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If we hadn’t signed up with OAKLEAF we would have
Food Manufacturer
Solution at a Glance:                                        The market for this byproduct was so specia...
Cost Plus World Market
Company Profile:                                               Solution:
 Cost Plus World Market of...
Paper Manufacturer
Solution at a Glance:                                         OAKLEAF replaced old, battered balers wit...
Einstein and Noah Corp.
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  Einstein and Noah Corp...
Hobby Lobby Creative Centers
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  Hobby Lobby Creativ...
Storage USA
Solution at a Glance:                                       OAKLEAF would accomplish savings through
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Case Studies Consolidated


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Case Studies Consolidated

  1. 1. If we hadn’t signed up with OAKLEAF we would have continued to basically throw good money out with the A Fortune 50 Manufacturer trash, and never even realize it!” -- Facilities Supervisor Solution at a Glance: Reports for waste generation, disposal and recycling are provided on a monthly basis via e-mail and online Service quality and compliance was dramatically reports for export to a worksheet. Reports were improved and hard costs were reduced 15% over a six developed to customer specifications to be compatible month period. Optimized waste program provided 8% with their internal reporting structure. Detailed cost additional soft cost savings. savings reports were also developed with substantial Challenge: customer input that provides summaries at the corporate, business unit and individual site levels for user-selected Prior to engaging OAKLEAF, the customer, a reporting periods. All client reporting is content- diversified manufacturer with product offerings in managed to restrict access to users with appropriate aerospace and other commercial and residential authority. applications in multiple locations in the U.S. and Canada, had adopted a number of initiatives that OAKLEAF continues to add locations for this client, involved solid waste services each to some degree. now covering a total of 22,970,500 square feet of Wanting to reduce their operating expenses by $500M manufacturing, distribution and sales facilities. The and follow their new environmental initiative, the largest of these facilities is 5,853,067 square feet in customer wanted a single source solution for solid waste manufacturing and warehouse area. Forty new locations service that would help achieve their goals. have been added in November, 2004 alone, showing OAKLEAF’S ability to easily incorporate more into its One facility was serviced by one subcontractor, a hauler, management service structure. for over 20 years. The customer’s management had preferred to stay with the vendor as they adhered to a For the facility with the 20 year history of the same strict schedule for pickup of waste containers and hauler, OAKLEAF reviewed the invoices and noticed provided further service by determining when containers immediately that compactors and roll-offs were being were full, needing to be emptied outside of a regular pulled with only 25%-50% of an optimal load. Also schedule. noted was a tipping fee substantially higher than the local disposal facilities. Substituting with a hauler that In addition, the hauler transported the waste to a had a solid history of compliance with OAKLEAF, disposal facility in which they were partners and were cutting the scheduled pickups by half and changing able to get a break in tipping fees for the plant. waste disposal sites for the facility provided a perfect However, this did not provide for high levels of account solution for the customer. management, or reduction in administrative tasks, leaving the customer with the burden. Results: Solution: The customer has benefited from the reduced time required at the individual location level in requesting The OAKLEAF Industrial Management Team assessed services, integrating data from multiple suppliers for the facilities. OAKLEAF responded with a program to internal reporting, requesting and monitoring equipment reduce hard and soft costs through consolidated billing, repairs. In fact, in areas where solid waste collection is consistent reductions in service unit costs, online governmentally franchised, or where there are existing reporting, improved recycling opportunities, equipment contract with current providers, this client is still maintenance and transitioning to EDI format for billing. choosing to add locations to the program for a Utilizing equipment through our equipment division, we monthly administrative fee in order to benefit from provided roll-offs, front and rear load dumpsters, toters OAKLEAF’S dispatching and reporting functions. and balers. OAKLEAF has also conducted inspections OAKLEAF, offering service for all (RCRA) non- and audits of second tier supplier facilities at the request hazardous wastes, not just universal, and including state of the customer. regulated wastes could accommodate any type of facility, from factory to office for the customer.
  2. 2. Food Manufacturer Solution at a Glance: The market for this byproduct was so specialized that there appeared to be no alternative to the facility. OAKLEAF eliminated contamination and spillage which caused rodent, bug and bird infestation problems Solution: associated with food byproduct storage and disposal. OAKLEAF encouraged a potential strategic partnership This was done by providing new proprietary equipment, with a byproduct recycler which typically didn’t service tearing down the old storage building, and making sure in that state. This proprietary equipment delivered that the process was as close to fool proof as possible. cleanliness and ease of use, and as this company was Challenge: definitely service oriented, they agreed to provide training and a regular preventative maintenance program This client generated about 2,000 tons per year of a food for the customer. byproduct which was purchased by an agricultural feed manufacturer. The company that purchased the product Results: provided equipment and transportation, and paid a The completely enclosed new equipment has eliminated reasonable price per pound. However, not being a spillage and contamination, and driven the pests away. service company, they were not diligent about Because of the distance from their processing plant, the maintenance and ease of use of their equipment. payout was a bit lower, but OAKLEAF was able to Over the course of the five-year contract, the equipment make that up to the customer by reaping extremely high had degenerated so badly that it leaked both indoors and rebates on their traditional recycling. outdoors, attracting pests and scavengers. In addition, it broke down frequently creating a back-up problem when byproducts built up in the shop.
