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Kristian Siddall Evaluation


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Kristian Siddall Evaluation

  1. 5. When I started making my covers I had a particular style in mind … e.g. the style of kerrang.. The busy hectic look of the front, I thought this may have put the message straight across that this is a music magazine, also I decided to stick with conventions, but when I started I felt compelled to use the bands real logos but with closer research I noticed that a lot of today's popular magazines present the logo in there own font. These are the other two magazines I made trying to use this style, it would usually take me around 45 minutes to make one of these.
  2. 6. When I started the magazine style I just went for the unconventional idea of one picture and using that keeping the logo over the natural background I later figured out how to put the people in the picture in front of the magazine logo and still keep the natural back ground of the image this added immense effect and made my work seem even more authentic After getting the style of my magazine right I then added the little things that make the magazine that extra bit real looking such as the also inside heading and little titles across the bottom
  3. 7. When I compare my final front cover directly to a real media product, I notice that in ways it develops some conventions but in some cases also challenges them. It develops them in the sense that the title is big and bold, right at the top of the page, and provides a caption relevant towards the main headline. Is challenges them by looking a lot neater than others out there also it only has 2 pictures on the front rather than providing lots of them to fit the genre and make them look busy.
  4. 8. I went for a style of magazine that would attract those into music and like to know most things about what’s going on in the music world. I used a name that people into the rock genre would recognise “NU” in order to target that social group. I had always intended to go towards that social group but when I made my magazine more of a neutral style I found I could use it to go into almost any genre or at least area of rock music. three examples are below. alternative Indie metal And when looking at all three, it would appear that they were made for that genre, so I think my magazine targets the musical social groups but the groups within that are all targeted
  5. 9. I think mainly it would be new agents that would distribute my product because it looks like a magazine I would expect to see on the shelf in a news agents or a supermarket, or maybe just a corner shop, I think this because I has so similarities to the “ROLLING STONES” magazine a comparison is shown bellow If you consider how the titles and pictures are used these two can be seen as very similar, this is why I believe that my magazine would probably be distributed in the places I listed above, corner shops, super markets, newsagents. Also as a start my magazine could be distributed as a free magazine or online as free or priced currently 17% of magazines are distributed only online.
  6. 10. Since producing my prelim I have learned a lot about the layout of a magazine and what a cover needs in order to make it look professional. I have found that the Headline of the cover needs to stand out, but due to copy right laws the actual logo of the band cannot be used to a suitable font needs to be used also picture and a headline is not enough i needed to add other things that made the magazine stand out so I added a slogan a band quote, and and an also inside heading all these things helped my magazine look more authentic and more eye catching, also it doesn’t need to be complicated to be good.
  7. 11. These are my final products. 68 mock ups later this is what I managed to produce. To create these I used macromedia fireworks