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THINK ( Q3- 2010 )


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THINK ( Q3- 2010 )

  1. 1. 2 0 1 0G L O B A L I S S U E S I N P E R S P E C T I V E 01
  2. 2. I S S U E 1 5 2 0 1 0G L O B A L I S S U E S I N P E R S P E C T I V E “VOLUNTEERING IS A NECESSARY PART OF CREATING A VIBRANT AND DYNAMIC CORPORATE ENVIRONMENT...YOU UNCOVER ASPECTS YOU HADN’T PREVIOUSLY BEEN ABLE TO SEE” KLAUS KLEINFELD, CEO, ALCOA 24 THE FRUITS OF IMAGINATION Introducing an internationally-acclaimed creative lm 50 THE FIGHT AGAINST BREAST CANCER Breast cancer is on the rise around the world, but new 64 FALL FOR COLOUR Where to spend and what to buy to stay on trend REGULARS OPINION project that challenges world hunger. technologies mean that the odds of surviving are greater than ever. this autumn. 13 SPECTRUM 32 SAMA CEO SPEAKS TO THINK THINK spans the globe for creative new ideas THINK talks exclusively to H.E. Dr Muhammed Sulaiman Al-Jasser, Governor of SAMA, on the topic of a unified GCC currency 26 THE POWER OF 10 54 THE BIGGER PICTURE 68 WANDERLUX 19 PICTURE PERFECT Saudi Arabia committed to become one of the top ten Growing understanding of cost-e ective but Travellers might have tightened their belts and stayed A look at the growing popularity of artistic photography along 36 THINK ROUNDTABLE with some of its brightest new talent most competitive destinations in the world by 2010. Goal environmentally sound practices is propelling industry in a home last year, but this year, they’re not skimping. The euro been operating since 2002 but the recession has reopened the debate on the workability common currencies achieved; what next? more sustainable and socially responsible direction. 83 FUTURE THINKING 74 PROJECT 60 Efficient living in future New York 39 FORWARD THINKING 44 PUTTING PEOPLE FIRST 60 ASSET MANAGEMENT rough “Project 60”, the newly established Economic 85 BOOKS The World Future Society’s Futurist of the Year, Theodore J Gordon, looks at factors that can alter the fate of the world Klaus Klein eld, CEO of aluminium company Alcoa, Despite serious concerns about the planet’s future, the Cities Authority will showcase the best in contemporary Everything you need to know on why it’s nice to be important, but it’s more important to World Wildlife Fund is optimistic about change, and more Saudi art, starting with the work of Ola Hijazi. 86 VISIONARY 40 WHAT DO YOU THINK? be nice. heavyweights are joining the cause. Dr Craig Venter Graduate and post-graduate students discuss the future of capitalism06 07
  3. 3. SAGIA EDITORIAL ADVISOR Fahd M Hamidaddin EDITORIAL LIAISON Aseel A Al-Zamil MOTIVATE PUBLISHING EDITOR-IN-CHIEF Obaid Humaid Al Tayer GROUP EDITOR + MANAGING PARTNER Ian Fairservice GROUP SENIOR EDITOR Gina Johnson GROUP EDITOR Catherine Belbin FEATURES EDITOR Dorothy Waldman CHIEF SUB EDITOR Iain Smith EDITORIAL ASSISTANT Belinda Igaya GENERAL MANAGER GROUP SALES Anthony Milne GENERAL MANAGER SPECIAL PROJECTS Ashish Limaye GENERAL MANAGER – PRODUCTION + CIRCULATION S Sasidharan PRODUCTION MANAGER C. Sudhakar DISTRIBUTION Nayeem Dakhway DESIGN Design Studio INTERNATIONAL CORRESPONDENTS Ashlee Beard, Steve Hill, Joanne Molina, Glenn Freeman, Lisa Vincenti, Laura Collacott SAUDI ARABIAN GENERAL INVESTMENT AUTHORITY (SAGIA) SAGIA HEADQUARTERS Imam Saud Bin Abdulaziz Road (University Road), PO Box 5927, Riyadh 11432, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, T +966 1 203 5555 F +966 1 263 2894 E SAGIA INTERNATIONAL OFFICES MIDDLE EAST & AFRICA Hatem A Al-Ahmad; E EUROPE Mai Al-Torki; E FRANCE Lucile Pons van der Slikke; E ITALY Mai Al-Torki; E GERMANY Dahlia T Rahaimy; E UNITED KINGDOM Sara Bouzo; E THE AMERICAS Ahmed Islam; E WASHINGTON DC Ahmed Islam; E EAST ASIA Noriko Sozuki; E WEST ASIA Meshari S. Al-Khaled; E MOTIVATE PUBLISHING HEAD OFFICE PO Box 2331, Dubai, United Arab Emirates T +971 4 282 4060 F +971 4 282 4436 E ABU DHABI E LONDON E: INTERNATIONAL MEDIA REPRESENTATIVES AUSTRALIA Okeeffe Media; E CHINA/HONG KONG Emphasis Media Limited; E CYPRUS Epistle Communications & Media; E FRANCE/SWITZERLAND Intermedia Europe Ltd; E GERMANY IMV International Media Service GmbH; E INDIA Media Star; E ITALY IMM Italia; E JAPAN Skynet Media Inc.; E TURKEY Media Ltd; E UNITED KINGDOM Spafax Inflight Media; E UNITED STATES Redwood Custom Communications Inc.; E PRINTING Emirates Printing Press, Dubai Motivate Publishing LLC, on behalf of Saudi Arabian General Investment Authority, publishes THINK quarterly. SAGIA and Motivate Publishing do not accept liability for errors or omissions contained in this publication for whatever reason, however caused. The opinions and views contained in this publication are not necessarily those of SAGIA or of the publishers. SAGIA and the publishers take no responsibility for the goods and services advertised. All materials are protected by All rights are reserved. No part of this publication may be reproduced in any material form whatsoever without the written permission of the copyright owner, except as may be permitted by applicable laws.
