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Cationic emulsion rs-1 rs-2 ms ss-1 ss-2 Suppliers, Cationic ..

Suppliers, Factories, Manufacturers of cationic emulsion

TINSEL CARGO & OIL COMPANY Established in 2009, this fledgling company is backed by a group of highly qualified and experienced Technocrats from the infrastructure industry with an excellent grounding in finance and marketing. SAB Corporation believes that the business journey...

We are Supplier and Seller of: bitumen emulsion, cationic emulsion: rs-1 rs-2 ms ss-1 ss-2, polymer modified bitumen pmb, crumb rubber modiifed bitumen crmb, movebale equipments for on-site processing of crmb, sealent bitumen polysulphide polyurethane, blown bitumen, anti stripping agents, thermoplastic road marking paints road safety equipments.

P.O. BOX 79456-00200 NAIROBI, KENYA
TELE FAX: +254-20-2229781,
Cellphone: +254-722-761587 ,
Website: www.tinselcargo.com
EMAIL: info@tinselcargo.com

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Oil Export

  1. 1. TINSEL CARGO & OIL COMPANYOIL ExportTinsel Cargo & Oil Company is a regional oil marketing company based in Nairobi, Kenya with a network ofcustomers in Democratic Republic of Congo, Rwanda, Burundi, Tanzania, Uganda, and now also in Asia particular inthe Philippines. Transit business through Kenya and Tanzania constitutes a substantial segment of its business.Our range of products includes Unleaded Premium, Diesel, Kerosene, Jet A-1, HFO and LPG.Registered and licensed in Burundi and involved in importation, marketing and wholesale distribution of petroleumproducts in Burundi.Tinsel Cargo & Oil Company core business is importation, distribution, and marketing of petroleum products. TinselCargo & Oil Company invests primarily in petroleum imports and exports, bulk trading, petroleum depots, distributionnetworks, and service stations. With the aid of cutting-edge technologies and modern infrastructure, the firm isconsolidating its position as the market leader in the regional oil industry.The company’s vision is to be an efficient, credible and profitable oil marketing company in the region that seeks toadd value to all its stakeholders, with a focus on serving customers to the highest standardsFrom its humble beginnings as a fuel reseller, Tinsel Cargo & Oil Company is now a renowned oil marketer with fullyfledged operations in Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, Southern Sudan, Rwanda, Burundi, and the Democratic Republic ofCongo. Its headquarters is in Nairobi.We are a leading Petrochemical (white and black petroleum products, bitumen, Lubricants and oils) open systemsdealer.Tinsel Cargo & Oil Company has successfully taken on assignments, projects and contracts ranging from completefixed turkey instrument and electrical solutions (petrol stations)… through to Periodic Preventative Maintenancecontracts for major Companies involved in the Petroleum products business…..through to supply of engineering laborto assist clients during times of need.
  2. 2. TINSEL CARGO & OIL COMPANYThe core business of Tinsel Cargo & Oil Company is the provision of operational petroleum products (ranging from  Automotive Diesel [AGO]  Super Petrol [PMS]  Industrial Diesel Oil [IDO]  Furnace oils [FO]  Bitumen emulsifiers, various grades of bitumen for road construction.  various grades of lubricants and oils etc)  Equipment (fuel dispenser pumps, lubricant application pumping units etc) installation – servicesTinsel Cargo & Oil Company makes a continuing commitment to quality and training and has invested in a numberof training initiatives; Industry specific training courses run by the Petroleum Institute of East Africa (P.I.E.A.) and other professional training and consulting service providers Laboratory testing services for quality certification of refined petroleum products; Internal assessment and development of applications for new technologies and innovations so as to be in tandem with the global trends and customer/client requirements.In addition, Tinsel Cargo & Oil Company management team continues to invest time and resources into business,quality and safety initiatives that enable us to work closer and more efficiently with our clients.As an open supplier and distributor, Tinsel Cargo & Oil Company has built up a network of arrangements withsuppliers, both locally and internationally, and can offer a fully engineered solution using the “best of class” openoptions most suited to the consumer/customer.Examples of our commercial relationships are; Special arrangements for bulk fuel/oils and lubricants supply from various oil Companies among them; o Total Kenya Limited o Shell Kenya Limited o Libya Oil Kenya Limited o Oil Com Kenya Limited Customized supplier arrangements with other special Petroleum related installations suppliers. These are basically for; o Pumps both for light and heavy petroleum products o Meters for