Knowledge sharing and cargo cult


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  • What I want is to talk about Innovation, Knowledge Management and Learning.
  • Because we are a very big team of smart people, with deep knowledge on different subjects and we need to share this knowledge. We need to keep on learning and growing.
  • And whenever one team member comes with a new idea, we must be able to share it.
  • Keeping in mind that we are a complex group, spread on different countries, with different time zones, different cultures and different languages.
  • And how can we share and grow this team knowledge?
  • There are different tools a techniques we can use, and we are already using some of them. And we could have a discussion and I'm sure there would be a lot of ideas. Let me share some of them.a) We can start *blogging* (internally in The Hub or externally)b) We use *wikis*c) *Retrospectives* (properly performed) are a good tool as welld) *Book clubs*. Reading and discussing the same book altogether, or splitting the booklog among the team.e) Work in *pairs* (sometimes). Not only pair programming, but also pair deploying, pair configuring, pair presenting.f) Working on *pet projects* on a reduced amount of time. g) *Code reviews*, and reading code is a good way of learning and sharing.h) *Coding dojos*, were a group of people gather together to . We could have a look at the Global Day of Code Retreat in December 8th.i) And we can have *Lighting talks*. And this is a lighting talk.
  • A lighting talk is a short talk, from 1 to 10 minutes. They are used in unconferences, giving the oportunity to a bunch of speakers to talk one after another in a short period of time. Sometimes slides are discouraged to allow faster change of speakers.
  • But I asked myself why are we doing Lightning Talks. Why?
  • Are our lighting talks just Cargo Cult?But what's cargo Cult?
  • Cargo cult is a religious practice found in some islands of the Pacific Ocean, and focus on obtaining wealth (the cargo) throw magic rituals. The practitioners try to reproduce the behaviors they've seen.During the second world war the inhabitants of those islands saw American soldiers build their basecamps, prepare their landing strips and marching. And from time to time, they saw airplanes landing bringing goods. After the soldiers left, those people wanted the same to happen, and they prepared runways, put fires along the sides of the runways. They made control towers and sat a man with wooden pieces in his head like headphones. They wait the airplanes to land. The form is perfect, but no planes land.
  • These religious practices has been used as a metaphor to refer to practices that are followed in an irrational way: in science, in politics, in programming, ...
  • There's a link in the end with the link to a presentation about the 7 habits of cargo cult people, but some ideas are that you can incur in this behavior if you base your actions on wrong assumptions or misconceptions. Or if you fail to identify the cause, or mistake correlation with causality... have a look at the presentation.The biggest problem if doing things because other people do.Are we doing Cargo Cult?
  • But this differences with Ilegra and this first session performed as is makes this thing Cargo Cult?I don't think so.
  • I do believe in Lightning Talks and knowledge sharing, and I think the hardest action is to have the ball started. We have a lot to share and I can think on 10 different talks I'd like to give. And I'm sure you can find yours.I hoped you enjoyed listening about different knowledge sharing practices and learning about Cargo Cult. Keep a critic spirit. Don't be dogmatic. And share. I want to attend to your lightning talks.
  • Knowledge sharing and cargo cult

    1. 1. Toni Tassani – BarcelonaOctober 2012
    2. 2. Knowledge sharing
    3. 3. Lighting Talks • Short presentation • Between 1 and 10 minutes (5 common) • Slides may be discouragedVARIANTS• Pecha Kucha (20 slides, 20 seconds each)• Ignite (20 slides, 15 seconds each)
    4. 4. Cargo Cult• Religious practice focused on obtaining material wealth (the “cargo”) through magic rituals• Based on irrational beliefs• Used as a metaphor for many fields
    5. 5. Cargo Cult• Wrong assumptions• Fail to identify the cause• Mistake correlation with causality• Strengthen beliefs when finding conflicting evidence• Bandwagon effect
    6. 6. Cult Knowledge ManagementTanna: John Frum Day Sulfa Bay With Angel Medinilla in LeanCamp Cult Agile Training & coaching (José Luis Soria)
    7. 7. Moltes Gràcies(Thank you very much) Toni Tassani @atassani Barcelona - Spain