Marketing clinic email strategies nov 19 2012


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Presentation from a marketing clinic in Paris on Email marketing pointers.

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  • AcquisitionNew subscribersProspectsSocial media visibility, likersNurturing prospects Untilthey are ready to convertKeep the dialogue openRetentionRemainconnectedHelp withsuccessBecomeambassador, advocateTransactionalPurchaseServiceSurveys
  • AB TestingIn different applications, open testaccounts or use testingtoolsprovidedAdvantage of usingtemplates (test it a lot, then swap out content in future)Different email providers, different clients
  • Open rates oftenlevel off over timeTest subjectlines, date and time of send toBtoC on the weekends or eveningsduring the weekBtoBduring the workweek, avoidMondays or FridaysI findit good to create an excel file whereyoutrackresults of campaigns over time. Includesubjectlines, targets, offerdetails and results. Time and day sent.
  • Methods to segment your DBSurveysQuick pollsRegistration infoPurchase info
  • Add ALTtextsbehindyour images.
  • Spam trapsUnsubscribe or complaint rates
  • Thisisreplacingclassicopt-in. Avoidssomeonebeingadded to yourlistinadvertently or by someoneelseLooks more professionalDon’tbe in a hurry. Buildyourlistinteligently.Lower spam complaints,loweropt-out.
  • French definitions:- L'opt-in actif : l'internaute doit volontairement cocher une case (ou faire défiler un menu déroulant) pour que les données puissent être utilisées ultérieurement à des fins commerciales.- L'opt-in passif : une case est déjà pré-cochée (ou un menu déroulant déjà présent) sur la réponse affirmative.- L'opt-out actif : l'internaute doit cocher une case (ou sélectionner un menu déroulant) pour ne pas recevoir de message ultérieurement.- L'opt-out passif : lorsqu'il s'inscrit ou s'abonne à un service, l'internaute est inscrit d'office sans qu'il ait la possibilité de changer son choix. Il ne peut se désinscrire qu'a posteriori.
  • Show Nuance example
  • Building your own list has many advantages, including:Less expensive – if you build your list organically from your own activities, you will build a better quality list for less money.More effective – since you built this list and the recipients have opted-in to your communication (a list-building best practice), you have a highly targeted list. This means that the names on your list are very interested in your services or products.Ownership – if you have acquired these addresses directly, you own the names. You do not need to pay additional money each time you send and an email to your list.The largest disadvantage is the time it an takes to build the list. 
  • Marketing clinic email strategies nov 19 2012

