.O. Box 6893, Los Osos, CA 93412 PHONE 805-528-1080 FAX 805-528-5209 CALL TOLL FREE 888-873-5610 or visit: TCP# 016570-S
  2. 2. Crizer CONSTRUCTION, Inc. Building Quality on the Central Coast since 1983
  3. 3. Seasonal Sale Window Signs for Retail Optical Shop
  4. 4. “I am most passionate “When Daniel started at Head-Over-Heels his gross motor skills were about two years about helping people behind age level. After one year of twice weekly classes he is now taking class at his become healthier age level and is taking great delight in his physical, as well as social competency. physically & emotionally Peggy has a gift for motivating her kids through positive learning and inculcating appropriate group behavior in her class. We are so fortunate that impacts to have her afoot in our community.” their lives forever!” The Shanbrom Family PILATES PERSONAL TRAINING CLINICS & WORKSHOPS CONSULTING Peggy Jern 805-772-4518 AWESOME RESULTS Horsemanship Skills HEAD-OVER-HEELS Certified Pilates Instructor GYMNASTICS AFFA Certified Personal Trainer Specialized TrainingHead Over Heels Gymnastics, Owner/Trainer/Coach 365 Quintana Road, Morro Bay, CA 93442 Youth Fitness
  5. 5. Understanding horses and devel- Head-Over-Heels instruction focuses onoping a partnership with a horse, developing the entire well-being of each child.challenges one’s deepest self. The relaxed atmosphere at By placing each child in their appropriateThrough natural horsemanship “To Health!” with padded foam learning environment, whether private ortraining, you become aware of floor, warm colors and comfort- small group, comfort is assured and confi-your strengths, work to eliminate ing music, sets the tone for a dence, trust and strength will follow.your weaknesses, and control meditative full body workout. Enjoy a Pilates studio that is Owner/Instructor, Peggy Jern, is expandingyour fears. Peggy teaches you clean, spacious and inviting. her program for special needs childrenhow to achieve the above and Peggy’s instruction perfects unique to each child. Insight gained duringhow to develop your leadership your understanding and tech- her 25 years plus of gymnastics experienceskills in order to communicate nique of muscle isolation and has led to her awareness of the benefitswith your horse in a clear, creative relaxation. Participants are of movement skills/gymnastics to childrenand inspirational style. Her energy amazed at their increase in with sensory and nuero challenges.and love of horses helps herstudents get AWESOME RESULTS! strength and flexibility. Peggy’s personality, patience, enthusiasm, and creativity allows a relationship with the child that results in measurable learn- ing. Parents are pleased with the results.
  6. 6. OC TO BE R , NOVE M BE R , D E CE MBER 2008
  7. 7. July KEY DD = Debbie Duggan (chef) All camps are Mon. - Thurs., 1pm to 4 pm. (with the exception of the week after fourth of July, Tues. - Fri.) JH = Jerry Holata (BBQ master) All classes are 100 % Hands on. We will accommodate allergies and vegetarians! And The last minutes of each class are spent on Children and Young Adults Social Etiquette. This includes table manners, social skills, greetings, party etiquette and school and sibling behavior. I guarantee your kids will ADULT COOKING CLASSES even enjoy this part of the class, as it is funny as well as fun! If your child has taken a particular camp in the past, please note that all recipes are new! Sunday, July 18 4-7pm Thursday, July 22 6-9pm Mon.- Thur./Aug. 2 - 5 1-4pmBBQ -ANNUAL THRILL OF THE GRILL HEALTHY SUMMER EATING! – WE HAVE SPOTS AVAILABLE, GOOD EATS, GOOD JOKES! (Ages 7 - 12)– This new menu takes all of the basics MAKE YOUR RESERVATION TODAY! A new class! Each day kids are required to bringWe bring both of our professional pits in to into consideration: Ease, great taste 3 written jokes. Jokes will be told while eatingthe parking lot of CCC. CALL 440-9190 Thank you! what they prepare! First day menu: Chicken T!We will grill with Red Oak and charcoal. and good for you! Our menu for tonight Tangine Tangerine with Couscous; Chinese D OU is: Grilled Flank Steak with Cucumber Yogurt Chicken Let Us Wrap You Up; Scratchy Smack OL Sauce; Grilled Steak and Arugula Salad Mon.- Thur./July 19 - 22 1-4pm A Roni and Cheese; and Crème Brulee-Hey!large Prawns wrapped in Prosciutto, Whole S Ribs and Baby Back s, veggies,Fish, Beef with White Beans and Shiitake; Stir fried IRON CHEF RETURNS! (Ages 8 - 14)– Kids will decide menu items for the week on Monday. FEE:$200grilled bread, AND our home made ice Bok Choy with garlic, ginger and scallions; Kids create their recipes with same ingredients. We will garnish, learn to use new equipment, Tuesday, August 10 1-4pmcream with a from scratch DD home Salmon Burgers with Herb Aioli and Blowtorch; decorate with pastry tubes, and just THRILL OF THE GRILL BBQ CLASS,made layer cake! All the sides are cre- Sauteed Chicken Sausages and Cabbage For Kids/Teens (Ages 8-18)ated by Debbie and the grilling is done First Annual Kids/Teens BBQ Class –by Jerry! BE EXTREMELY HUNGRY! with Apricot Mango Chutney and IMAGINATIONS A MUST. Every day a secret We will bring our commercial BBQ, and start theBring jacket! DD & JH FEE:$60 my INCREDIBLE Raspberry Ice Cream ingredient will be revealed. Winning group with a treat! DD FEE:$55 decides what secret ingredient is the next day. cook shrimp, garlic bread, chicken, ribs, veggiesplease note this class is NOT eligible for bring 5 and and also make potato salad, beans, cobbler and FEE:$200the 5th goes free. home made ice cream. 100 % hands on and fully Mon.- Thur./July 26 - 29 1-4pm supervised. Class size is limited – Should be a lot Bring 5 guests and the 5th goes FREE! of fun for all! Kids should bring containers to take BAKING 101! (Ages 8 - 14)– food home. FEE:$55 baked item: Cakes, Cupcakes and decorating; Pie, August 6-9pm not necessary sweet; there are savory menu items that will be made daily. Students will make a Wednesday, August 18 LA PETITE BAKERS! (Ages 5, 6, 7)– 1-3:30pm Join us for this all hands on class teaching how to measure dry and wet ingredients, and how Thursday, August 5 healthy snack before embarking on the sweet SUMMER COOKING! – items, so don’t be concerned. Bring containers to healthy crazy healthy casserole; corn bread take home items! FEE:$200 This new menu highlights the best of summer ingredients. one pan cake from scratch with frosting! (AND A BIT OF PLEASE & CUES while dining!) FEE:$45 Our menu tonight is: Onions Gratin with Parmesan and Sherry on Crostini; Blueberry Salad with Arugula and Grilled Corn; Grilled Pork Chops with Blueberry Sauce; Sea Bass Agrodolce with Summer Vegetables; Quinoa, Corn and Mint Salad; Watermelon Heirloom Tomato and Feta Salad; Eggplant with Peanut Dressing; and Decadent easy Chocolate Raspberry Pavlova! DD FEE:$55
