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FI CO interview questions

  1. 1. Organisational Units 1. A company has implemented CO and FI. What situations will trigger an FI posting from CO, if New GL is used? (3) a. Transfer of costs from one functional area to another. b. Transfer of costs from cost centre of one company code to another. c. Transfer of costs between two segments of the same company code. d. Transfer of costs from one controlling area to another. 2. A company has cross company code controlling. It acquires a new company that requires reporting according to local legal regulations. What the company do? (1) a. Create a country chart of account and assign to company code b. Create a Country chart of accounts and assign to operational chart of accounts. 3. For cross company code controlling, the company codes must satisfy the following. (2) a. They must use the same operational chart of accounts. b. They must use the fiscal variants having the number of posting periods with the start and end date of each period being the same. c. They must use the same country chart of accounts. d. They should not use the same operational chart of accounts. New General Ledger accounting 4. If a company wants the profit centre to be updated in its ledgers which of these Scenarios should be assigned? (1) a. Cost Center update b. Profit Center update c. Business Area update d. Profit Center update and Segment update Fiscal Year 5. A fiscal year variant contains (1) a. A maximum of 4 special periods b. The start date of the periods c. If a period is open or closed. GL Account Master data 6. To use a GL account for a company code, you have to define (1) Page 1 of 8
  2. 2. a. The Chart of account segment data b. Company code segment data 7. You transfer the balances from which type of account to a Retained Earnings account. (1) a. Balance Sheet account b. Profit and loss account 8. Mention the order of priority for Field status? (1) a. Display, Required Entry, Optional, Hide b. Hide, Display, Required Entry, Optional c. Optional, Hide, Display, Required Entry 9. You enter the Account type for reconciliation accounts in (1) a. The chart of account segment b. The company code segment 10. If a GL account’s currency is local currency can you post the account in foreign currency? (Yes or No) Profit centre and Segment 11. If you want to report based on segments what do you do (1) a. Implement New GL in your company b. Assign Segments to Profit centre c. All of the above 12. Segmentation has been introduced to SAP since (1) a. SAP ECC 5.0 b. SAP R/3 Customer / Vendor accounts 13. To post to a customer account you have to (1) a. Create General data and Company code data b. Create General data , Co code and Sales area segment data. 14. To prevent duplication of vendors you use (1) a. Match codes b. Vendor automatic duplication check c. Master duplication check Page 2 of 8
  3. 3. 15. For your business partners, when orders are placed locally and invoices are paid centrally, how is this reflected in SAP (1) a. Head office and Branch accounts b. Alternative Payer/Payee c. Sub company codes 16. A vendor account number is created at the (1) a. Client level b. Company code level Document structure 17. A posting to a GL account was disallowed with the message posting to account type S not possible. What are the factors that determine this? (2) a. Posting key b. Document type c. Field status Posting Periods 18. When are periods open for all account types (1) a. when there is a + in posting period variant b. when there is a * in posting period variant 19. The posting period variant is assigned to (1) a. Fiscal year variant b. Company code Document splitting 20.For document splitting to happen (1) a. A transaction variant is selected b. A splitting rule is defined Document Reversal 21.A wrong amount is posted in a document. What can you do to correct this. (2) a. Post negative reversal b. Post normal reversal c. Change the amount d. Delete the document Taxes 22.What types of taxes are possible (2) a. Country Level b. Jurisdiction Level c. District Level Page 3 of 8
  4. 4. Cross company code Transactions 23.What are the various types of Cross co code transactions (2) a. Central procurement b. Central payment c. Central taxes 24.In central procurement, a vendor invoice is posted to company A for procurements for Company A and B. Which of these are true? (1) a. Taxes is posted to company A b. Tax is posted to Companies A and B in the proportion of procurement c. No tax is posted d. Tax has to be calculated manually Tolerance groups 25.If the payment difference is outside of tolerances you can (2) a. Post the payment as a partial payment b. Post the payment to another account with reason codes and account determination c. Add the difference to cash discount automatically Cash Journal 26.With cash journal you can post to (2) a. Asset accounts b. Customer accounts c. Vendor Accounts Debit balance check 27. When is debit balance check conducted (1) a. Before the payment proposal b. After the payment proposal Dunning 28. For each dunning procedure, to maintain dunning levels you define (3) a. Maximum number of days to reach a dunning level b. Dunning charges depending on the dunning level c. If interest is to be calculated d. Grace days for each dunning level Payment terms 29. A credit memo not related to an invoice is posted without entering V in the invoice reference. Which of these are true? (1) Page 4 of 8
