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Berry's Quiz 6th June

A quiz I set for my 4.5 year old daughter on 6th June 2021.

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Berry's Quiz 6th June

  1. 1. Berry’s Quiz 6th June 2021
  2. 2. Which country is nicknamed ”The Boot”, because of the shape of its map? There is a poem about it, that goes: Long legged _____ , Kicked poor Sicily, Right into the Middle, Of the Mediterranean Sea,
  3. 3. Italy
  4. 4. Origin of which song? Story goes that Native American mothers would put their babies to sleep by hanging them on hammocks from branches
  5. 5. Rockabye baby
  6. 6. Identify the organization from the crest
  7. 7. Liverpool Football Club
  8. 8. Which edible bird is known as • “Hindi” in Turkish • “Poulet d’inde” (Indian chicken) in French • “Cearc frangach” (French chicken) in Scottish Gaelic • ”Greek Bird” in Egyptian • “Ayam kalkun” (bird from Calicut (Kozhikode) ) in Bahasa Indonesia • “Peru” in Portuguese and Hindi
  9. 9. Turkey
  10. 10. Which mythical Greek hero is this Iron Maiden song about? Fly on your way, like an eagle Fly as high as the sun On your way, like an eagle Fly, touch the sun, yeah […] As he spreads his wings and shouts at the crowd In the name of God my father, I fly His eyes seem so glazed As he flies on the wings of a dream Now he knows his father betrayed Now his wings turn to ashes, to ashes his grave
  11. 11. Icarus