  4. 4. EDIT 2010WINNER’S CIRCLEIn this issue THINK focuses on the rewards of winning Such goal-setting approaches are also re ected within thethrough uni ed strategic and tactical approaches. cultural landscape, a rich tapestry that is unfolding further e joining of hands to form the worlds largest human across the region.ribbon to create awareness of breast cancer; the uniting of e environment is also inextricably tied to globalcountries to create a stronger single currency and economic survival and success, with the new Saudi Arabia leadingzones - each of these outcomes is achieved only through regional progress in enhancing the environmental agenda atgoal orientation, careful manoeuvring and evaluation. all levels, from individual through to corporate and political. In addition to planning, leadership qualities are Only through leveraging each of the above concepts,paramount in achieving success in all disciplines of life, combining thought and action, can we stand atop thewhether cultural, social, political or economic. winners podium and continue the perpetual drive for Fostering collective, critical thinking and encouraging success.debate at all levels is just as important. is createsknowledge and opinions that can be leveraged in achieving Catherine Belbin, Group Editorindividual and national goals. CORBIS A cancer cell 011
  5. 5. LEADING THE WAY WRITTEN BY LAURA COLLACOTT From the memoirs of Britain’s former Prime Minister to thestrong position of the Arab worldin the economic downturn, thereis plenty catching the eye across the globe 013
  6. 6. SPECTRUM JOBS IN CRISIS LIFE BLOOD THE International Monetary Fund (IMF) is SAUDI Arabia is to build the world’s largest warning that the United States and Europe face desalination plant having signed a deal with the worst job crisis since the 1930s. e labour Doosan Heavy Industries & Construction for market is in dire straits. “ e recession has le a US$1.46billion facility in Ras Az Zawr. It will behind a wasteland of unemployment,” says have a capacity of 228 MIGD (Million Imperial IMF chief Dominique Strauss-Kahn, stressing Gallons per Day), enough to supply 15,000 that joblessness could cause an explosion of people, and use the combined processes of unrest and destabilise democracies. Multi-Stage Flashing and Reverse Osmosis. According to a joint IMF-ILO (International Water is a heavily pressurised resource in Labour Organisation) report, 30 million jobs the region and demand grows as quickly as have been lost since the downturn; the majority desalination plants can be built. Kuwait was Money matters in richer economies, and 210 million people are the rst country to build a desalination facility A recent customer poll into the Best now without work. Compounding the problem, in the 1960s and today more than 50 per cent Domestic Cash Management Bank and its resolution, the experts anticipate that of all desalination occurs in the Middle East, voted the Saudi British Bank (SABB) as growth, when it rebounds, will be less labour with 24 per cent in Saudi Arabia. top in the field. The survey, conducted intensive and require fewer workers. Globally, In addition, the country has signed contracts by Euromoney, was based on feedback industry needs to create 45 millions jobs a year for the construction of a freshwater pumping from cash managers, treasurers and to just tread water. station to deliver water between Taif and Baha. financial officers worldwide who were e leaders of the ILO and IMF are calling e deal is worth US$283million and when asked to rate the services provided byMemoirs of a upon governments to commit to policies complete will supply 80,000 cubic metres of their lead cash management bank. It is that focus on job creation and e ective social desalinated water daily from the plants in the third year running that the bank hasPrime Minister dialogue, mitigating the threat of unrest. Shuaiba and Shaqeeq to four additional cities. walked away with the award.Since stepped down as Prime Minister “Tackling the jobs crisis is not only critical for “This award clearly demonstrates that ©UNESCO/ADAof Great Britain, Tony Blair has turnedhis hand to many things, including being a meaningful global economic recovery, but also for social cohesion and peace,” Strauss-Kahn RISING CONFIDENCE our approach to cash management is being well received in the Kingdom.Middle East Peace Envoy. He has now adds. CONFIDENCE in the Saudi Arabian domestic We are committed to delivering toppenned his book, A Journey, whichdescribes his life as a political leader. CULTURAL UNDERSTANDING market has improved, supporting recovery, according to a recent survey by Banque Saudi SAUDI HOSTS GLOBAL FORUM quality service and are focused on creating tailor-made solutions basedIn it, you can read first-hand about the Fransi. Business leaders are beginning to take LEADERS from international business and politics will gather in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia for the on our customers’ needs,” says Daviddifficult decisions it takes to run Britain UNESCO and Saudi Arabia have together “Saudi Arabia wanted to tackle all problems more investment risks for higher returns, while 2011 Global Competitiveness Forum (GCF), held from 22 to 25 January. Dew, managing director of SABB. “Thisdomestically and internationally; the launched the King Abdullah Programme, an through dialogue that deepens the common consumers are returning to the shops. Executives Entering its h year, the GCF is an annual meeting of top business executives, international technical strength, combined with ourhighs, the lows; the conflicts, the peace international initiative to promote a culture of values of nations and cultures,” says Prince are still proceeding warily, but more are prepared political leaders, selected intellectuals and academics who share an interest in global extensive foot print in the Kingdom andnegotiations; the reforms and the internal dialogue and peace. Faisal Abdullah, Education Minister. to take bullish moves. competitiveness. Paul Hawken, internationally acclaimed environmentalist, businessman and our global reach has positioned SABB asstruggles. Blair seeks to illuminate behind- To mark the occasion, representatives from He stressed the importance of nding e Eurozone debt crisis a ected sentiment author, is among the con rmed keynote speakers at this year’s event, which features a cast of one of the strongest cash managementthe-scenes political life, draw out lessons UNESCO and e Kingdom o cially opened a solution to the Palestinian problem and in the third quarter, but businesses have global leaders from business and politics. banks in Saudi Arabia.”on leadership in difficult, challenging a pertinent cultural exhibition that displays 23 of promoting world peace through the mitigated this by planning increased e program is designed to create a discussion platform for various international stakeholderstimes and project his opinions on the paintings by top artists from around the world, encouragement of peaceful coexistence production capacity and new sta hires. on a broad range of topics. Innovation is the theme of the 2011 GCF, with each annual forumshape of the new world order to come. Twenty Windows on the World. between faiths and cultures. Of course, a higher oil price also underpins cra ed around a central focus. Combating fraud con dence, as do perceptions of improved real Delegates from past events include Tony Blair, former British Prime Minister, James Dr Abdulaziz Al-Khwaiter of the FinanceCommunity estate prices and better share performance. Wolfensohn, 9th President of the World Bank and Michael Dell, Founder and CEO, Dell Inc. To learn more about the GCF, agenda or speakers you can visit Ministry spoke at the Consumer Protection from Fraud and Counterfeiting forumconscienceIn an effort to instil a sense of social EMERGING WEALTH INSURING SAUDI INFLATION DIPS to stress that commercial fraud and counterfeiting are issues that haveresponsibility among business peoplein Saudi Arabia, The Red Crescent is EMERGING markets are poised to be worth US$80trillion in two decades, more than ve THE Saudi insurance sector is ripe for mergers does not happen this year, it will happen next INFLATION in Saudi Arabia has eased from an 18-month peak of 6.1 per cent to 5.9 per cent. is HIGH ENERGY role at regional and international levels. “Every Arab country should comply with negatively affected consumers and the wider public. He says that the government,working to establish Friends of the Red times what they are worth today, according to and acquisitions, according to Ali Al-Subaihin, year or the year a er. e catalyst would be is the highest among the Gulf crude producers. THE Council of Ministers in Saudi Arabia reforms and agreed upon resolutions and show in conjunction with the private sector,Crescent committees at all chambers research by Goldman Sachs. CEO of Tawuniya. He said authorities are keen for the regulator to intervene and suggest that e governor of the Saudi Arabian Monetary has underlined its support for e orts to a high degree of credibility and seriousness has taken a collective stand to eradicateof commerce and industry across the China is set to become the world’s largest stock to develop the employment market for the some rms merge or for some rms to seek Agency (SAMA), Muhammad Al-Jasser, says ensure energy security. Chairing the Cabinet in implementing resolutions,” a Cabinet commercial fraud and counterfeiting.Kingdom. market, thanks to fast economic expansion and growing population and reduce dependency the regulator’s approval to merge,” says Ali Al- the rises are a result of increased global food meeting, King Abdullah spoke about statement said. The First Arab Forum for Consumer The policy aims to exchange ideas that a growing capital market. A report by the IMF on oil, having licensed 30 new insurance rms Subaihin, speaking at theReuters Middle East prices and believes monetary measures are recent communications to develop good e Cabinet urged the international Protection from Fraud and Counterfeitingwill help to promote humanitarian and anticipates that emerging economies will expand dealing largely in health and motor insurance, Investment Summit. powerless to curb rising in ation. working relations with the Syrian President community to extend all-out support to has brought in new recommendationsphilanthropic activities with the support 6.4 per cent in 2011, compared to just 2.4 per which is not currently compulsory. “ e sector is ripe for consolidation. It does Experts believe the in ationary pressures are Bashar Assad; Iranian President Mahmoud Pakistan to help the country recover from the for Saudi Customs to limit the supply ofof business people. Committees will be cent in developed countries. Few of these companies have been able not look like the regulator will license more di cult to manage in the short-term as they Ahmedinejad; and Egyptian President Hosni recent oods that killed hundreds of people fake products, which have so far beencharged with arranging appropriate Timothy Moe, the report’s author, estimates to gather the scale necessary to become insurance rms. For us, we will consider any are in uenced by global trends and only rental Mubarak. and rendered thousands more homeless. It also effective. They have cleared the country’sways of collecting donations, holding that institutional investors will buy US$4trillion pro table, leading analysts to believe that viable opportunity, the only problem is that we in ation can be pragmatically challenged ere are also calls in the Cabinet to agreed to sign MOUs with Lebanon, Vietnam name from the strict regular watch list,activities and hosting relevant in equities to raise their stake in emerging mergers and acquisitions will be required. have yet to nd the right opportunity.” with structural xes and the building of more strengthen the Arab League co-operation in and South Korea to improve youth welfare, particularly in relation to the protection ofprogrammes. markets from six per cent to 18 per cent. “Consolidation is bound to happen, if it housing units. order for the organisation to play an e ective agriculture and water respectively. intellectual property rights.014 015
  7. 7. SPECTRUM GENESIS DESIGN BY RADO SOFITEL LUXURY HITS KSA EASTERN PROVINCE THE So tel Al Khobar e Corniche, the latest luxury hotel to open in the popular Eastern Province of Saudi Arabia, has opened in Al Khobar, an important regional economicOPEC’s half- centre reputed for its luxurious malls, pedestrian streets, and numerous cafés andcentury restaurants.In September, OPEC, the organisation “Consistent with the So tel luxury brand’srepresenting the countries that claim three- image and positioning, we are con dent thatquarters of the world’s proven reserves, So tel Al Khobar e Corniche will be themarked its 50th anniversary. landmark property for the So tel brand in the The organisation played a key role Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and will complementin restoring the price of US$70-80 per our other properties of the region,” said Samibarrel – the range it feels is appropriate Nasser, So tel Vice President, Middle East,for consumers and producers – during Africa and Indian Ocean.the latest recession. Senior officials in Located on Saudi Arabia’s east coast, theLibya, however, have claimed that this elegant hotel looks out over the Arabian Gulffigure should rise to US$100 per barrel and o ers views over both the city and thebecause the rising cost of imports has sea. e hotel’s interiors were created by, WAeroded members’ income: wheat prices International, imbibed with the spirit of thehave risen by over 50 per cent as a Orient, whilst the powerful silhouette of theresult of the Russian drought, a market building dominates the coastline.that Libya buys heavily from. So tel Al Khobar e Corniche joins other Acting as the industry’s only regulator, So tel hotel properties due to open in Bahrain,OPEC has the power to influence price Egypt and Mauritius in 2011.and supply and is set to have a morecritical role going forward as worlddemand increases and supplies becomemore limited. Although non-OPECproduction is forecast to grow, overthe longer-term, forecasters believe thatOPEC’s market share will increase thanks TOURISM BUILDING TOWARDS SUCCESSto ongoing exploration. DRIVE SAUDI Arabia awarded US$6.5billion worth of IN order to tap into a niche market of construction contracts in the second quarter ofCancer research conservative tourism, the Saudi Commission 2010, almost double the value of contracts in theAstraZeneca and Cancer Research UK for Tourism and Antiquities is launching rst quarter and a trend likely to continue.have taken a new drug into clinical trial a programme called “Umra Plus”. is will Most spending has been in the sectors ofthat could revolutionise the treatment of encourage pilgrims to extend their stay in the energy and residential real estate, and the sectorcancer. Kingdom and visit previously inaccessible sites has been boosted by massive government AZD-3965 blocks cells’ ability to such as the ancient Nabatean city in Madaen spending on infrastructure as well as statedgenerate energy and therefore survive – Saleh and the remains of the famous railway government priorities that have spurred aAstraZeneca’s development department linking the Levant with the holy city of Mecca. US$344million in maintenance and operations number of mega-projects.are to see if this can be of benefit to In an e ort to enhance the quality of contracts to keep the country’s airports clean, e construction sector in the country iscancer treatment. At the end of the trial the tourism provision in the country, the landscaped and operational. forecast to grow by 6.4 per cent in 2010 and willthe pharmaceutical giant has the option commission has proposed that Saudis working All initiatives form part of an overall strategy contribute 10.4 per cent to GDP. Employment byto develop the drug further or surrender in the sector are sent abroad for familiarisation to increase tourism receipts and boost the construction companies accounts for a staggeringthe rights to Cancer Research Technology and training to improve service standards as sector’s contribution to non-oil GDP to 11 per 40.4 per cent of the workforce. It is growing at ato secure a different partner, maximising they disseminate their learning on their return. cent over the next two decades. It currently faster pace than the hydrocarbon sector, which isthe chance of the drug reaching patients. e government has handed out brings 6.5 per cent of the non-oil GDP. expected to grow by 4.4 per cent this year. r 5.5 AUTOMATIC / HIGH-TECH CERAMICS / WWW.RADO.COM016
  8. 8. ART+CULTURE PICTURE PERFECT AS THE INTEREST AND DEMAND FOR PHOTOGRAPHY CONTINUES TO INCREASE, THE VALUE OF VINTAGE AND CONTEMPORARY WORKS IS RISING. WRITTEN BY DOROTHY WALDMAN WORKS by Robert Frank, Richard shot by Irving Penn in 1957, embodies but actually went for US$86,500 while other art forms, photography requires Avedon, Irving Penn and Ansel the majestic essence of the Spanish Marilyn Minter’s Swarve from 2005, the artist to actually be in the presence Adams were among the most sought artist as well as the timeless elegance of sold at the middle of its estimated range of the subject, determining what is a er pieces at the recent auction of the renowned photographer. It sold for at US$31,250. to be photographed and what is to be outstanding photographs held on US$182,500, considerably more than A summer sale at Sotheby’s of excluded, how and what angle to frame October 8 by Phillips de Pury & the estimated US$80,000-US$120,000 Photographs from the Polaroid the photo at and exactly which moment Company in New York. predicted prior to the sale. His 1951 Collection exceeded the expectations for to grasp, all of which are highly Estimated to yield between photograph Chef made an impressive the entire sale a er just the rst night. subjective. US$100,000 and US$150,000, Robert showing, bringing US$134,500, four A new record was set for Adams with Photography has found an avidSotheby’s New Franks’ 1955 Trolley - New Orleans is times its predicted selling price of his iconic mural-sized prints, which new following in a generation that isYork