Ayu Herba intergrated head massage


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AYU HERBA Integrated WELLness Fair 2012.

Date: 2nd December 2012 (Sunday)
Time: 3.00pm - 9.00pm
Venue: Singapore Indian Association Event Hall
69,Balestier Road Singapore 329677
Cover Charge at only $10 per person

Special Attraction:
Live Demonstration of Holistic Therapy by World International Speakers

For registration, please call 87770171, 82456879, 93815849

Promoted Online by TCMcity.com, organized by Ayu Herba / Holistic Beauty Hub

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Ayu Herba intergrated head massage

  1. 1. The Ancient Wisdom to Rejuvenate at Your Fingertips with “AyuHerba Integrated Head MassageTM” Ayu Herba proudly brings to you a unique and effective form of therapy called the“AyuHerba Integrated Head MassageTM”. This is jointly developed by Dr.SangeetaBiswas, an Ayurvedic Physician and Practitioner in the field of Wellness, Health andBeauty industry and the Founder and Managing Director of Ayu Herba Pte Ltd andMr Moses Chundi, Director and Renowned International Trainer of London Centre ofIndian Champissage International, (LCICI) London, UK.Moses is the Godson of Mr Late Narendra Mehta, a world famous Guru of HeadMassage in the West. Both are trained by him and have worked with him very closelyfor over 10 years.Dr Sangeeta and Moses also partners together in developing training modalities.This unique therapy is based on the knowledge of over ten years of experience andresearch, by Dr. Sangeeta and Moses who have wonderfully incorporated the elementsof ancient wisdom of Ayurveda and other form of therapies practiced, to suit thismodern style of living. This is a simple, yet incredibly effective therapy whenperformed.About AyuHerba Integrated Head MassageTMThe head contains many marmas, these are subtle energy points describe in Ayurveda.There are total 107 mamars points in the body. These points were mentioned in detailscenturies ago in the SUSHRATA SAMHITA, a Classique Ayurvedic text, measuringmamars points to the 7 Chakras or energy centres of the body. Hence it is a veryimportant part of the anatomy in Ayurvedic practice.It’s also known as Shiro-abhyangam. A wonderful Ayurvedic treatment for clientssuffering from, frozen shoulder, neck aches, headaches, eye strain, insomnia, hairdisorder problems, and many other stress and anxiety related issues.This relaxing Head massage starts by treating head and neck marmas (Ayurvedicpressure points), neck, shoulders, arms, head, followed by gentle ear and face massage.Massage to these areas improves vision, both on a physical and intuitive level, restoringbalance and harmony while also enhancing the immune system.Duration: 1 day course ( AyuHerba Integrated Head MassageTM )Offering clients new massage experiences can be time-consuming in terms of trainingand accreditation. Now, thanks to this perfect and cost-effective training program todevelop your new skills via Ayu Herba Pte Ltd, Singapore; you can give your clients adeeper experience of rejuvenation through AyuHerba Integrated Head MassageTM.
  2. 2. This Course is accredited by the Complementary Medical Association of the UK(CMA) and qualifies for 7 CPD points (Continuing Professional Development).This Couse is affiliated with SOHA Institute Pte Ltd, Singapore.Students are also being given the Holistic Beauty Hub Pte Ltd (HBH) InternationalMembership with Professional Insurance coverage of S$50K.Learning these easy yet incredibly effective techniques will earn you continuingprofessional development points. The course duration is tailor-made for the busyroutines of spa therapists and massage professionals who want to upgrade theirrepertoire of skills in an ever-expanding and competitive wellness marketThis innovative training course will surely become the most popular therapy forpractitioners in the Hair Salon & Hair Therapy Centres, Trichology’s and Health &Wellness Centres & Spas. This course is also an opportunity for Entrepreneurs whohave interest in the Health, Wellness & Beauty industry and want to start a business inthis field.There will also be a Train-the-Trainer 2 days Course for Professional Therapist.More information please contact:-Dr Sangeeta BiswasFounder & Managing DirectorAYU HERBA PTE LTDTel: +65 9375 4146www.AyuHerba.Infowww.AyuHerba.Ads4mall.com