Make Sure Your Project Goes Smoothly With The Right Construction Company


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Make Sure Your Project Goes Smoothly With The Right Construction Company

  1. 1. Make Sure Your Project Goes Smoothly With TheRight Construction CompanyFor anyone who is looking to finance a construction project, one of thebiggest challenges is finding a suitable company to work with. After all, thecapability of the construction company is essential to the success of theproject and the quality of the finished structure. However, finding a suitablecompany is a lot easier said than done. In addition to technical know-howand experience, you will also want to deal with a company run by peoplewho you can work closely with and trust to do a good job.Qualities to look for in a construction companyThe first important qualification that you should look for is extensiveexperience in the industry, particularly with projects closely related to thestructure you are planning to finance. If you are planning on putting up abuilding for example, it might not be a good idea to work with a companythat is mostly experienced in building homes. Some companies may becapable of both (or more) types of projects of course, but in general, itwould be best to go with a company that focuses primarily on the type ofstructure that you are building.As with virtually every other aspect of the industry, referrals are still thesafest and most effective methods for finding a suitable constructioncompany. If you know someone that has just had a house or building done,you could ask the about the company that did the work for them. Even if it’ssomeone you don’t know, go ahead and ask anyway. Most people will behappy to give recommendations even to strangers, especially if they arehappy about the job done for them.If you don’t know anyone who has recently had construction done or ifthere are no recently completed projects in your community, you can simplyask construction companies to provide you with examples of their work.Most companies will be glad to provide with examples especially if they areconfident with their work.In fact, it would probably be best to stay away from companies that cannotprovide you with a list of completed projects. Such companies may not beconfident in the quality of their work, or they may simply do not have a
  2. 2. substantial track record in the business. Either way, these are probably notcompanies that you would want to deal with.Aside from the technical qualifications, you will also want a company thatyou can work with comfortably. Set a meeting with the companies that youare considering and try to get a feel for how they conduct business. Whatyou have to look for is a company that will be honest and forthcoming withyou, and work closely with you toward the successful completion of theproject. If the company you are considering does not seem to be eager towork with you, does not encourage communication, or has questionablebusiness practices, it might be best to keep looking.Working with the construction contractThe contract is an essential part of any construction project. This documentwill help ensure the protection of both parties in the event of a dispute.Even if the company is one that have worked with in the past, or owned bya friend or family member, it is still important to have a contract thatcontains alcohol the details of the work to be done.All contracts can be difficult for the layperson–that is, someone who is not alawyer–to understand. Formal language is often used in contracts in orderto avoid any confusion or misunderstanding arising from vague orambiguous terms. In most cases however, construction contracts arewritten in way that will easily be understood by end clients. If you do havesome difficulty understanding any part of the contract, you should consultwith someone who can explain all the details to you thoroughly.Some of the more important sections in the construction contract are thosethat deal with the type of work to be done, the materials that will berequired, the personnel or manpower involved, the completion date, andthe price. These are all essential aspects of the construction job, so youshould make sure that you understand all the details completely.Don’t hesitate to dispute any part of the contract if you are not thoroughlysatisfied with it. Remember that the contract isnt final until both parties signit. Although you should ideally have discussed the details of the projectbefore drawing up the contract, don’t be pressured to sign just because “itis already on paper”. The time to dispute the contract is before it is signed–
  3. 3. not after–and doing so will reduce the chances of any latermisunderstanding that would be costly and bothersome to rectify.