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  1. 1. COMPANY REPORT Wholesaler and Manufacturer MEGASAT, Germany该独家报道由高级编辑所作 “In the Heart of GUARANTEE direct contact TELE-satellite Magazine Business Voucher Direct Contact to Sales Manager Germany” • 80% of distributed products come from in-house MEGASAT brand ■ In front of the entrance to the • full range of satellite components 850 square meter company premises that MEGASAT has been occupying since 2010 in an • special focus on self-aligning camping industrial area of Niederlauer. The official company name is b2c Electronic, even though antennas MEGASAT is used as brand name vis-à-vis the outside • distribution to the whole of Europe world.112 TELE-satellite — Global Digital TV Magazine — 08-09/201 — 1 — 08-09/201 — TELE-satellite — Global Digital TV Magazine 1 113
  2. 2. COMPANY REPORT Wholesaler and Manufacturer MEGASAT, GermanyMEGASAT wholesaler anddistributor rises fromthe heart of Germany Where is it, the much-proclaimed heart of Germany? How do you de- fine its actual location? Sven Melzer, founder and General Manager ë Niederlauer of satellite wholesaler and distributor MEGASAT has a rather prag- matic approach to those questions. “We are right in the heart of Germany,” and by that he simply means the region he’s at home. The name of the place is Niederlauer, which is a small town north of Schweinfurt in northern Bavaria. As a matter of fact, if you look up Niederlauer in Google Maps the marker pops up right in the centre of Germany. ■ MEGASAT founder and General Manager Sven Melzer likes to stay up to date with TELE-satellite.114 TELE-satellite — Global Digital TV Magazine — 08-09/201 — 1
  3. 3. It’s only natural that such a central location is ideal for deliveries all across achievement. “Everything I do comeslocation comes with a goodie-bag full continental Europe. from the bottom of my heart,” he con-of strategic benefits. “Transport routes What does MEGASAT have to of- tinues and thus gives a reason for hisfrom us to our clients are very effi- fer satellite shops and installers? “Our brilliant results in the craftsman diplo-cient,” states Sven Melzer with a hint to range consists of more than 300 prod- ma.close-by autobahn A71. “Every day we ucts with the MEGASAT brand name,” Sven Melzer kick-started his career atload three DPD trucks with our prod- beginning with satellite receivers, sat- a leading German manufacturer of pro-ucts – one is dispatched at noon, with ellite antennas and LNBs and extending fessional antennas, where he was giventhe remaining two leaving our premises all the way to cables, mounting mate- a chance to put his commitment intoin the evening.” Any order arriving by rial and multi-switches. “All our prod- practice. He started out in the technical4 pm will be dispatched on the same ucts are manufactured on our behalf department, moved into sales and laterworking day. and meet our strict quality standards.” even progressed into management. In its position as a wholesaler Obviously, we want to find out more “While I was lucky enough to haveMEGASAT supplies 800 trading part- about those products, but first we such a wonderful job, it still did not al-ners: “60% are right here in Germany, would like to know how MEGASAT came low me to implement my own ideas andand the remaining 40% can be found into being in the first place. “By train- to do things my way,” Sven Melzer ex-in neighbouring countries,” Sven Melz- ing, I’m a radio and television techni- plains, and this was actually the reasoner adds, lending proof to the assertion cian,” company founder Sven Melzer why he decided to quit a successful ca-that the heart of Germany extends be- reveals. “In 1990, I obtained my master reer and establish his own business inyond national borders. craftsman diploma in that trade.” 2004. “We’re always looking for new trading Sven Melzer did not only pass the Walking down memory lane, he tellspartners in other European countries as examination, he was best in class and us “I actually set up my first satellitewell,” he goes on, since his company’s received a special certificate for his system as early as 1988, and that’s why ■ Eva Schneider is in charge of financial accounting.116 TELE-satellite — Global Digital TV Magazine — 08-09/201 — 1
  4. 4. 2I decided to team up with two fellow employees joined the team and the Still, MEGASAT does not only rely onemployees to establish a wholesaler for number of staff rose to five. analog customers being forced to gosatellite components.” Today MEGASAT has a workforce digital. One of the target markets is At first, the start-up business dis- of 21 and the percentage of in-house camping antennas, a segment that willtributed components sourced from MEGASAT products has reached a continue to grow in the long term. “Weother manufacturers and “by 2005 our whopping 80 percent in 2011. And this call MEGASAT the home of campingturnover broke through the 1 million success story is set to continue, with TV,” Sven Melzer explains with a smile.euro ceiling.” Sven Melzer then realised General Manager Sven Melzer con- With an ageing population the num-that mark-ups were too low to make a vinced to reach 90 percent by 2012. ber of RV owners is on the rise. Manyconsistent profit, with the only alterna- Only a few niche products are still of them are on comfortable incomestive of entering the market as a dedi- sourced from third-party suppliers. and looking for top-quality products.cated manufacturer as well. “In 2006 “In 2011 total sales will likely reach MEGASAT has a special treat in storewe launched our own DVB-S receivers EUR 8 million and in the following year for that market of tourists: a range ofunder the MEGASAT brand, as well as EUR 10 million is a realistic scenario.” self-aligning satellite antennas.three different LNB models.” How can he be so optimistic? Quite sim- “We’re talking about small antennas This strategy turned out to be spot ple, 2012 is the year of analog switch- with a convenient diameter of 38 cm,on and generated huge success. “Even off of German channels transmitted via protected by a kind of domed the first year the share of MEGASAT ASTRA. “We will witness a huge pick-up They come fully equipped with a motorproducts increased to 20 percent”. New in demand for digital components.” that aligns the antenna to the selected MEGASAT Company Details Wholesaler and Manufacturer, Germany Engineers in Research & Development | Total Number of Employees ▼ ▼ 0................................ 