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Indexing Triple Process Presentation


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Swift Prosys\'s state-of-the-art indexing tool to capture the information from images

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Indexing Triple Process Presentation

  1. 1. Indexing Triple Key Demonstration by Swift Prosys
  2. 2. Process Selection - Key There are five different process. The keying operator has to select the process.
  3. 3. Batch Allocation - Key The images are grouped by batches. This will improve the process time to complete the set of images by sequence.
  4. 4. Key Process Keying Process Scanned Image will be displayed here. Image name will be fetched automatically & file name Key by seeing the image
  5. 5. Keying - Archieve's Name Archieve’s Name will be keyed here
  6. 6. Keying - Date Date will be keyed in three different fields. If the date is not valid then it will show an error
  7. 7. Keying - Signature Signature information will be keyed here
  8. 8. Keying – Signature Validation If the signature is blank, then it will prompt a message to confirm
  9. 9. Keying – Remarks If ‘yes’ is pressed then it will automatically inserts ‘Signature blank’ in the remarks field
  10. 10. Process Selection - Verify The Verify operator has to select the process.
  11. 11. Batch Allocation - Verify The Keying completed batches only displayed in the selection list
  12. 12. Verify Process – Mismatch Error Verify Process All the fields will be blank, the second operator has to key by seeing the image. Each and every character is verified with the first key data and if there is any mismatch, then it will show an alert.
  13. 13. Verify Process – Error Display The first key data will be displayed for verification. If the first key is wrong then the verify operator will press the hotkey to insert or delete or modify the character. If the entire field is wrong then the verify operator has to press hotkey F8 to double entry the particular field. This will ensure the data accuracy. Each and every mismatch is recorded in the background to analyze the performance of both the operators.
  14. 14. Process Selection - Reform Reform is a background process where the key and verify text will be checked.
  15. 15. Batch Allocation - Reform The verify completed batches only displayed in the selection list
  16. 16. Comparing Key and Verify data
  17. 17. Process Selection - MismatchQC Experienced auditor will do this process.
  18. 18. Process Selection - MismatchQC The reform completed batches only displayed in the selection list
  19. 19. The corrected letters in verify process are displayed as junk. Displaying Mismatch data
  20. 20. Auditor will correct the junk character by analyzing the image. Correcting Mismatch data
  21. 21. Process Selection - Audit The Auditor has to select the process.
  22. 22. Batch Allocation - QA The MimatchQC completed batches only displayed in the selection list
  23. 23. QA Process QA Process The tool will randomly pick 20% of records for Audit. These fields are in read-only mode. For making any error correction, an hotkey will be pressed and correction will be stored in a separate database. If the quality is not upto the mark then the batch will be rejected.
  24. 24. QA Result After completing the QA for a batch, then the auditor will decide to Accept or Reject based on the quality. If the batch is rejected, then it will be moved to 100% proofread process
  25. 25. Internal XML structure Once the batch is accepted then it will be moved to export process, where the data will be exported to predefined data structure like Excel, CSV or any database Date in normalized form MM/DD/YYYY
  26. 26. Thank you For more information contact: Mohan Das S Director – Technical & BD Email: [email_address]