  8. 8. December Friday, Dec. 10 6-9pm Friday, Dec. 17 6-9pm Tuesday, Dec. 7 6-9pm MY VERY FAVORITE CROCK POT RECIPES ANNUAL PRIME RIB DINNER! – ANNUAL BEEF WELLINGTON CEL- MY VERY FAVORITE CROCK POT RECIPES FROM THE PAST 11 YEARS! – Do come and celebrate the holiday season EBRATION DINNER! – Join us for our FROM THE PAST 11 YEARS! – Our menu: Red Lentil Soup with Coconut; with us. This great menu will thrill your last Beef Wellington class! Our menu: Red Lentil Soup with Coconut; Oso Bucco with Gremolata; Cranberry Port Pork family and friends! My favorite menu is: Avila Smoked Salmon Oso Bucco with Gremolata; Cranberry Port Pork Roast; Chicken and Dumplings; Lamb Vindaloo; We will begin with Fried Oysters with Crostini; Incredible Crème of Chestnut Roast; Chicken and Dumplings; Lamb Vindaloo; Sweet Potato Custard: Potato Leek Soup with Holiday Tartar Sauce; Christmas Salad; Soup; Beef Wellinton with Mushroom Pate Wednesday, Dec. 1 6-9pm Sweet Potato Custard: Potato Leek Soup with Roquefort; BBQ Beef; Corn Beef with Mustard Roquefort; BBQ Beef; Corn Beef with Mustard HOLIDAY PRIME RIB with mild PeppercornSTRESSLESS HEALTHY ENTRESS! – Marmalade Glaze; Green Chile Tamale Pie; Marmalade Glaze; Green Chile Tamale Pie; Crust, served with fresh horseradish;Smoked Salmon, Goat Cheese & Artichoke Spinach & Artichoke Dip with Blue Cheese POPOVERS (MINI Yorkshire no fail pudding), Verts with Lemon Butter and Almonds; Spinach & Artichoke Dip with Blue CheeseQuiche with Harvest Salad; Chinese Pork & & Bacon; Chocolate Raspberry Cheesecake! Deb’s Favorite Creamed Spinach; and Bouche de Noel with Whipped Cream, & Bacon; Chocolate Raspberry Cheesecake! DD FEE:$55Mushroom Wraps; Mini Tuna Burgers with Mint DD FEE:$55 Roasted Rosemary Butternut Squash Fresh Raspberries and Chocolate Ganache!Caper Aioli on Pita Triangles with Carrot Salad; and Shallots; Brown Butter Mashers; DD FEE:$55Grilled Rib Eyes with Roquefort Butter; Turkey and Coeur a La Crème with Raspberry Lime Wednesday, Dec. 8 6-9pm Monday, Dec. 20 1-4pmMeatloaf with Feta and Sun Dried Tomatoes; Rum Sauce. DD FEE:$60 TRADER JOE’Sand Honey Balsamic Lamb Chops; Oreo Cookie TRADER JOE’S LAST CALL FOR: KIDS BAKE FOR SANTA! –Poundcake or something else! DD FEE:$55 CHRISTMAS EXTRAVAGANZA CLASS! CHRISTMAS EXTRAVAGANZA CLASS! Wednesday, Dec. 15 6-9pm Ages 7 -14. Class limited to 10! ALWAYS SAVE THE BEST FOR LAST! – ALWAYS SAVE THE BEST FOR LAST! – We will make Pinwheel Raspberry Cookies; Thursday, Dec. 2 6-9pm ALL NEW, OF COURSE! Join me for my last TJ’s ALL NEW, OF COURSE! Join me for my last TJ’s HOLIDAY BAKING! – Oatmeal Caramel Bars; Santa’s Pudgy Fudge; class, which will feature: entrees, sides, brunch class, which will feature: entrees, sides, brunch Learn to make gifts and treats that will Reindeer Crunch A Munch; and Chocolate Gra-TECHNIQUE 101: HOLIDAY DESSERTS! – ideas, gift ideas from Trader Joe’s ingredients ideas, gift ideas from Trader Joe’s ingredients thrill everyone! Our new menu includes: nola Brittle. Menu subject to change if I come and a bevy of great recipes to get you through and a bevy of great recipes to get you through Chai Shortbread; Almond Palmiers; up with something even better thatcrusty artisan bread! Learn to make a Holiday December and January. Even some low fat December and January. Even some low fat Santa would love even more!Bouche de Noel; A Yummy fresh Apple Pie ideas for trimming the tummy! DD FEE:$55 ideas for trimming the tummy! DD FEE:$55 French Apple Custard Pie; Sweet and Spicy Decorative containers will be provided!with fresh cranberries; Chocolate Malted Roasted Nuts; Lemon and Dried Blueberry DD FEE:$50Crème Brulee; English Custard Raspberry Scones; Sesame Parmesan Twists; And A Show Stopping, Easy 6-9pmBAKED ALASKA! Hands on, if you