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Christina Hendricks Photos

  1. 1. Christina Hendricks Christina Rene Hendricks was born as Christina Elise McCarthy in Tennessee on 3 May 1978. Her mother was a psychologist, and her father worked for the United States Forest Service. Because of her father’s profession, the family didn’t stay in Knoxville for very long, At the young age of three, her family moved to Idaho, where she spent many of her formative years. Christina didn’t mind all thetransitions her family had to endure due to her father’s line of work, and for the most part took them in stride.
  2. 2. As a youngster, Christina enjoyed the game Dungeons and Dragons with her sibling, Aaron. The game suited her personality and gave her and her brother many good memories.Known for her red hair, Christina is actually a natural blonde. However, at the young age of 10, she took to coloring herhair red after reading the book Anne of Green Gables. She’s kept that color for most of her years and has no plan of converting back to blonde in the near future.
  3. 3. Hendricks began acting early, landing roles in youth productions. At 13, she and her family trekked to Fairfax, Virginia, where she took on a Goth persona and becameostracized by her peers. However, she found solace in herhigh school’s drama program and also became a model at the age of 18. Her career took her all around the globe to places such as New York and London.
  4. 4. Christina appeared many times on programs such series as Beggars and Choosers and The Big Time. She also had roles in Firefly, Without a Trace, and many other productions. Probably her most famous role is that of Joan Holloway in the AMC hit series Mad Men. This is a show that focuses on an ad company during the early part of the1960s. It’s known for its authentic detail to the era, including fashion. Started in 2007, the series is still doing well to this day (2012).
  5. 5. Claiming to be nothing like the character she plays in Mad Men, she still loves reading the scripts and acting in the series. “It’s fun to play a woman whos so sure of herself,who walks around with incredible posture and her chin up.” Mary McNamara of the Los Angeles Times has credited Christina with starting the new modern ideal of Hollywood glamour, hearkening back to the days of Marilyn Monroe.Hopefully, the time of painfully skinny women are long gone. At least we can hope so.
  6. 6. Christina was wed to fellow actor Geoffrey Arend on 11 October 2009. The wedding took place in New York City. She was also featured as a Barbie doll the subsequent year, although the doll is simply called a red-haired office manager. When Christina was modeling in Italy, she felt the mostbeautiful. She would take her clothes off in front a mirror andsay to herself that she looked like a woman. She never tried to lose any weight because she thought the weight lookedgood on her. Many of her fans would agree. However, she is starting to work out in the recent years. During her time off, Christina likes to knit and cook. She also likes wine tasting events.
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