undoubtedly one of the pillars of classic between US$30-40, 000. achieved the top ve prices of the rst intrigued by the fusing of science andPhotographs American photography and it sold Other photographic masterpieces night’s sales. Clearing Winter Storm, art to interpret reality by freezing time,from The for US$158,5000. Richard Avedon’s included in this unprecedented sale Yosemite National Park, from 1942 sold capturing an instant that can then bePolaroid Brigitte Bardot, Hair by Alexandre, Paris that included Robert Mapplethorpe’s for US$722,500, well above its high manipulated to expand the limits ofCollection Studio from 1959 is among his most Calla Lily from 1986 which went for estimate of US$500,000. creativity and the perception of reality. Ansel Adams celebrated and rare portraits and was US$74,500, a number of works by e high prices being paid for roughout the world, photographyCanyon de estimated to bring a sum in the same Ansel Adams, as well as the more recent photography are an indication of the and photography exhibitions areChelle National range as Trolley, but actually sold for Paradise 23 Sao Francisco de avier, resilience of the market, according increasing in importance andMonument, US$170,000. Brasil, omas Struth’s 2001 work that to Vanessa Kramer, director of popularity, as illustrated by the numberArizona Pablo Picasso a la Californie, Cannes, was estimated at US$60,000-80,000, photographs at Phillips de Pury. Unlike and range of exhibits on o er. 019
  9. 9. ART+CULTUREParcours de Travali Maison 01Europenne de la Photographie,ParisKarl Lagerfeld, the renowned France- HIGHESTbased German fashion designer, o erssome impressive surprises in his PRICESinnovative, experimental photographic PAID FORwork. If the exhibit merely featuredhis work in fashion, it would still be PHOTOGRAPHSworth seeing, but this proves to be somuch more than that with intriguing 1. 99 Cent II Diptychon (2001),portraits, landscapes and architecture. Andreas GurskyHis work ranges from silkscreen (Three prints of the same photograph)cityscapes to Lichtenstein-inspired Pop- US$3,346,456, February 2007;like pictures to a neon-encircled self- US$2,480,000, November 2006;portrait in his e Beauty of Violence US$2,250,000, May 2006series, which features Italian modelBaptiste Giabiconi. Until October 31. 2. The Pond-Moonlight (1904), Edward SteichenBrasilia, 1500 Gallery, New York US$2,928,000, February 2006Celebrating a half century of Brasilia, tonal values that were re ected in the largest exhibition of art from Islamicthe purpose planned and built development of the Vienna Secession. culture. e celebration will also include 3. Kremlin of Tobolsk (2009),capital in the centre of Brazil, the He is considered the master of the several exhibitions, lectures and cultural Dmitry Medvedev1500 Gallery in New York, which autochrome, a technique with rich, programmes, including installations US$1,750,000, January 2010specialises in Brazilian photography delicate colours. from the original 1910 exhibition (whichand photographers, is displaying From October 2 to January 23, 2011 featured more than 3,600 pieces and 4. Nude (1925), Edward Westonvintage photographs of the city. set new standards for the research and US$1,609,000, April 2008Curated by Murillo Meirells, the images Facing East, Davidson College, reception of art from Muslim countries)capture the planning, construction United States as well as contemporary art, design, 5. Georgia O’Keeffe Hands (1919),and inauguration of the capital city e works of three US-based artists photography, architecture and fashion, Alfred Stieglitzduring the late 1950s. e architectural, of Middle Eastern descent look at the with displays designed by innovative US$1,470,000, February 2006 gurative and photojournalistic images concepts of identity and “otherness’ Egyptian architect Samir el the Brasilia exhibition highlight the in a multimedia exhibition that Until January 9, 2011. 6. Georgia O’Keeffe Nude (1919),idealism of the socialist government examines traditional structures and the Alfred Stieglit,and its team of visionary urban contemporary visual culture. A Sense of Being, Saudi Pavilion at US$1,360,000, February 2006planners, architects and landscape From October 14 to December 8. Shanghai World Expo 2010designers, including Lucio Costa, Oscar More than 130 contemporary works of 7. Untitled (Cowboy) (1989),Niemeyer and Roberto Burle Marx. Changing Views: 100 years after art created by 23 Saudi contemporary Richard PrinceUntil November 27. the Exhibition Masterpieces of artists express a sense of being through US$1,248,000, November 2005 Muhammadan Art in Munich, Haus faith and respond to global and localHeinrich Kuhn, Musée de der Kunst, Munich issues. e exhibition, under the 8. Nautilus (1927), Edward Westonl’Orangerie, Jardin des Tuileries, e Future of Tradition – e Tradition auspices of the King Abdulaziz Center US$1,082,500, April 2010Paris of Future will mark the centennial of the for World Culture at Saudi Aramco,Pictorialism, an international includes photography, calligraphy, 9. Athènes Temple de Jupiter olympien prisphotographic movement around the poetry, paintings, sculptures, de l’est (1842),beginning of the 20th century that animations, videos, and installations. Joseph-Philibert Girault de Prangeywas closely linked to Alfred Stieglitz Until October 31. US$922,488, 2003and Edward Steichen, strove to createphotographic images that rivalled the Photography Through the Eyes of 10. The Great Wave Sete (1857),artistic merits of painting. Heinrich Saudi Arabian Women Gustave Le GrayKuhn, one of its central gures, A recently released book, Photography US$838,000, 1999 01 Newwas known for his experiments rough the Eyes of Saudi Arabian Installation ofwith printing techniques such as Women, by Saudi Arabian 11. Joueur d’Orgue (1898-1899), the Modern Artgum bichromate. Work like this is photographer Rania Abdel Razek, a Eugène Atget Galleriesincluded in the exhibition, as well photography teacher at Dar Al-Hekma US$686,500, 2010 Museumas his progression from Romantic College, features a collection of images Associates/Impressionism to a less detailed, by Saudi female photographers. It 12. Andy Warhol (1987), LACMAalmost abstract style that emphasised spawned an exhibition focusing on the Robert Mapplethorpe, 02 Redthe study of light, emphasising the 02 artists’ perspectives. US$643,200, 2006 OverLook, 2009020
