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Corporate responsibility – getting it right

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tomasz maj

  1. 1. Talisman EnergyCorporate responsibility – getting it right Brussels, January 2013
  2. 2. Outline• Overview of Talisman’s business portfolio• Context of our Canadian operations• Shale Operating Principles• Corporate Responsibility at Talisman – Good Neighbour Program – Local Economic Engagement Strategy (LEES)• Case Studies from the Montney Shale Play, BC – Aboriginal Engagement – Farrell Creek Water Pipeline Project• Community relations in PolandNYSE : TLM | TSX : TLM 2
  3. 3. Talisman Energy – Focus and unlock value North Sea Producing areas Sinopec deal helps North America stabilize baseResource plays provide Exploration areas long-term growth European shale Kurdistan Colombia building new core area – acquisition, development, and exploration Southeast Asia Growing free cash flow, long-term exploration potentialNYSE : TLM | TSX : TLM 3
  4. 4. North American Portfolio • A total of 840,000 shale acres in development or early piloting ― Eagle Ford - one of the best returning plays in North America ― Duvernay - testing for liquids ― Montney – major resource with future options ― Marcellus – significant contribution to production ― Edson – 700,000 acres, emerging liquids opportunities Remaining well locations* Remaining well locations* Acres Acres (approx.) (approx.) Eagle Ford 780 80,000 Liquids-rich Duvernay Currently piloting 350,000 Liquids-rich Montney Dry gas/liquids- 5,700 200,000 rich Marcellus TLM land 1,700 200,000 Dry gas Area of operation Edson 1,900 700,000 *As of December 31, 2011NYSE : TLM | TSX : TLM 4
  5. 5. Talisman’s Shale Operating PrinciplesResponsible Operations• Committed to our Global Community Relations Policy to minimize impacts on the environment and communities• Proactively engage stakeholders when planning and conducting our activities• Endeavour to be the operator of choice, and hold our contractors accountable to our Standards and PrinciplesMutual Benefit• Committed to delivering economic and development opportunities through our Local Economic Engagement Strategy• Promote the development of communities by sharing economic benefitsTransparency and Collaboration• Work with stakeholders in an open and transparent manner• Conduct our business to the highest ethical standard in accordance with our Policy on Business Conduct and Ethics NYSE : TLM | TSX : TLM 5
  6. 6. Corporate Responsibility at Talisman Energy GLOBAL COMMUNITY RELATIONS POLICY POLICY ON BUSINESS CONDUCT AND ETHICS CORPORATE PRINCIPLES Engage with stakeholders; Provide local benefits; Respect human rights; Conduct business ethically; Operate transparently Standards, Guidelines, Programs ( e.g. Aboriginal Relations Guidelines in Canada) Canada-specific protocols, local execution and practices Local Good Economic Neighbour Engagement Community Stakeholder Program Strategy Investment consultations (GNP) (LEES) NYSE : TLM | TSX : TLM 6
  7. 7. Talisman’s Good Neighbour Program• The Good Neighbour (GNP) Program adds consistency, process and a practical approach to managing our risk across our North American Operations.• The GNP addresses the need to proactively address and mitigate these impacts to reduce stakeholder risk, and maintain our social and regulatory licence to operate.• The GNP has been implemented across Talisman’s North American Operations (Canada and US) and in Poland.• The GNP is a field based initiative. NYSE : TLM | TSX : TLM 7
  8. 8. Good Neighbour Program – Key Points• Key Commitments: – Roads – Speed, traffic, school bus schedules – Dust- Dust control for roads in close proximity to residences – Noise - No Retarder/Jake brakes within town limits – Weeds - Assess existing weeds, undertake weed control – Lease Maintenance - Controlling litter on lease sites, roadsNYSE : TLM | TSX : TLM 8
  9. 9. Developing Communities Through Sharing BenefitsThe Local Economic Engagement Strategy iskey to Talisman’s operations and is a tangibledemonstration of our commitment to localcommunities impacted by our activities: 1. Investing in local economies; 2. Proactively engaging local contractors in our operations; 3. Training to increase capacity of local communities; 4. Local KPIs - set targets, and measure, track and report these results to our stakeholders. In 2011, Talisman spent $ 1.5 billion with local vendors across Canada. NYSE : TLM | TSX : TLM 9
  10. 10. Case Study: Aboriginal Engagement in Canada• Aboriginal and treaty rights are recognized and affirmed by the Canadian Constitution• Talisman’s approach to Aboriginal engagement is based on the principles described in our Aboriginal Relations Guidelines• Talisman works with Aboriginal and indigenous communities in an honest and respectful manner to build strong relationships• Our work with Aboriginal communities focuses on: – Consultation and community engagement; – Economic engagement and capacity building – e.g. Talisman entered into a business arrangement with Black Diamond Cygnus, an equity-based partnership involving West Moberly First Nation to supply services in Montney. NYSE : TLM | TSX : TLM 10
  11. 11. Case Study: Farrell Creek Water Pipeline Consultation Process• A key component of our long-term water sourcing strategy in our Farrell Creek Operations (Montney Shale Play) of BC is the water pipeline from Williston Reservoir to our Farrell Creek operations• The water pipeline allows Talisman to reliably and sustainably source water without utilizing shallow water wells and shallower surface sources. This in turn significantly reduces water truck traffic through Hudson’s Hope• Talisman received a permanent water license for Williston Reservoir in July 2011 and completed the construction of a permanent water intake structure and pipeline later that year• Talisman received all necessary approvals from the appropriate regulating bodies, including the BC Oil and Gas Commission (OGC) and the BC Ministry of Environment and the Ministry of Forests, Lands and Natural Recourse Operations• Project received letters of support from the District of Hudson’s Hope and a First Nations Community. NYSE : TLM | TSX : TLM 11
  12. 12. Case Study: Farrell Creek Water Pipeline Consultation Process, cont. Key pipeline stakeholders: • Aboriginal groups • Landowners • Other industries • Non-indigenous communities • Various levels of government • Regulators Map of Farrell Creek Development, Montney Shale Play, British Columbia, Canada NYSE : TLM | TSX : TLM 12
  13. 13. Community engagement in Poland• A key success factor for Talisman in Poland has been the implementation of a community relations programme, based on our Canadian experiences, well in advance of the start of operations NYSE : TLM | TSX : TLM 13
  14. 14. Community engagement in Poland, cont.NYSE : TLM | TSX : TLM 14
  15. 15. Community engagement in Poland, cont.NYSE : TLM | TSX : TLM 15
  16. 16. Thank youPrivileged & Confidential NYSE : TLM | TSX : TLM 16