    1. 1. Marketing Clinic:Email Marketing StrategiesSoleilles Cowork, ParisNovember 19, 2012
    2. 2. Agenda• Getting started• Some practical pointers and examples• Are you a spammer?• Customer Acquisition• More examples• Participant example
    3. 3. What are yourobjectives?
    4. 4. Who are yourcustomers?
    5. 5. Test, test, testDesignSubjectOffer
    6. 6. Measuring performance• Open rate: average 20 – 30%• Determine optimal sendfor your list• Track which links work best• Check unsubscribe rate with each mailing• Check traffic to your web site, revenues,downloads etc.• Dashboard with KPIs in line with yourobjectives
    7. 7. Email Segmentation –One size does not fit all!Create multiple lists/segments• Keep messages pertinent– Interests, frequency, actions• Make sure timing is right– Just purchased, renewal coming up…• Don’t forget segments evolve– ex. Prospect becomes client, downloads a white paper…• Test messages for each segment Better click rates, better ROI!
    8. 8. HTML for email pointers• Use templates or text editor• No css!• 500 or 600 pixels wide• Very basic layouts using tables work best• No flash or javascript• Keep it simple!
    9. 9. Some examples…
    10. 10. Images turned off by default
    11. 11. They go hand in hand!EMAIL LANDING PAGE
    12. 12. Are you aspammer?
    13. 13. Are you spam?• Always have permission• Don’t let your permissionget outdated– If it’s been a long time send are-invite• Make it easy to opt-out• Make it look like you sent it
    14. 14. Deliverability• Healthy balance of image and text• Avoid getting blacklisted! It’s hardto get off• Ask customers to add you to theirwhitelist• Clean html• Avoid:– Bright red fonts, CAPS and !!!!!– Spammy words– Free! Click here! Click here now!
    15. 15. Double opt-in• Customer signs-up for list• He receives an email toconfirmation• He is not added to the listuntil the confirmation link isclicked• Ensures everyone on yourlist wants to hear from you.
    16. 16. What’s legal, what’s not…• Different rules in France– BtoC• No message with out permission:Opt-in is mandatory!• Exceptions:– messages to customers for similar products– Not transactional - charity– BtoB• Opt-out is ok• Need to be informed what the addresswill be used for at time of collect– Register yourweb sites,Databases inFrance– Declaration onCNIL web site– Express form– Examples oftexts–
    17. 17. CNIL web site provides examplesRéutilisation dadresses électroniques pour proposer des biens ou desservices analoguesVous êtes susceptibles de recevoir des offres commerciales de notre sociétépour des produits et services analogues à ceux que vous avezcommandés.Si vous ne le souhaitez pas, cochez la case ci-contre.Mention générale pour formulaire………………………… (Veuillez indiquer l’identité du responsable du traitement)« Les informations recueillies font l’objet d’un traitement informatique destinéà … (Veuillez préciser la finalité). Les destinataires des données sont:……………………… (précisez).Conformément à la loi « informatique et libertés » du 6 janvier 1978 modifiéeen 2004, vous bénéficiez d’un droit d’accès et de rectification auxinformations qui vous concernent, que vous pouvez exercer en vousadressant à …………………………………… (Veuillez préciser le service etl’adresse).Vous pouvez également, pour des motifs légitimes, vous opposer autraitement des données vous concernant.
    18. 18. Customeracquisition
    19. 19. Customer acquisition• Sign-up on your web site• Share with a friend
    20. 20. Customer Acquisition - Contest• Nuance France had no databaseto use• Created acquisition campaign• Promoted with e-buzzing andAdvertise-Me campaigns• Tell-a-friend for viral• Results:+68K opt-ins au concours!
    21. 21. Customer Acquisition - WebinarsGreat tool in BtoB• Webinars• White papers• Include opt-out insign-up process• Reminder ofwebinar• Follow-up email
    22. 22. Buying emails (purchase or rental)Disadvantages• Hard to find quality list– Opt-in only– Targeted– Recent• Getting flagged as a spammer (purchase)Advantages• Large numbers available• Pay per conversion (per opt-in, per click)• If good list, can be targeted
    23. 23. Building your own listAdvantages:• Less expensive• More effective• OwnershipDisadvantage - it takes time to build the list
    24. 24. Co-registration• Trusted Sender• Targeted• Inexpensive• Scalable• Multiple sources• Higher conversionrates
    25. 25. Some tools• Free (or basically) :MailChimp, ConstantContact• Enterprise:MailPerformance,CheetahMail,EmailVision, Dolist
    26. 26. More examples…
    27. 27. …and even more examples• Email Institute:– Examples: Email Gallery•• Marketing Profs– Best practices: Email Marketing•
    28. 28. Participantexample
    29. 29. Participant example - Birdeo• Notre métier : Identifier et accompagner les Experts du développementdurable que ce soit pour des missions ou du recrutement.• Les services proposés: Recrutement, Placement de consultant, portagesalarial.• Quelques références : Accor, LVMH, EuroRSCG, Balenciaga, Nexity,Bonneterre• Notre base de données contient plus de 3 000 Experts/candidats
    30. 30. Participant example - BirdeoUne double cible:-- Les candidats, les experts (B to C)-- Les entreprises susceptibles dutiliser nos services (B to B)Objectif auprès de la cible des candidats et des experts-- Notoriété-- Attirer des bon candidats/ Experts-- Vendre nos services de portageEmailing auprès de cette cible :-- Une newsletter mensuelle (depuis sept 2011) informative sur lesmétiers, les compétences en DD et lactualité de Birdeo-- Un email envoyé le 1er nov sur nos services de portage salarial
    31. 31. Participant example - Birdeo
    32. 32. Feel free to contact us!Stephanie 6 80 91 98 85