  10. 10. ART+CULTURESHOOT LOCALLY, SHOW GLOBALLY JURY HRH Princess Reem Al Faisal CATEGORIES Photographer Born in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, she studied Individuals may submit in up to three of Arabic Literature at King Abdul Aziz the following categories. University in Jeddah and photography atSAUDI ARABIAN PHOTOGRAPHERS HAVE BEEN Speos School in Paris.INVITED TO PARTICIPATE IN A THINK PHOTOGRAPHIC Design & Architecture Buildings,COMPETITION BY SUBMITTING A RANGE OF sculpture or even architectural details Rachel Hotchkiss viewed from different angles and Creative director, Image SourcePHOTOGRAPHS THAT HIGHLIGHT THE DIVERSITY perspectives, perhaps contrasting the Rachel Hotchkiss leads the team responsibleOF THEIR COUNTRY. contemporary and historic, or focusing for the creation of both photographic imagesWRITTEN BY DOROTHY WALDMAN on the beauty of geometry or exquisite and motion clips and sets the creative “SAGIA BELIEVES THAT brickwork, offer talented artists rich and strategy. Her role is to conceptualise, ART IS A REFLECTION diverse possibilities to capture Saudi visualise, conceive and produce OF CREATIVITY AND Arabia in fresh, creative ways. contemporary creative products. INNOVATION. IT IS Michal J Steckiw MOST IMPORTANTLY A UNIVERSAL LANGUAGE, Identity Visually explore the questions, Jury panel moderator & consultant, A BRIDGE BETWEEN “Who am I?” “Where do I come from?” projects manager COUNTRIES, CULTURES and “Where do I belong?” to facilitate Michak Steckiw founded MJS Creative AND PEOPLE. THINK an understanding of the Saudi Arabian and works with the creative industry and MAGAZINE, AS A NEW culture in the international arena. international design bodies in Canada, VOICE OF SAUDI ARABIA United Kingdom and Poland. He also HEARD BY GLOBAL Development Underscoring the new is involved in Design Weeks in Qatar, BUSINESS AND THOUGHT competitive Saudi Arabia, this category Australia, Cuba, Italy and Spain and the LEADERS, IS PROUD focuses on advancements in such areas World Design Congress in Beijing. He is TO COMMUNICATE as education, healthcare, infrastructure, also a photographer. THE KINGDOM’S industry, science and the economy. DEVELOPMENT AND TRANSFORMATION THAT UNVEILS Culture & Society Images of people Andrea Springer EXCEPTIONAL BUSINESS and events, those that tell a story in that Programme director, World Design Capital OPPORTUNITIES. one instant, even without words, are Andrea Springer currently works for theTODAY’S Saudi Arabia is rapidly visual arts and media experts who will Saudi culture and history. For me, light is Bernado, one of the panel of judges. AND THERE IS NO the theme of this category. Think of the International Council of Societies of Industrialtransforming itself into one of the judge the submissions: “Photography one of the many manifestations of God. In addition to encouraging great BETTER MEANS OF photo accompanying a news story about Design – an initiative that seeks to showcasemost competitive economies in the is one of the most e ective ways Every photograph is a pattern of light and photography, this competition also COMMUNICATION THAN a celebrity or important event that says cities that have leveraged design as a toolworld and it is becoming one of the of reaching out to an international shade. For me, my photography is a way challenges the artists to do much THE ART CAPTURED BY more than the words. Submissions may to improve social, cultural and economicmost lucrative markets for strategic audience with a story or projected to praise God’s glory in the universe,” more – to change perceptions. “As a THE LENSES OF SAUDI’S be in either colour or black and white. development.investment. Saudi Arabia is also image. It transcends linguistic, she says. media professional, it’s exciting to be TALENTED PEOPLE”. FAHD M. HAMIDDADINhome to creative, talented people who religious and political barriers. It serves e tenets of good photography will part of something that can change the GENERAL DIRECTOR OF MARKETING Natural Beauty Be it sand dunes Adam Scholesare proud of their country’s culture, as a point of connection between a also be at the forefront of the judging. perceptions and expand the concept AND COMMUNICATION, SAGIA that stretch past the horizon or a single Global creative Director, JWTprogress and aims for the future. photographer and his audience across Rachel Hotchkiss, the creative director of art as a tool to improve the world blossom, the scale and possibilities of Daniel Bernardo An unconventional artistic talent who has To communicate the new Saudi various cultural codes.” of Image Source, another judge, adds: we live in, bringing to life the essential for supporting Saudi youth and the photography of nature in the unique Lead designer and creative director, worked in music, videos and print, AdamArabia to the world, THINK is Photographers submitted up to ve “When considering the question, what creative thought,” Bernardo says. feel strongly about the patriotic regions of the Kingdom is almost endless. InSkin Media Scholes has won numerous awards in asponsoring the National Photographic entries, in up to three of the seven makes a good image, I always respond – All entries must were submitted by implications the competition brings. Daniel Bernardo is co-founder and chief variety of media, including a Silver Lion atCompetition 2010. All photographers categories that re ect di erent aspects an image that is personally unique and October 31 for judging and the winners Meanwhile sponsor Bravo, sees THINK Documentary Record an actual event, designer of Lodren Studio, an independent Cannes and a D & AD Pencil and Poster ofin Saudi Arabia – amateur or of the new Saudi Arabia. e categories carries an individual thought, opinion will be announced online