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Market Skyline of India


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For all the districts of India
Know about socio economic classifications, Income, savings and consumption expenditures of households for each district of India and:
Individuals/children across income groups
Rural/urban break up of market size
Urban household Socio economic classifications
Product segment wise market sizes

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Market Skyline of India

  1. 1. MarketSkylineofIndia2008-09–DistrictProfile Market Skyline of India 2008-09 District Profile Income, Savings and Expenditure of Households and many more for all 593 districts Market Skyline of India
  2. 2. MarketSkylineofIndia2008-09–DistrictProfile Market Strategist: I need to prioritize locations for greater marketing emphasis Zonal Manager: I need to identify right districts to appoint dealerships, prioritize efforts and motivate sales teams Knowledge Seeker: understand the vast Indian market and how its emerging Entrepreneur: I want more in-depth focus into different local markets than is currently available. - details on rural and urban areas to further identify where I need to expand our marketing and sales Sales Team: We want to identify locations where new efforts need to be started and old channels need to be strengthened Who will Benefit?
  3. 3. MarketSkylineofIndia2008-09–DistrictProfile  Understand largest markets in the sector both at the state and district level  Identify:  The established markets (repeat buyers)  The emerging markets (new buyers)  “On-the-verge” markets (be the first mover)  Appropriate analysis after accounting for the inter-district variation  Suitable markets to launch or expand products  Kind of products that can be launched  Variants of the products and its suitability to the market Why?
  4. 4. MarketSkylineofIndia2008-09–DistrictProfile Product Market A. Market Size (Demand) B. Consumer Characteristics C. Other Market Insights Choice of New Locations – Comparative analysis using one or all above mentioned parameters across locations to ensure distribution effectiveness Wider Coverage within an existing market – Cross comparable analysis from these parameters for building intermediate strategies and ensure marketing efficiency Market Skyline – Provides this for all 593 districts of India Identify Markets
  5. 5. MarketSkylineofIndia2008-09–DistrictProfile Identify Markets based on … Geography (state/district) Sectors (state/district) Economic Groups Product Segments Financial Indicators Other Behaviour/ Patterns Identification Parameters
  6. 6. MarketSkylineofIndia2008-09–DistrictProfile For each of the 593 district markets-  Indicators available across income groups separately for rural and urban areas  Households  Individuals  Personal Disposable Incomes  Potential Consumption Expenditures  Potential Household Savings  Other indicators covered  Item wise market sizes  Short term growth rate- Income, Potential Expenditure  SEC Profile etc. ………and much more What does it contain?
  7. 7. MarketSkylineofIndia2008-09–DistrictProfile The largest markets by volume Delhi, Mumbai (Suburban), Thane, Bangalore, Pune, Mumbai Total Market Size Maximum propensity to spend Mumbai (Suburban), Mumbai, Chandigarh, Chennai, Kolkata Per capita Market Size SEC profiling of consumers Insights
  8. 8. MarketSkylineofIndia2008-09–DistrictProfile Which are the most concentrated markets? Districts States Market Density FMCG Sector (Rs Cr per Sq Km) Mumbai Maharashtra 11.1 Mumbai (Suburban) Maharashtra 9.4 Kolkata West Bengal 7.0 Total Market Size, Geographical Area of the district In the largest markets, what share of total personal disposable income is being saved by households? Rank Districts States Total Market Size (in Rs. Cr.) Savings Rate (%) 1 Delhi Delhi 102,453 23 2 Mumbai (Suburban) Maharashtra 100,652 13 3 Thane Maharashtra 49,834 23 Insights
  9. 9. MarketSkylineofIndia2008-09–DistrictProfile Ever-expanding Districts - an aggregate Market Size of almost Rs 26 trillion 49% of India’s market lies in UP, Maharashtra, West Bengal, AP and Gujarat alone Urban Millionaire Districts in Northern Zone: Faridabad (3rd largest) Ludhiana (4th largest) Largest Rural BOP Markets – Medinipur, South 24 Pgns, Murshidabad, East Godavari Belgaum is the second largest market in Karnataka Surat ranks top in terms of rural millionaire households in Western Zone … more Insights
  10. 10. MarketSkylineofIndia2008-09–DistrictProfile 21% of total households in Chandigarh (richest market in India) earn more than 10 lakh a year Top 2 Urban districts based on Income Growth rate-D & N Haveli (23%), Gandhinagar(22%) Rural districts with max no. of millionaires-Gurgaon, Ludhiana, Surat, Waynad Ganjam : Largest market in Orissa Upcoming districts based on absolute increase in income- Thiruvallur, Vadodara, Barddhaman, Rangareddi, Faridabad, Medinipur Potential Rural Markets: Alappuzha, Thrissur, Ernakulam, Pathanamthitta, Kottayam - high per capita income but low per capita expenditure. … and still more Insights
  11. 11. MarketSkylineofIndia2008-09–DistrictProfile  Annual Market Size for food, FMCG, durables, clothing and footwear, and miscellaneous goods and services  Socio-economic classification from A – E (A – highest propensity to consume)  Information on district area, population, urban population  Annualized sector wise growth rate: income, potential expenditure, potential saving  Household income categories namely – <75k, 75k-150k, 150k-300k, 300k-500k, 500k- 1,000k, >1,000k  Information across household income categories on - Percentage of households, population, child population, total household income, potential savings, potential expenditure & per capita income, potential savings, potential expenditure across household income categories List Of Indicators
  12. 12. MarketSkylineofIndia2008-09–DistrictProfile …..growing by the day Our Patrons
  13. 13. MarketSkylineofIndia2008-09–DistrictProfile Call Us For query or placing orders please contact Indicus Analytics Pvt. Ltd. 2nd Floor, Nehru House, 4 Bahadur Shah Zafar Marg New Delhi- 110002. Phone: 91-11-42512400/01 E-mail: