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Newsletter example one

  1. 1. January 14, 2013In This Issue Dear Christy,Blind Spots I can tell Im getting older because I like normal life better than the rollicking Holidays. In my case, this means fewer pies and cookies, less drama, and more serenity. I may be an Extrovert (I get energy from being with people, vs. introverts who get energy from being alone), but I need some alone time to regroup, reflect and recharge. Heres cool factoid: Did you know the Introvert-Extrovert split in the US is almost fifty- fifty? I found this out last month, when I became certified to administer and interpret the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator. I also had a number of ah-ha moments that you can read about below the three new programs Im rolling out this month: Authentic Marketing for Introverts: The next group starts next week. You can read about it here or email me. (By the way, Introverts get energy by being alone).
  2. 2. Dont Do It Yourself Marketing Program: In this new pilot, busy executives finally get the monkey off their back. Youll work one-on-one with me to create a turnkey marketing program thats congruent with who you are. Read more or email me for additional information. Business Plan Refresh: Time to update your business plan for 2013. This is a special offer of only $495, for clients who have a worked with me previously on their business plans. Email me for more information. Happy New Year! Love, Christy Strauch Tel: (602) 561-8499Blind Spots Installed at the FactoryIn December, I was certified to administer and interpret the Myers-BriggsType Indicator.In addition to learning:  The Myers-Briggs is not a test (because there are no right or wrong answers)  Your type is all about preferences. These means saying "Im a big Extrovert" isnt quite right; the way youre supposed to talk about it is to say "I have a preference for Extroversion," because "being a big Extrovert" reduces me to being a stereotype (The instructor was adamant about this)  A disproportionate number of business leaders have T (Thinking) and J (Judging) in their preferences...
  3. 3. I also got, at a gut level,thatevery type has strengthsand blind spots. Being betteracquainted with my blind spotsthan my strengths, I spent thefirst two days of the class (andmany years before that),wishing I was another type.This is delusional. So if yourespending any time pining to besomeone else, stop it rightnow! There is no way to fullyescape your blind spots by trading your personality in for a new model. Allof the types have blind spots. Theyre installed at the factory.What you can do is be aware of them, and notice where they might begetting in your way.Common Blind SpotsHere are two blind spots that you may already notice depending on whetheryoure an Extrovert (get energy from being with people) or an Introvert(recharge yourself with alone time).Extroverts: Baby, we can network! Most of us can talk to people we dontknow with ease. We like meeting new people. Our blind spot is not evertalking to them again after weve met them. Do you have a pile of businesscards in your desk drawer that you need to get into your contact system?Or link to on LinkedIn? I thought so. This is one of your blind spots:meeting and connecting with people, and not following up.Introverts: Networking isnt typically a good fit for you. Dont worry aboutit. There are scores of other ways to market. What you might be doing isignoring people who call or email you to inquire about working with you,because theyre interrupting your long focus time. You might view potentialnew clients who call at the wrong time as...annoying. This is your blindspot. Figure out when your energy is up during the day and return calls andemails then. Dont let them languish.Have you noticed these blind spots or others in yourself? What have youdone to mitigate them? Id love to hear. And have you stopped wishing youwere someone else yet? Comment here.
  4. 4. Calling All Small Business Warriors Do you love your work but resist doing the business side of it? Is your income suffering because you cant or wont write a business or marketing plan? Face resistance, overcome your fears, master--and even come to love- -the practical aspects of doing your lifes work--and prospering. Contact me about the Journey of the Small Business Warrior and individual coaching at (602) 561-8499 or Forward emailThis email was sent to by |Update Profile/Email Address | Instant removal with SafeUnsubscribe™ | Privacy Policy.Clarity to Business | 3370 N Hayden Road, #123 | PMB 627 | Scottsdale | AZ | 85251