like. Thursday, Dec. 9 DD FEE:$55Please show up at 5pm if you would like to FISH FEED! GET HEALTHY, GET SOME NEW FISH FEED! GET HEALTHY, GET SOME NEWparticipate and call JERRY at 440 9190. RECIPES, SO NO ONE CRIES OUT LOUD! RECIPES, SO NO ONE CRIES OUT LOUD! Thursday, Dec. 16 6-9pmOr you may watch and enjoy! DD FEE:$55 IIwant to leave you with some healthy new want to leave you with some healthy new 6-9pm recipes for the coming year 2011! recipes for the coming year 2011! HOLIDAY CROWN ROAST OF PORK Friday, Dec. 3 CELEBRATION DINNER! We begin with: Baba Ghanouj; Winter Salad We begin with: Baba Ghanouj; Winter SaladLAST GIRLS’ NIGHT OUT- with Date Vinaigrette; Javanese Roasted with Date Vinaigrette; Javanese RoastedCHRISTMAS CELEBRATION! – great, easy holiday dinners. Salmon and Wilted Spinach; Sea Bass with Salmon and Wilted Spinach; Sea Bass with Our menu tonight includes: French Brie with Happy Holidays!Champagne is on Debbie D. This menu tonight Basil Sauce; Penne with Shrimp, Asparagus Basil Sauce; Penne with Shrimp, Asparaguswill feature all my favorite holiday foods: and Sun Dried Tomatoes; Citrus Scallops with and Sun Dried Tomatoes; Citrus Scallops with Almond and Raspberry; Winter Salad; Crown I hope to see you in classCorn Cakes topped with Goat Cheese and Israeli Couscous: Classic Sole Meuniere; and Israeli Couscous: Classic Sole Meuniere; and Cider Bourbon Sauce; Whipped Roasted Yams; during this very specialBacon; Christmas Salad with Red Apples, Chocolate Caramel Cheesecake! DD FEE:$55 Chocolate Caramel Cheesecake! DD FEE:$55Toasted Sugared Pecans and Feta with Creamy Brussels Sprouts Braised with Pancetta, Shallot, Holiday season at CCC.Vinaigrette; Filet Mignon with Presidential lick Thyme and Lemon; and Pumpkin Breadyour plate Roquefort Sauce; Roasted Green Pudding with Warm Caramel Sauce and I remain,Beans with Olive Oil, Herbs and Marcona Sweetened Whipped Cream! DD FEE:$55 Last Chance with great affection always, to join our CCC family as a volunteer, Reservations for Classeshint of Prosciutto; Organic Baby Carrots with step up! Call Jerry at 440-9190 and Catering Questions- your friend,glaze; and Debbie D’s surprise dessert for you! Reservation Hot line fun, yummy, educational....DD FEE:$55 440-9190 Debbie D.
  9. 9. S e p te m b e r, Oc tobe r, N ove m b er, D ecemb er 2010 CCC will be closing their doors 12/31/2010, Debbie has taken a position as Executive Directorof the Buena Vista Elementary School Edible Garden and Cooking Classroom. Join us for our last ride!
  10. 10. Embody Your Spirit Spring Renewal Retreat with Constance Hart & Lisa Jansen May 1st - 4th, 2009 Madonna Retreat Center Santa Cruz Mountains, CA yoga • meditation • pranayama • mantra • time in nature Come enjoy a weekend devoted to developing peace, presence & self empowerment. special additional program: Ayurveda basics with clinical Ayurveda specialist Holly Padove “When we join together to teach, we offer a unique synergy of our life’s work. Our students experience a supportive, nourishing, magical and transformational environment.” - Constance & Lisa WHERE: Mount Madonna Center, Santa Cruz Mountains, CaliforniaCOST: Early Registration $595 w/ $195 deposit due by March 15th $695 after, paid in full by April 24th , Cost includes vegetarian meals, all programs & lodging (shared accommodations*) Private healing sessions available with both Lisa and Constance. Schedule Soon! *other options available for additional cost, inquire if interested, deposits are non-refundable. We accept mc/visa/amex