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MMA Mobile Report Argentina


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MMA Mobile Report Argentina (short version)

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MMA Mobile Report Argentina

  2. 2. GfK is a global corporation based in Germany since 1934. Listed on the Frankfurt stock exchange for over 80 years, it is a trusted source of relevant information on markets and consumers, enabling its customers C retail and industry C to make more assertive decisions in their daily lives. GfK has more than 13,000 market research specialists who combine their passion for what they do with a long and extensive experience in data science. This allows GfK to provide global insights combined with local market intelligence in more than 100 countries. Through innovative technologies and data interpretation, GfK transforms the big data into intelligent data, enabling customers to leverage their competitive advantage, enriching their experiences, as well as consumer choice. NetquestHisHanHindependentHonlineHfieldHproviderHforH theHmarketHresearchHsectorHin Europe,HLatinHAmericaH andHUSA.HWeHcurrentlyHhaveHmoreHthanH2HmillionsH consumersHwillingHtoHgiveHusHtheirHopinionHinH21H countries,HandHtheHlatestHtechnologyHinHorderHtoH manageHandHsurveyHthem.H .
  4. 4. GfK FutureBuy® GfK Consumer Life® GfK Cross Media Visualizer® GfK Panel Data® A trend study covering all aspects of consumer life, providing a broad understanding of attitudes, behaviors and values around the world. Conducted in 20 countries including Latin America – 1500 interviews per country Annual study to understand the purchase habits and behavior conducted in 35 countries including Latin America -– 1000 interviews per country Passive Behavior Monitoring Panel – monitors passively the mobile and online behavior due to browsers and apps. Administrated in all Latin America and more than 20 countries. In Argentina, more than 5500 people in the panel. Durable Goods Retail Panel Sources
  5. 5. 4 Generations analyzed Source:(GfK(Consumer(Life ® Information(Proprietary(and(Confidential Gen$Z Gen$Y Gen$X Boomers ! Mid$90’ ; Connected(to( the(advance(of( technology( ; Over; communication !After$80’ ; Advent(of( internet(and( new( technologies ; Worried(about( social(sphere ! End$of$60’$ until$70’ ; Culture(and( globalization( ; TV ! Mid$of$40’$ until$60’ ; After(2nd WW ; Resistant(to( changes(
  6. 6. Technology & Internet Movies, Films 59% Travel 56% Electronics, computers, technology 53% Food, Cooking 53% Internet or World Wide Web 49% Sports 41% Personal appearance, fashion, beauty 39% Arts and culture (theater, dance etc.) 32% Topic of greatest interest above fashion, arts, culture and sports among Argentinians Source:(GfK(Consumer(Life ® Information(Proprietary(and(Confidential
  7. 7. ... Mainly for generations Z e Y but equally important for all targets 30% 34% 41% 41% 35% 40% 44% 42% 2016 2017 Ger Z Ger Y Ger X Boomers To me, it is important to always be reachable wherever I am Source:(GfK(Consumer(Life ® Information(Proprietary(and(Confidential
  8. 8. Connectivity is part of everyday life, which makes it difficult to people to take a break from technology 40% difficult to take a break from technology ... And they are willing to learn how to use new products If a new technology product is not simple to use, I lose interest in it Specially Z generation 31% 25% 29% 2015 2016 2017 22% 30% 31% 34% Gen Z Gen Y Gen X BoomersSource:(GfK(Consumer(Life ® Information(Proprietary(and(Confidential
  9. 9. Smartphones in Argentines’ life or... ... Argentines’ life on the smartphone?
  10. 10. Smartphones are used for everything, and more and more... AVERAGE OF ACTIVITIES ON SMARTPHONE 8 2014 10 2016 Source:(GfK(Consumer(Life ® Information(Proprietary(and(Confidential
  11. 11. Z and Y generations are even more engaged… Keep up with news, current events 55% 31%61%64% Text (SMS, MMS), instant messages 94% 95%94%92% Get information about events 38% 22%52%60% Z Y X Boom Get maps/directions 54% 36%65%66% Source:(GfK(Consumer(Life ® Information(Proprietary(and(Confidential
  12. 12. Recommendation ADs are welcome, but brands ADs are being less influential in purchase decisions... so making communication at the right time is essential. 48% “I like it when a website keeps track of my visits and recommends things to me 46%% Retailers, advertisers, and brands have less influence on my purchase decisions than ever before Source:(GfK(Futurebuy® Information(Proprietary(and(Confidential
  13. 13. “I like it when a website keeps track of my visits and recommends things to me.” “I like it when a retailer contacts me on my smartphone.” 48% 50% 48% 48% 46% 25% 28% 26% 26% 19% New generations are more opened to receive ADs. % Shoppers (Argentina) Agreeing (T2B) with Statement “Retailers, advertisers, and brands have less influence on my purchase decisions than ever before.” 46% 37% 48% 46% 53% Gen Z Gen y Gen X BommersTotal Gen Z Gen y Gen X BommersTotal Gen Z Gen y Gen X BommersTotal Source:.GfK.Futurebuy ® Information.Proprietary.and.Confidential
  14. 14. Internet hours spent daily on each device Security is even more relevant when people spend more time on their mobiles, this is a device that contains more personal information In just one year the mobile has become even more relevant by keeping people connected. 1:41$hr1:22$hr Q4 2016 1:19 Hr +22 minutes in 1 year Source:(GfK(Crossmedia Visualizer ® Q4(2017 Information(Proprietary(and(Confidential
  15. 15. The most popular applications are those that allow people to communicate, express themselves, get close to others! As well as having access to different kind of information and content. Source:(GfK(Crossmedia Visualizer ® Q4(2017 Information(Proprietary(and(Confidential The most popular are also those that are “Free” 94 91 86 83 65 48 29 0% 10% 20% 30% 40% 50% 60% 70% 80% 90% 100% Reach of domains and apps on mobile
  16. 16. And in Argentina Mobile Shopper Apps experience is stronger. Source:(GfK(FutureBuy® Using shopping apps 42% 32% ok Information(Proprietary(and(Confidential
  17. 17. Q7:$Below$are$different$statements$about$shopping.$Compared$to$a$year$ago,$would$you$say$that$you$are$doing$more,$less$or$about$the$ same$as$it$relates$to$your$shopping$experiences$in$general$across$the$many$kinds$of$products$and$services$you$shop$for?Source:$GfK$FutureBuy® 19% 13% 2017 2014 And this online experience is becoming more real in consumer’s mind. % Shoppers (Argentina) doing more of versus 1 years ago “Shopping with my smartphone at home” “Using shopping apps” 42% 11% 2017 2014 LATAM 32% “Using a smartphone or tablet to help me shop.” LATAM 35% “Using my smartphone or a tablet to browse or purchase products which I saw advertised while watching TV” LATAM 34% LATAM 27% 26% 23% 2017 2014 26% 23% 2017 2014 Information$Proprietary$and$Confidential
  18. 18. Source:(GfK(FutureBuy® GEN Z GEN XGEN Y Boomers Argentina is also spending more time on smartphones, mainly among younger generations. Share of All Online Shopping Activity on Smartphone (Argentina) 20% 16% 11% 8% 34% 33% 22% 14% 2014 2017 Information(Proprietary(and(Confidential