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Indian Programmers Salary In Software Development


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With offshore software development centers in California, United States and in Chennai, India our outsourcing company consists of Indian software ...

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Indian Programmers Salary In Software Development

  1. 1. Indian Programmers Salary in Software Development <br />Most of the Indian programmers and developers are paid for the full-time development. Part-time Indian developers are mostly working as freelancers. The salary of Indians is steadily increasing because of their demand in global software development. Let's discuss about their average salary in IT industry.<br />Employees are paid based on their experience levels in India. The years of experience is directly proportional to wages of the employees. The salary structure of experienced candidates who do programming in PHP, Java, Dot-net, Ruby on rails, C++, etc are given below.<br />Freshers are paid Rs.6000 to Rs.8000 <br />1 year experienced candidates are paid Rs.10000 to Rs.12000 <br />2 years experienced candidates are paid Rs.15000 to Rs.20000 <br />3 years experienced candidates are paid Rs.20000 to Rs.35000 <br />3-5 years experience candidates are paid Rs. 30000 to Rs.45000<br />5+ years experience candidates are paid Rs. 45000plus<br />Other than the experience, the interviewer will also analyze the personal background, educational background, financial background, previous work, analytical and logical stuff, communication and practical knowledge.<br />It’s well known that the salary paid in any country differs from person to person and company to company as the labor cost is based on the performance, demand, market stability, quality delivery and productivity. The salary levels mentioned above are organized based on the case study of an average Indian software guy.<br />In India, the programmers are given payment based on how much they actually demand. In this scenario, even a well experienced developer may demand low and a fresher may demand high. It depends on the individuals how they esteem themselves. The salary range of India is very low when compare to Ireland, Canada and Israel.<br />Note: This article is furnished based on the facts and information collected from employees of different Indian software companies confidentially on 21st April 2010.<br />Securenext software is an offshore outsourcing company running offshore software development centers in India, Chennai and in Clovis, California, USA. You can hire developers offshore Indian Programmers for PHP, NET, Rails, open on an hourly, part-time or full-time basis at competitive pricing with Money-back guaranteed.<br />You can contact through e-mail: or toll free: 800-511-5540<br />