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Growth Hacking - Tips & Techniques for Beginners


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Startups have to be very precise about strategy to grow their business. All such strategies come under growth hacking. For someone who is beginner or just started his/her own startup or business, growth hacking could sound a little confusing. But in reality, it is not. Upreports Infotech brings you a quick guide to growth hacking along with best growth tips and ideas.

In simple words, growth hacking can be described as strategies and activities done to sprout the business and its sales. Many of the huge brands of these days used growth hacking to become successful.

When it comes to growth hacking, there are many types, ranging from programming driven to proof driven. So, how to know which growth hack idea is best for you as a beginner? Just sit down and think. Below are growth hacking tips recommended by Upreports Infotech:

1. Get extra-active on social media
2. Focus on video content
3. Think about shortcuts
4. Focus on brand building

Get yourself more inclined towards growth hacks for better sales of your business. Email us at to consult top team of growth hackers and marketers.

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Growth Hacking - Tips & Techniques for Beginners

  1. 1. Growth HackING – INTRODUCTION & TIPS
  2. 2. FIRST THING FIRST What’s growth hacking? • Growth hacking is about creating an hypothesis and building on that to acquire customers at small spend and short span of time. • A traditional team of growth hackers will have programmers, product managers, and marketers. • Not all growth hacking tactics are programmatic in nature. Phew.
  3. 3. did it. Airbnb powered its initial growth through growth hacking • Coded their way into Craiglist’s huge audience of property searchers & generated huge traffic. • Emailed property listers on Craiglist to also list on Airbnb.
  4. 4. Growth hacking is simple too. Thankfully, Growth hacking over the years has expanded to include non-programmatic marketing strategies and tactics that can trigger growth, bring in sales, greater visibility, and also leads.
  5. 5. did it. (And grew online sales by 600%) Growth hacking is not only for startups. It can be applied to simpler products also. What can be more simpler than a stool that helps you poop.
  6. 6. Types of growth hacks: 1. Programming driven 2. Creativity driven 3. Behavior driven 4. Reward driven 5. Proof driven 6. More
  7. 7. A lot of things. So, Growth hackING CAN BE: It can be cool video with potential to go viral. It can be tweak on your website that promotes wider sharing on social media. It can be a partnership with influencers to launch a new product. It can be a review from someone really popular.
  8. 8. How to Growth hack? Step 1: Shut up and think. Think what matters for you. Think what you have already dedicated efforts on and what remains to be experimented with. Think what kind of business you are. Think what you are selling. Think what your audience is like. In short,
  9. 9. Think ABOUT: 1. Your audience 2. Your product 3. Your goals 4. Your pocket 5. Your market position 6. Other critical things
  10. 10. OUR favorite & SIMPLEST growth hackS -----------------------
  11. 11. Actionable growth hack #1 Dig into data Data from Analytics and Sales books can bring out great insights. It will tell you what’s working and what’s not. Just one blog working for you? See what the topic was all about and how it is different from others. One product outselling everything else? Find out what people are liking about it.
  12. 12. Actionable growth hack #2 Get serious about social How many of you have built strong social connections and generated business mileage? Very few businesses take the time to realize the full potential of social media. LinkedIn has huge potential for B2B businesses. Focus on your network’s growth & value creation.
  13. 13. Actionable growth hack #3 Channelize video content Learning and entertainment are video driven. Video content has a lot of aspects to it. It can be an explainer video that introduces a product. It can be a tool for professionals selling their expertise. Video content is the future. So, start dedicating time on it.
  14. 14. Actionable growth hack #4 Explore influencer marketing There are unending supply of content creators and influencers in the world. Partner with niche influencers to get wider reach at small spend. Gain access to engaged audience on Instagram to push sales and product reach.
  15. 15. Actionable growth hack #5 Think about shortcuts Shortcuts are widely used by startups to grow faster. While growth is a long term game, shortcuts can act as a ladder. If there is a tool already out there that fits in your product perfectly, try to get the makers onboard. Collaborations are hot to widen appeal and reach.
  16. 16. Actionable growth hack #6 Do a lot of stuff Always be on the lookout for new things that can work in favor of your business. It can be online. Offline. Can be an interview. A speaking gig. Remember, small things come together to make a big impact.
  17. 17. Actionable growth hack #7 Brand building People ask us how to become a brand. Our answer is always the same, start building one. Stronger your online presence, better prepared you are for future. Build your presence everywhere that matters. Do it slowly if you are low on resources. Do it quickly if you have resources and have a team.
  18. 18. Bonus Growth hacks ● Focus on channels that matter most. ● Build cornerstone content ● Be early adopter of new. ● Be authentic ● Reply faster to customers
  19. 19. In the end (literally) Growth is all about hunger. Email at for business growth