  5. 5. a. The terms of payment in the credit memo are valid b. The terms of payment in the credit memo are invalid c. You cannot use that credit memo for the business partner Lock box 30. The bank details of customers (1) a. Have to be input manually b. Can be updated by a batch input session Automatic Payments 31. In Automatic Payments: (4) a. Sending Co Code and Paying Co Code can be the same b. The company codes from which you make the payments need not be in same country c. You can make the payments sorted by Business Area d. Checks can be printed e. Can make payments to Customers Drilldown reporting 32. What would you find in drilldown reporting (1) a. Characteristics, Characteristic values and key figures b. Key figures alone c. Report Painter Foreign Currency valuation 33. What would you do for valuation of foreign currency (2) a. Define valuation method and valuation area b. Enter the valuation area in foreign currency valuation program c. Enter the valuation method in foreign currency valuation program Value Adjustments 34. Flat Rate individual value adjustment refers to (2) a. Making a General Ledger document for value adjustments manually b. Making automatic adjustment entries by fixing a percentage on doubtfull receivables c. Value adjustment key must assigned to customer/vendor Regrouping 35. Regrouping (2) a. It groups payables in balance sheet according their remaining lives b. Adjustment postings to changed reconciliation accounts are made c. No documents are created Page 5 of 8
  6. 6. Accrual Engine 36. Accrual Engine supports (3) a. Parallel accounting b. Creation of your own application component and plugged into SAP c. Simulations d. Automatic Periodic Postings 37. The purpose of account determination in accruals are (1) a. Determine document type, debit account, credit account. b. Determine debit account, credit account and amount. Closing cockpit 38. Some of the task types are (4) a. Notes b. Programs with or without variant c. Flow definition d. Online Transaction e. Account types Asset Accounting 39. The cost accounting objects you can assign to an asset are (2) a. Cost centre b. Internal order (real or statistical) c. GL Account 40.Depreciation area controls (1) a. Number ranges of asset b. Different valuations for an asset 41. Depreciation is affected by (2) a. Change in Useful life of asset b. Asset number c. Depreciation key 42. The steps in Asset acquisition with MM integration (2) a. PRPOGRNInvoice b. POGRNInvoice c. InvoiceGRN 43. The fiscal year change program (1) a. This can be started only in the last period of the current year. b. Has to be done only after the previous fiscal year is closed. Page 6 of 8
  7. 7. SAP list viewer 44. Some of the functions of list viewer are (3) a.creation of totals b. report -report interface c.creation of sub-totals d. sorting and filtering Special GL transactions 45. The three types of handling special GL entries are (3) a. Noted Items b. Accruals and Deferrals c. Automatic Offsetting entry d. Free Offsetting entry e. Manual Offsetting entry Parking Documents 46. Parking documents features (2) a.User defined document control b. Principle of dual control c.Workflow Validation and Substitution 47. A company has decided to change a cost centre and would like to substitute the new cost centre if the old one is entered wrongly. What can they do? (1) a. Define a substitution with the entry of wrong cost number as prerequisite and define a replacement with the new cost centre b. Define a validation c. Delete the document and reenter Field Status in Document 48. The field “Assignment” in your GL document can be made mandatory when you post to a GL Account by: (2) a. setting Required in Posting Key and Optional in Field Status group for that account b. setting Optional in Posting Key and Required in Field Status group for that account c. setting Required in Posting Key and Suppress in Field Status group for that account d. setting Required in GL Account Master and Required in Posting Key Dunning 49. For a customer to be considered for Dunning: (1) Page 7 of 8
  8. 8. a. you assign the dunning procedure to company code of customer b. you assign the dunning procedure to the customer in company code segment of customer master c. you assign the dunning procedure to the customer in general data of customer master d. the customer has to be a vendor Correspondence 50. For a customer: (2) a. you define the correspondence types and assign to the master record b. you can print the correspondences during document entry, document display and periodically c. Balance confirmation can be an example for periodic correspondence --- end --- Page 8 of 8