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Explore beautiful places of himachal by trekking


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The foothills of the Himalayas are the perfect place for trekking and for some other adventurous activities.

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Explore beautiful places of himachal by trekking

  1. 1. Explore Beautiful Places of Himachal by TrekkingTrekking of any place offers you an opportunity to explore that place properly. With the helpof trekking, you can also explore the culture and activities of the people living in themountainous region. Trekking in India is a famous adventurous activity and people fromdifferent parts of the world visit India to enjoy trekking and gain some life time unforgettableexperiences of different places. Though there are numbers of trekking destinations in Indiabut trekking destinations in North India is said to be the paradise for the trekkers. Differenttrekking destinations of Himalayan belt are famous all over the world like Gasrhwal,Homachal, Ladakh and Sikkim. Even the foothills of the Himalayas are the perfect place fortrekking and for some other adventurous activities.The valley of Kullu is famous as “Valley of the Gods”. So Kullu Valley Holy trek is afamous trek of this region. With the help of trekking, you will get the opportunity to explorethe valley of Kullu and you can also experience the local color and the beauty of the valley inthe different temples of Kullu and Manali. With the help of Kullu Valley holy trek, numbersof tourists enjoy the ambience of Kullu as well as visit the important t temples like LordRaghunath, Hadimba Devi etc along with the verdant valleys, beautiful orchards of apple,grazing herds etc.Shimla Jalori Trek is one of the most important trek of Shimla. on way of trekking you willget the opportunity to visit the lake and an old fort, panoramic views of the beautiful peaks ofKullu and also the beautiful views of Kinnaur and Lahaul peaks. This route is open for thevehicles for almost 9 months in a year. This pass is a height of 3223 mts and it will takealmost 10 days for full trekking.Shimla Rohru Trek is a medium difficult trek. You can easily go for this trek in between themonths of May to June and also in between September to October. Rohru is in the Shimlaregion, near Dhanwari. From Shimla there is a convenient road towards Dhanwari and onway you will get the opportunity to visit the places like Jubbal and Theo in addition to Rohru.There is also a tourist rest house. The maximum duration for Shimla Rohru trek is of 2-3days.Like this there are several treks in Himachal and the trekking enthusiasts enjoy in exploringvarious places.