12 .................................. 25 Average Turnover (Previous, This, Next Year Estimates) ▼ 0.................................. 5 ...................10 Mio €uro 1 Production Certificates DVB Production Categories own brand MEGASAT Main Products Satellite Receiver for DVB-S/S2, LNB with normal size and extremely small size, dishes, multiswitches, Mobile Satellite Systems with automatized two axis motors (CampingSat) Address b2c - electronic GmbH Industriestrasse 4a 97618 Niederlauer/S. GERMANY Tel +49-9771-63567-100 3 Download Report A total workforce of twelve employeestakes care of sales and distributionat MEGASAT, some of whom can beseen on this picture. “Two more willstart their jobs shortly so that our staffcurrently totals 22,” according to SvenMelzer.2. Product Manager Lothar Gold alwayskeeps his focus on making MEGASATreceivers even better. Every product lineis put to the test in his shack.3. Technical customer service is thehallmark of any top-notch business.Service Manager Thomas Umbreittracks down even the tiniest of errors.118 TELE-satellite — Global Digital TV Magazine — 08-09/201 — 1 — 08-09/201 — TELE-satellite — Global Digital TV Magazine 1 119
  5. 5. ■ One of three warehouse staff is preparing a customer dispatch in the 600 square meter warehouse. Packages full of self-aligning camping antennas can be seen on the left. They make up one of MEGASAT’s most important products lines.120 TELE-satellite — Global Digital TV Magazine — 08-09/201 — 1 — 08-09/201 — TELE-satellite — Global Digital TV Magazine 1 121
  6. 6. satellite,” he tells us and adds “there but will be unfolded with the help of an ity.” Conventional LNBs have a gain ofare seven different types of domed electric motor. “The reason we chose around 58 dB, so the increased out-antennas, with or without GPS and that concept is that the whole anten- put of MEGASAT’s new model can trulyin a variety of equipment levels from na is only 20 cm high when not in use, make a difference. TELE-satellite pre-splash-proof to fully water-proof for which means it will fit nicely on any RV,” pares an in-depth test report in its up-use on boats and yachts.” Sven Melzer explains. The construction coming issue. All domed antennas come with an principle of this new model bears strik- Even though MEGASAT is both youngauto-alignment feature which works ing similarities to VSAT dishes. in age and young at heart it is followinglike that: “The built-in software has What about other product ranges in a steady path of expansion. Interestinga list of active transponders on each MEGASAT’s portfolio? “Right now we’re innovations without a hefty price tagsatellite and keeps scanning available in the process of introducing our lat- (the entry-level self-aligning domed an-satellites until the selected position is est high-end receiver which is called tenna can be had for way less than EURfound. Models that are equipped with MEGASAT HD950 and is based on 1,000, for example) make MEGASAT aa GPS module obviously complete this Linux.” competitive point of contact for satellitejob faster as the software knows right Another highlight that is eagerly dealers in Europe and beyond.away which elevation and Azimuth val- awaited is an HDMI DVB-S2 receiver MEGASAT’s slogan in the ‘heart ofues it has to choose.” stick with HDTV which brilliantly com- Germany’ is at same time a commit- Due to their small size MEGASAT plements the camping range. “Our LNB ment to Europe, as Germany is as wellcamping antennas are perfectly suited range is in for some major innovations in the heart of Europe. Who knows, onefor strong DTH satellites, but accord- as well: extremely narrow LNBs that day the MEGASAT slogan may well being to Sven Melzer “we will soon also can be mounted with a spacing of only ‘in the heart of Europe.’launch larger antennas with diameters 3 degrees in order to receive satellitesof 45 and 60 cm.” that are positioned very close to each He also adds that “in 2012 a revised other.”model of our camping range will be Sven Melzer has even more in store:available with a diameter of 85 cm.” “A new LNB with 70 dB output power ■ Warehouse manager Robert Mölter with a MEGASAT antenna. “We also run a secondAntennas of that size need not be pro- will be a welcome product in areas with warehouse with a surface area of 1,000tected by a domed hood any longer somewhat restricted reception qual- square meters.”122 TELE-satellite — Global Digital TV Magazine — 08-09/201 — 1
  7. 7. 1 1. A small selection of the extensive MEGASAT product range. 2. These 38 cm camping antennas below a dome are the signature products of MEGASAT. Thanks to a built-in motor these antennas find satellites fully automatically thanks to pre-stored transponder frequencies. 2124 TELE-satellite — Global Digital TV Magazine — 08-09/201 — 1 — 08-09/201 — TELE-satellite — Global Digital TV Magazine 1 125