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Innovation Through Customer Co-Creation - TriAgile


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Learn how to co-create with your customers using modern collaboration techniques

To be successful at innovating for your customer, teams need a solid understanding of how to engage and collaborate with their customers and users. It is only then that teams can deliver high impact projects/products that are important to their user base. Embark on a journey and with the latest set of techniques that help teams discover insights sooner and delight their customers faster. Take part in our latest workshop and learn everything you need to know at succeeding in collaborating with your customers. After all, innovation is best served when co-discovered with customers.

Our interactive and fast-paced workshop is based on design thinking, lean startup, and lean UX principles. It is designed to help you uncover better ways of working with your customers and boosting collaboration and creativity on your team. After many iterations and essential feedback, we’ve developed a fun and thought-provoking workshop where you will learn by doing and engaging with real people, working on challenges that will enrich your learning experience.

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Innovation Through Customer Co-Creation - TriAgile

  1. 1. Shahin Sheidaei | | @sheidaei | /in/sheidaei Innovation through Customer Co-Creation SHAHIN SHEIDAEI
  2. 2. Shahin Sheidaei | | @sheidaei | /in/sheidaei WHO WE ARE We provide coaching and training and help people, and organizations build stronger ecosystems for rapid, continuous and sustainable delivery of value to delight customers. We’re passionate about growing successful teams and scaling innovation. Carlos Oliveira, MBA Principal Consultant Certified Agile Coach Shahin Sheidaei Founder & Principal Coach Elevate Change Inc. 2
  3. 3. Shahin Sheidaei | | @sheidaei | /in/sheidaei LET’S CHECK-IN You’re going to make this experience what you want for the next hour. The only thing we ask is for your full attention…so consider… • Turning off electronic devices • Be engaged (level up) • Take some risks (open up) • Smile a lot • Remember the Hands-up Protocol 3
  5. 5. Shahin Sheidaei | | @sheidaei | /in/sheidaei Solving real problems for the customer The process of translating an idea into a product or service that creates value or for which customers will pay. 5 INNOVATION
  6. 6. Shahin Sheidaei | | @sheidaei | /in/sheidaei BUSINESS IS CHANGING 6
  7. 7. Shahin Sheidaei | | @sheidaei | /in/sheidaei LET’S TRY “PRACTICE TRUMPS THEORY” ~ Ash Maurya 7
  8. 8. Shahin Sheidaei | | @sheidaei | /in/sheidaei Round 1 8 Let’s innovate! Simulation Round
  9. 9. Shahin Sheidaei | | @sheidaei | /in/sheidaei SOLVING A PROBLEM CUSTOMER ● YOU 9 INNOVATOR ● ME
  10. 10. Shahin Sheidaei | | @sheidaei | /in/sheidaei WE NEED A PROBLEM Problem #1 “Meetings at work are terrible.” 10 Problem #2 “Scrum doesn’t work in my organization.”
  11. 11. Shahin Sheidaei | | @sheidaei | /in/sheidaei WE ASKED 100 INNOVATORS SOLUTION TO PROBLEM #1 ● Every meeting request must include an agenda ● “ELMO” – Elmo doll in every room ● “Device free zone in meeting rooms (no laptops)” 11 SOLUTION TO PROBLEM #2 ● Fire your coach, hire a better one! ● Kanban ● SAFe
  12. 12. Shahin Sheidaei | | @sheidaei | /in/sheidaei LET’S PAUSE • Mark Your Workbook • Discuss the following – What could be one-word describing the experience you had? – How would you rank the solution? – Why would you rank it that way? 12 → ←
  13. 13. Shahin Sheidaei | | @sheidaei | /in/sheidaei Round 2 13 Let’s innovate again!
  14. 14. Shahin Sheidaei | | @sheidaei | /in/sheidaei SOLVING A PROBLEM CUSTOMER ● YOU 14 INNOVATOR ● NOT ME
  15. 15. Shahin Sheidaei | | @sheidaei | /in/sheidaei A (NEW) PROBLEM • AS A CUSTOMER – Choose a (new) problem, one that you can relate to at work and that you want solved – Think about the need that you have with this problem, why is it such a challenge? 15
  16. 16. Shahin Sheidaei | | @sheidaei | /in/sheidaei WE NEED A PROBLEM Problem #1 “Meetings at work are terrible.” 16 Problem #2 “Scrum doesn’t work in my organization.” Problem #3 “We are too busy to improve.”
  17. 17. Shahin Sheidaei | | @sheidaei | /in/sheidaei CO-CREATE SOLUTION • AS AN INNOVATOR – You will work with your customer and co- create the solution together. – Follow the workbook and activities. 17
  18. 18. Shahin Sheidaei | | @sheidaei | /in/sheidaei DISCOVER THE PROBLEM Get to Know the Problem (& Them) ● Structure your conversation around the problem. ● Gain empathy with the customer ● Ask open ended questions like: ○ Tell me about the last time you experienced this problem? ○ What was most challenging part about it? ○ Why was that a challenge? Why? Why? 18
  19. 19. Shahin Sheidaei | | @sheidaei | /in/sheidaei CO-DISCOVER THE PROBLEM Draw the Problem ● Visualize the problem! ● How would you draw and discuss key aspects, the players, a better outcome? ● Do ask “Why” often. 19
  20. 20. Shahin Sheidaei | | @sheidaei | /in/sheidaei CO-PICK A TARGET Take a Stand with a Point of View ● What is the most important need and insight to be addressed first? ● What’s reachable and valuable? ● Take a stand by specifically stating the meaningful challenge you are going to take on ● It should feel like a problem worth tackling! 20
  21. 21. Shahin Sheidaei | | @sheidaei | /in/sheidaei IDEATE SOLUTIONS Sketch to Ideate ● Be visual and use sketching ● Defer judgement 21
  22. 22. Shahin Sheidaei | | @sheidaei | /in/sheidaei EXPLORE SOLUTIONS Yes And … Share Solutions and Build on Top of Them ● Build on top of each other’s ideas ● Try and maintain the visual thinking and discussions around the solution. ● Remember not to pitch or fall in love with the ideas. ● This is an opportunity to learn more about your partner's feelings and motivations 22
  23. 23. Shahin Sheidaei | | @sheidaei | /in/sheidaei CO-DESIGN SOLUTION Reflect and Generate a New Solution ● Take a moment to consider what you’ve learned both about your partner and about the solutions you generated. ● Sketch a new idea. The solution may be a variation on an idea from before or something completely new. ● This is your opportunity to create something together that will solve the problem for the customer. 23
  24. 24. Shahin Sheidaei | | @sheidaei | /in/sheidaei LET’S PAUSE • Discuss the following – What could be one-word describing the experience you had? – How would you rank the solution? – Why would you rank it that way? • Compare with the first Workbook 24 → ←
  25. 25. Shahin Sheidaei | | @sheidaei | /in/sheidaei LET’S PAUSE How did engaging with a real person, or co-creating with a real person change the direction of your solution? What did you learn as a result of direct interaction? 25 → ←
  26. 26. Shahin Sheidaei | | @sheidaei | /in/sheidaei LET’S PAUSE What principle, what tool, would you infuse into your work tomorrow? How would you go about doing that? 26 → ←
  27. 27. Shahin Sheidaei | | @sheidaei | /in/sheidaei IN SUMMARY BE THE CUSTOMER ALL THE WAY IF YOU CAN’T, INVITE THEM ON YOUR JOURNEY 27
  28. 28. Shahin Sheidaei | | @sheidaei | /in/sheidaei Thanks 28 @sheidaei /in/sheidaei Shahin Sheidaei Founder & Principal Coach Elevate Change Inc.