at a later date, magazine as an ideal way to reach its not altered by the camera or technology, experimental design house in Brazil, and the Year.professional, young or old, regardless of were selected to allow for a three or idea, but communicates globally.” with cash prizes awarded to those who CEO class readership. e exhibition to accurately document a person, place, has a cultural and artistic background thatgender – have been invited to capture dimensional view of the Kingdom. Art, especially photography, has come rst and second. Additionally, design is sponsored by Focal Design. issue or significant historical event at includes social and environmental design,their vision of the Kingdom of today to However, in addition to re ecting their the power to stir emotions with the the winning photographs will appear a particular moment in time. The event art direction, anthropology/sociology and PRIZEScommunicate the theme of ink Saudi country, the photographers will also capturing of a single instant in time in future issues of THINK and all high DATES should have taken place between 2009 history of art. First Prize: US$15,000Arabia: Capturing Advancement in provide insights into their own values and to facilitate change, which is one quality photographs will be shown in a e exhibition of entrant’s work will be and 2010. Second Prize: US$8,000Design, Economy and Society. and their approach to their art, providing of the challenges of this competition. special exhibition. held in Jeddah at the Ana Special Mall Iva Babaja Best in category: Awarded to the Appreciating the reality that art an even deeper look into the essence “In an ever changing world, creative on the November 17 and in Riyadh at Advertising/Commercial Create an Designer and Photographer, Vice-President, best in each of the seven categories:re ects the essence of the culture and and creativity of those who live, and are professionals face the challenge to SPONSORS the end of November, where the winning image designed to sell a product, idea Icograda/International Design Alliance US$1,000 (3,750 SR)the people that created it, THINK has therefore products of, what is to much of express through their work the thoughts e competition is sponsored by photographs and approximately 50 of or brand. Whether fashion, retail, music, Babaja is currently creative director at Euroselected photography as the medium the world the Saudi Arabian mystique. of society. is is a vital task that Toyota Land Cruiser, Abdullatif Jameel, the best participating photos will be design or other, use an avant-garde or RSCG agency in Zagreb and founder and Winning photographs will be publishedfor this competition to communicate Some may view their art much as HRH sometimes is overwhelmed by business celebrating the 60th anniversary of displayed. traditional approach, but be creative and president of the Association for Promotion in THINK magazine. All high-qualitythe wonders of contemporary Saudi. Reem Al Faisal, a photographer who is demands and the wrong idea that production of the rst 4x4 cars in objective. Special effects and equipment of Visual Culture and Communications photographs will be showcased in a According to Michal Stecklw, one also a judge. “I like to de ne myself as extraordinary cannot be found in the Saudi Arabia; Al-Watan Newspaper, Submissions can be viewed at: are permitted in this category. (VIZUM). She has worked extensively with special exhibition.of the international jury of respected a Muslim artist, sprung from my native ordinary moments of life,” says Daniel is the media partner, and is known various international art organisations.022 023
  11. 11. ART+CULTURE THE FRUITS OF a work of this level. Utilising our simple expertise and limited resources to get the best out of what we can do. For example, we were having trouble with IMAGINATION sound during video capture due to the fact that we don’t have a sound system. We were forced a er that to record the whole voice in one shot in one of the studios and then merge it with the video. We also used normal lighting, AMONG THE WINNERS AT MICROSOFT’S ANNUAL IMAGINE CUP not cinematic lighting, because it is COMPETITION WAS A SAUDI ARABIAN TEAM, LED BY AL-MUHANNAD AL- very expensive. KADAM,WHO CREATED A FILM ABOUT CONQUERING WORLD HUNGER THAT What was it like to represent WON SECOND PLACE IN DIGITAL CATEGORY. WRITTEN BY DOROTHY WALDMAN Saudi Arabia in Poland? It was really a great feeling to represent IMAGINE a world without hunger, to another, yet our spirits dream of my country. e wonderful thing is that imagine a world where resources are solving all problems of all spirits in the my representation ended up winning used wisely and people voluntarily world, no matter what the problem is in a eld that nobody else has won help others, then imagine how you or what spirit it is, thus, our spirits are before me in a worldwide competition. can be the catalyst to bring about dreaming. It is an outstanding feeling to receive these changes. ese were among congratulations from all our Arab the challenges students tackled in Which came first, the story or the colleagues. eir congratulations were Microso ’s annual Imagine Cup graphic possibilities? always: “You are a pride for Arabs. competition in 2010, where young e idea of using graphics was there You raise our heads your victory is our people were challenged to use the from the beginning. We agreed to put victory.” is is one of the amazing power of their imaginations and the work together in this way, using expressions that still resonates in my technology to create a powerful visual motion graphics to present the facts mind and heart. message that can help change the world. and gures. e scenario was written More than 325,000 high school, based on available graphics possibilities. What’s next? college and university students from I have launched my next movie, Obama 113 countries participated in the What were some problems you Free Homaidan, which appeals to US competition. e winners in the 11 encountered and how did you President Barack Obama to use his categories were celebrated