in house and/or outhouse units. These include those that are installed in the factory and/or premises of various other business unit centres and are used for dispensing product for own use and/or commercial use. o Dispensers systems for lubricants, oils etc industrially and/or commercially. Various internationally reputable stockists and suppliers in high bulk of various petroleum products through agreed pre-arrangements.In addition to the above, we as well have commercial accounts with a diverse range of technology suppliers thatenable us to supply most popular and relevant equipment brands at very competitive rates.Whom we work for….Tinsel Cargo & Oil Company client base includes significant providers of petrochemical services and productsincluding the transport industry, factory processing, large and medium scale farming interests, main road transportservices, the construction industry and general transport.
  3. 3. TINSEL CARGO & OIL COMPANYSome of the main clients include; Government Departments of the Republic of Kenya based within the capital City of Nairobi. Construction & Road Transport Companies whichever the location countrywide; Industrial Production Establishment Large scale independent dealers Large scale farmers & Farming interests; Hospitals HotelsWe are currently working on the modalities of extending our client base to across the Kenyan boundaries as some ofour current clients/customers and especially in the construction Companies already have running interests that requireour services/supplies in these countries.Tinsel Cargo & Oil Company is a leading Petrochemical (white and black petroleum products, bitumen, Lubricantsand oils) open systems dealer.Tinsel Cargo & Oil Company mission is to provide our clients with: Increased profit through improved/supportive supplies/plant performance, availability and safety. Appropriate “best of class” control solutions for their processes/services. Timely and qualitative products/services availed in a timely and convenient manner at the most affordable cost to our customer. Professional, focused and effective technical skills availed at our customer’s convenience. Long term commitment to our client’s goals.Capabilities How can we help you?Tinsel Cargo & Oil Company has successfully taken on assignments, projects and contracts ranging from completefixed turkey instrument and electrical solutions (petrol stations)… through to Periodic Preventative Maintenancecontracts for major Companies involved in the Petroleum products business…..through to supply of engineeringlabour to assist clients during times of need.We consider ourselves a premier within Kenya in both consulting and implementations of our business strategies andplans in terms of; Petroleum Products Supply and distribution modules and strategy Petroleum Products Controls systems Consultancy, Engineering and Maintenance Petroleum Products Systems Technology, consultancy and supply. Petroleum Products Control Systems IntegrationCorporate Social ResponsibilityWe give back to society by engaging in Corporate Social Responsibility programmes…Organizing and participating inrallies, motor shows, walks e.t.c.Tinsel Cargo & Oil Company has been rewarded with 100% loyalty from our client. We consider our commitment tosupporting our clients through their challenges a key factor in this achievement.WHAT WE DOThe core business of Tinsel Cargo & Oil Company is the provision of operational petroleum products (ranging fromAutomotive Diesel [AGO], Super Petrol [PMS], Industrial Diesel Oil [IDO], Furnace oils [FO], Bitumen emulsifiers,various grades of bitumen for road construction, various grades of lubricants and oils etc) and equipment (fueldispenser pumps, lubricant application pumping units etc) installation – services and installations.
  4. 4. TINSEL CARGO & OIL COMPANYTypical applications include;o Turnkey designing, building, installation and commissioning of under the ground and above the ground tank storage systems for petroleum products.o Turnkey sourcing, installation and commissioning of petroleum products pumping units. This will cover various ranges of pumping units for the fuel itself and the lubrication systems for various engines.o Sourcing, importing and availing various petroleum products e.g. the various grades of bitumen, lubricants, oils etc for and on behalf of our clients at a minimal cost.o Specialist control philosophy, development and documentation to complement a client’s process requirements. These may include sequential function charts, functional descriptions, cause and effect assessment and reports, and operations and maintenance manuals.o Functional safety system design, consultancy and Safety Integrity Level (SIL) studies.o Periodic preventive Maintenance and Support Contracts for existing installations and new ones.o Scheduled supply system for production plants for all fuel/petroleum products requirements.