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English Press Articles about Swissvoice

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  31. 31. In touch appcessory ePure Bluetooth Station Keep your smartphone screen free during calls ePure Bluetooth Station epure.swissvoice.net £99.99/$149.99 HD Sound The handset’s double two-Watt speaker setup offers HD quality sound so your phone calls are clearer and richer. This high-quality sound is ideal for when you’re streaming music or video on your device and need a wireless speaker. Connect wirelessly The LED control keys will flash white and blue when connecting to your device, and a steady blue once the connection is made. The Bluetooth Station will operate up to 20m in line of sight away from your smartphone. Charge your phone Once charged, the ePure Bluetooth Station offers six hours of talk time, three-and-a-half hours of music listening and incredibly, will last for 500 hours on standby if unused. The BH01i model for iOS devices also has a retractable iPhone charger. W e all know the situation; in the middle route your calls. However, the Bluetooth Station your smartphone, so you can leave your phone of a conversation the caller asks you is not designed for on-the-go use, rather it on charge and receive all your calls off of the for information that is saved on your provides you with a surrogate telephone freeing ePure device. You use voice-activated dialing to smartphone, be it an important date up your smartphone screen so you can get at the make outgoing calls, and the same technology on your calendar or a mutual friend’s telephone information you need. allows you to command Siri to send texts and set number. You then have to make that awkward Fortunately, ePure offers two models so reminders remotely. manoeuvre known as the speakerphone shuffle. both Apple and Android devices (the BH01i and If you tilt the handset horizontally for the Step one – you have to apologise to the person BH01u respectively) are catered for. Resembling best sound, the ePure Bluetooth Station can your speaking to and interrupt your call. Two a landline phone, the Bluetooth Station comes also be used as a wireless speaker for video – fiddle with your smartphone to switch to with a cordless handset about twice the size of conferencing, playing music, watching movies speakerphone. Three – test the caller can still an iPhone 4, and a base that connects to your or gaming with your smartphone or tablet. With hear you; four, look up the necessary details, computer via mini USB for charging. The device play, pause and shuffle buttons built into the and five – Switch off speakerphone mode will operate up to 20m in line of sight away from handset, you can take full control of your music. and resume your conversation normally. It is a frustrating and long-winded process, but thanks to the Swissvoice ePure Bluetooth Station, it “use voice-activated dialing to make outgoing doesn’t have to be that way. Like the hands-free headsets businesspeople calls, and the same technology allows you to and motorists use, the ePure device connects to your phone using Bluetooth to wirelessly re- command Siri to send texts and set reminders” 05 apps to use with your ePure Bluetooth Station Skype Netflix Rdio Dragon Dictation JAZZ: Trump’s Journey Improve the sound Enjoy streaming Listen to 18 million An alternative to Listen to the jazzy quality of your video TV and movies in songs with this app Siri, write SMS and soundtrack based chats with ePure. HD sound. and ePure. emails, update on Louis Armstrong. l iPhone | iOS 4.3 l iPad+ | iOS 5.0 l iPhone+ | iOS 4.3 your Facebook status, set l iPhone+ | iOS 3.0 | Free | v4.1.2 | Free | v2.4.2 | Free | v1.4.2 reminders, and more. | £1.99/$2.99 | v1.3.2 l Android | OS 2.1 l Android | OS 2.2 l Android | OS 2.1 l iPhone+ | iOS 4.0 l Android | OS 2.2 | Free | | Free | v2.1.0 | Free | 2.2.11 | Free | v2.0.25 | Free | v1.0.2 www.knowyourapps.com 15015_Apps028-Appcessory.indd 15 12/12/2012 16:08
  32. 32. http://www.afr.com/f/free/technology/digitallife/digital_life_gift_guide_for_women_LT6x0JjGRphwXQPywP5REN