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  1. 1. Rich and Skinny JeansJeans clothing has stood the taste of time to prove that it is a fashion and it will never fadeaway. We have seen trendy wear come up fast and disappear as fast as they appeared on thefashion scene. Jeans in women has been the in thing casual wear to women of all ages. Themost trending now is the skinny jeans. If you want to show off your well trimmed bellyand hips, then skinny jeans are what you should wear on your lean body. Not only would itbring out your curves and figure, but it is the most comfortable casual wear to be in on aweekend. It is also the best wear when you are going out with friends for a gig.There are different designs that would defiantly suit your preference whenever you areshopping for casual wear that takes into consideration your need to feel good and show off.The constant feature in all the Rich and Skinny Jeans is they are closing fitting on yourhips and comfortable around the waist. The designs include pencil leggings which tend toclose at the ankles. This the opposite of those that have are flared. There are also whichthat have torn knee as a fashion signature. They also have beautifully embroiled decorationat the back pocket.They also come in different color. Common colors are blue, black, red and white skinnyjeans pants. Quality is the word that sums up the skinny jeans pants. They don’t loose colorwhen washed and they also retain smooth texture. For them to maintain the good quality
  2. 2. Rich and Skinny Jeansthey are bought with, make sure you follow laundry specifications. The skinny jeans alsocome in different sizes. Even those with a smaller waist have been catered for. When youare shopping online make sure that you have your thigh and waist measurement right toavoid shopping for either too tight or loose skinny jeans.We also have skinny jeans hot pants. This also takes different designs with those that havefrills seams to those with sewn trims. The type of skinny jeans you wear should match withmatching shoes. They are also worn with matching skinny tops to complete the glamorouslook. You have no reason not to look at your best when relaxing at home with skinny jeansvarious designs waiting to be worn by you.If you can’t find them in a clothe store near you or the prices is high then you can shop forthem at your own convenience online. This is where you can find this beautiful wear onlinewhere you shop for less and a variety to pick several. You also have the freedom tocompare and contrast hundreds of the skinny jeans and making your picks. The best newsabout the skinny jeans is that their prices. They are very much affordable and whenever youfor them online, you get generous price cuts for them. You can also take advantage ofvarious online payment and claim ownership of this fancy causal where immediately.Buying the Right Rich and Skinny Jeansfor Your Body TypeEveryone regardless of age or size likes to look good and feel hot and sexy. One way to dothis is by getting the right type of rich and skinny jeans that suit your physique and bodytype. Skinny skins are some of the trendiest jeans currently on offer. They come in avariety of colors, sizes and designs for better choice. Here we look at how to buy the bestrich and skinny jeans to best flatter your body type.
  3. 3. Rich and Skinny JeansBlack skinny jeans are the most popular and these will make your torso look slimmer orsmaller. For this reason, black jeans will best suit those with heavier bottom and smallerbusts. Black is a neutral color and thus can be easily blended with tops of any designs andcolors. It is also easier to accessorize black. Black rich and skinny jeans will best suitpeople with lower heavy bodies.For those with heavier busts or heavier upper bodies, consider brightly colored skinnyjeans. Then accessorize the jeans with a duller colored top to center attention on the lowerbody. For the vertically challenged, accessorizing these jeans with high stilettos willfurther flatter the shape besides gaining some vertical advantage.For the short and curvy body shapes, consider getting rich and skinny jeans with somedetails especially on the back side. The detailed structure will draw some attention andmake the behind to look a little bigger than it may be. If you are short and very slim,consider accessioning your skinny jeans with high heels. The high heels will give youphysical advantage while the tightly fitting jeans will add some volume.For those with full thighs and hips, you may have realized that many jeans will be fittingyour thighs and hips while leaving gaps on your waistline. For this body type, look for thestretchy denim with waist bands to cater for your slim waist. If you have fuller hips, slimwaist and slim bust, consider accessioning your denim jeans with brightly colored wellfitting blouses and tops to give a fuller looking bust for proportionality. For those with
  4. 4. Rich and Skinny Jeansfuller thighs and slimmer hips and waist, consider denim jeans with some stretchy featuresto accommodate the volume of the thighs while fitting the hips and waist.Regardless of you body shape and your personality, there are several types of rich andskinny jeans that can suit your body type. The best rich and skinny jeans for you will bedetermined mainly by your body type and the part of your body you will want the jeans tohighlight and flatter.There are also rich and skinny jeans for men. When looking for hot pants for your man, it isalso important to consider the man’s body type. Your top priority here will be to getproperly fitting skinny legged skinny pants. The wash, design, style and durability are someof the most important things to take into consideration before buying any rich and skinnyjeans.