Treating Acid Reflux


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Did you know that the most common method for treating acid reflux is the use of antacids. But here's the kicker: they just might make your disease WORSE! There are ingredients in your kitchen right now that might be more effective, safer - and cheaper.

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Treating Acid Reflux

  1. 1. Wisely Treating Acid RefluxOne of the hardest parts about havingacid reflux is that the acid refluxsymptoms often act like the symptomsof other diseases, disorders andillnesses. This makes it hard for thepoor suffering gut-owner to figure outwhat in the hell is wrong! So whentheir doctor pronounces his verdictthey are surprised to learn they areactually suffering from GERD(gastroesophageal reflux disease)instead of something else. Usually thisis a relief because imaginations can runwild and we humans often think up theworst possible explanation ... likestomach cancer.If you already know the symptoms of acid reflux you can relieve yourmind even sooner because although GERD is a miserable time, it israrely fatal. Look for these symptoms when trying to determine if youhave acid reflux. Symptoms Of Acid Reflux/GERD1. A burning feeling in your chest: its easier to identifyheartburn as a major symptom of acid reflux than other possiblediscomforts. You will know this symptom by the burning feeling inyour midsection or chest. While heartburn isnt actually your heartburning (big relief!), it can sometimes feel as if something terrible isgoing on in your heart or the muscles around it. If you feel like yourmidsection is in Big Trouble, its most likely acid reflux.2. Dyspepsia, which refers to pain or discomfort of the stomach, is atypical acid reflux symptom. When you experience this symptom itsquite similar to feeling gas in your stomach or how you feel whenyouve overeaten and your stomach is distended. This discomfort iscaused by the stomachs efforts to cope with all the acid thats
  2. 2. building up. This is a symptom that can be either caused by, or madeworse by, stress, so its a good idea to learn how to relax and let go.3. A very recognizable symptom of acid reflux is the feeling that thereis acid in your throat. Its a burning misery and is extremelyuncomfortable. The acid in your stomach can rise up into theesophagus and even cause permanent burn scars.The symptoms of acid reflux are located in the abdomen and chest,areas that many other diseases also target, so its easy to get adiagnosis thats incorrect. Folks who educate themselves aboutthis illness can learn how to recognize the symptoms and bring themto the attention of their physicians.The treatment for GERD depends on the severity but mild antacidscan be effective for some cases. In general, though, antacidsarent a great solution because they destroy acid and the stomachNEEDS acid to function properly. So, even though theyre commonlyprescribed they are not the best solution.A GERD diet, on the other hand, is totally safe and often providesdramatic relief. Traditional medicine uses hazardous drugs as acidreflux remedies but this isnt a wise move because of the potentialside effects. Always try changing your diet first - if it doesnt work youcan then try more drastic measures.