at an awards solve them? constitutional power of presidential ceremony in Warsaw, Poland, where the special e ects and clever computer ere were no severe problems – pardon to set free a Saudi man jailed for First Lady of the United States Michelle manipulations, the team created an Alhamdulillah – maybe resources sexual assault. I am aiming in the movie Obama relayed via video a message entertaining, educational lm that can shortage, since we are students, were to in uence US public opinion and reach that summarised the purpose of the be viewed at annoying. But, with Allah’s Blessing we Obama with the hope that he would use challenge. watch?v=Q8A-F VeuU could use the simplest resources to get his powers to pardon Al-Turki. “ e ideas you are generating and Al-Kadam, who is also an the ways you are turning those ideas accomplished photographer, is a into action and into real solutions for student in the architectural department real problems is truly remarkable,” at the King Fahd University of she said. “ rough your ingenuity, Petroleum & Minerals. In an exclusive you are literally changing the world. interview, he told THINK about You are giving birth to new ways of his experience working as part of thinking, new ways of doing and new Dreaming Spirits. ways of learning. And isn’t that what imagination is all about?” What was your inspiration for the Let Us Eat Together, developed by name Dreaming Spirits and for Dreaming Spirits, a team of students your film? from Saudi Arabia led by Al-Muhannad e most important relationship that Al-Kadam, was awarded second connects us, before nationality, colour place in the Digital Media category, and language, is the human spirit. the rst win by a Saudi team. e Spirit is found in all of us, despite our short lm looks at world hunger and di erences. It is the one aspect that presents a solution that anyone who doesn’t change ere should be some can a ord food can participate in to humanity and love in human spirit help the less fortunate. Using graphics, is amount of love di ers from one024 025
  12. 12. THINK 10X10 THE THE KINGDOM’S PERFORMANCE IN KEY INVESTMENT, ECONOMIC AND EASE OF DOING BUSINESS REPORTS CONTINUES TO IMPROVE, BUT THE COUNTRY’S AMBITIOUS PLANS FOR THE FUTUREPOWER SHOW THAT IT IS NOT RESTING ON ITS LAURELS. OF 10WRITTEN BY JOANNE MOLINATHE Saudi Arabian General Investment Authority (SAGIA) wasproud to announce the extraordinary success of its 10x10 programme, more competitive, we will become larger recipients of FDI. A competitive investment environment attracts investment, which allows existingachieved when the Kingdom was ranked 8th for Foreign Direct Investment companies to grow, which opens the doors for new companies to form,(FDI) by the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development and ultimately leads to job creation and sustainable economic growth.(UNCTAD) earlier this year. As THINK was going to press, Saudi Arabia Investment, simply stated, is the oxygen of any economy.”was also awaiting the outcome of the World Bank’s 2010 Doing Business e Kingdom’s new ranking de nitively re ects the realisation of itsReport, which would further secure its position among the top 10 most 10x10 programme. Established less than half a decade ago in 2006, it wascompetitive business destinations in the world. launched by SAGIA to enact reforms and promote targeted investments “Being in the top 10 means that, objectively speaking, at least according to with the goal of creating an economically competitive environment andindependent international ranking agencies such as the World Bank’s Ease positioning Saudi Arabia among the world’s top 10 most competitiveof Doing Business Report, Saudi Arabia is the most conducive environment economies by 2010. It sought to target, meet and exceed the criteria offor business in the world. And if investment goes where it is most welcome, internationally acclaimed agencies that evaluate countries’ performanceswhich it does, then it means that investment will ow into Saudi Arabia, as globally competitive economic powers.which it has,” says His Excellency Governor Amr Al-Dabbagh. ese rankings convey vital qualitative and quantitative messages about “I imagine also that it could be seen to convey our ability to deliver on an the Saudi Arabian economic environment to the international businessobjective, which began ve years ago when we launched our 10x10 initiative, community. “Messages are subjective, rankings are objective. We are thewhich was to become among the top 10 most competitive economies in theworld by 2010. And moreover, if it’s the case that countries that have high best place to do business in the world according to objective reports. I imagine, and it is our experience so far as indicated by the UNCTAD X“OUR NEXT GOAL IS ENCAPSULATED IN THREE NUMBERS, Xrankings and/or have shown signi cant gains have done so by showing report, that investors will act on the favourability of the climate and X60, 24 AND 7. THE GOAL FOR OUR ECONOMIC CITIES IS Xconsistently superior performance in key macro and microeconomic areas, investment will increase, which is the very point of creating a betterthen we are one of those superior performing countries.” business climate,” Al-Dabbagh explains. X THE ULTIMATE IN COMPETITIVE DESTINATIONS, BY PROVIDING X Al-Dabbagh also acknowledges how numerous other vitalaccomplishments have helped accelerate the Kingdom’s success. “ e e initiatives stemming from 10x10 laid the foundation for Saudi Arabia’s rapid and sustained economic success, which has dramatically XALL GOVERNMENT SERVICES IN 60 MINUTES, 24 HOURS XKingdom is also ranked by UNCTAD as the eighth largest attractor ofFDI in the world, which is a con rmation of the correlation between contrasted with the recent worldwide nancial downturn. Foreign Direct Investment into the Middle East sustained a six-year continuous increase, X A DAY, 7 DAYS A WEEK.” Xcompetitiveness and FDI in ows,” he says. “Of course, as we become even growing to US$90 billion in 2008, a time when the rest of the world was HIS EXCELLENCY GOVERNOR AMR AL-DABBAGH026 027