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Parts flyer - may 2017


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Parts flyer - may 2017

Published in: Sales
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Parts flyer - may 2017

  1. 1. Sale! MAY FEATURED PARTS Don’t Miss Out on Your Chance to SAVE! Be sure to check us out on Facebook & Twitter! haOmegaSales/ @AlphaOmegaSales Sale! For More Information Please Contact Our Parts Team: 800-253-4045 or *Minimum $50 per order* Universal power supply 12V 10 amp Part #80-0215-00 Original cost: $44.20 Used in: ICE, Namco & Raw Thrill games Sale Price: $40.80 Electronic rolldown mech Part #40-1500-05 Original cost: $34.50 Used In: Most coin action games Sale Price: $25.00 Universal power supply 5V +15 amp, 12V + 4 amp Part #80-0210-00 Original cost: $42.95 Used in: ICE, Raw Thrills, LAI & Sega games Sale price: $32.40 Universal power supply 24V 5 amp Part #80-0216-00 Original cost: $46.80 Used in: Nascar racing, Time Crisis & most games Sale price: $43.20 Iceball/Skeeball solenoid with plate (New style) Part #: AR2108X Original cost: $63.38 Used in: Iceball & Skeeball Black rubber grips (set of 2) Part #: 95-1101-00 Original cost: $16.61 Used in: Super Bikes, Sno-Cross, Moto-Cross & most bike racing games Sale price: $13.50 Sale Price: $58.50 Over 10,000 parts in stock! International shipping available! Sourcing King for special parts not usually available elsewhere!