  3. 3. Cost Plus World Market Company Profile: Solution: Cost Plus World Market offers home furnishings, OAKLEAF was able to set up all 260 Cost Plus stores gourmet food and wine at affordable prices. Located in with reliable, consistent trash pick-up service. Invoicing 34 states, with 260 locations, our motto is "50 improved in timeliness and accuracy. OAKLEAF also store." set up a cardboard bale recycling program so that bales were picked up quickly from the store. Challenge: Results: Cost Plus World Market was having problems getting consistent pick ups at their store locations. In response to Cost Plus World Market experienced an immediate a marketing post card they received from OAKLEAF, reduction of 15% in trash hauling costs, with cardboard Cost Plus called OAKLEAF President and CEO, Jim bale recycling reducing costs by an additional 5% per Barnes. They were pleased and surprised when Jim month. answered his own phone! After a long conversation about Cost Plus World Markets’ needs and how OAKLEAF could help, Jim proposed a plan to reduce the company’s trash hauling costs. “OAKLEAF has been diligent in providing a high level of customer service and information to Cost Plus on all matters regarding waste hauling and recycling.” --Edwina Hamm Manager of Purchasing and Store Maintenance Cost Plus World Market
  4. 4. Paper Manufacturer Solution at a Glance: OAKLEAF replaced old, battered balers with new equipment that produced heavier bales. This allowed us Implementation of a resource management program to input more product to the trailer, and provided an garnered a bigger rebate in one month than the previous additional baler so that the facility could divert plastic year’s entire rebate check. shrink wrap from the trash and collect rebates on that Challenge: commodity. The customer, a paper manufacturer, regularly generated OAKLEAF also developed and delivered a training and large quantities of waste paper and baled cardboard from awareness program for the offices which taught them processing, as well as occasional large amounts of off- how to recycle four commodities OAKLEAF provided spec or outdated unused paper products which they sold personalized recycling containers and office recycling to a recycler. The local recycler, who spotted a trailer at centers. the facility, generated a check which covered rebates Lastly, OAKLEAF trained the contract cleaning service minus the truck rental and transportation. The rebates to collect and deposit the office recycling into the proper were not broken out by commodity and tonnage. containers for pickup by the recycler. Additional recyclable commodities were being thrown Results: away with the trash, since they had neither the equipment nor the program to recycle these. Customer now gets a recycling check and report which defines tonnages and rebates for each commodity. There The unionized workforce needed special treatment to get is no charge for the trailer or for transportation. Under them to accept any changes that affected their work the OAKLEAF program, the first month’s rebate check routine. was in excess of $4,500. In the prior year, the check for Solution: the entire year’s rebate was less than $4,000. We analyzed their existing recyclable commodities in In addition, solid waste costs were reduced considerably order to specifically define them. We identified seven because the office paper and shrink wrap are recycled as separate grades of valuable paper, and negotiated rebates part of the resource management program and no longer for each based on the OBM high. We negotiated a hauled the trash to the dump site. rebate for their cardboard which was also based on the OBM high. The rebates were high, as we leveraged OAKLEAF total recyclables to the advantage of this customer.
  5. 5. Einstein and Noah Corp. Company Profile: Solution: Einstein and Noah Corp. is a subsidiary of New World OAKLEAF consolidated all of Einstein and Noah Restaurant Group, and has approximately 435 company Corp.’s contracts into one master contract, with a central bagel restaurants and cafés and approximately 62 point for billing and handling issues. licensee locations under the Einstein Bros. Bagels, Einstein Bros. Café and Noah’s New York Bagels Results: names. OAKLEAF initially predicted a savings of 15%, but was actually able to bring in closer to 18% savings with Challenge: the same service. After 6 years with OAKLEAF, Einstein and Noah Corp. experienced rapid expansion Einstein and Noah Corp. is still paying less for waste in the late 1990's, but had no centralized waste collection management services than it did before OAKLEAF. program. It called in OAKLEAF to develop a structured central point for managing waste collection contracts. “OAKLEAF has kept our trash expense under control for the past several years. We are currently in our second contract extension with them, and we’re still saving money. The decision to go with OAKLEAF was, and still is, a no-brainer.” -- Keith Isoldi VP Construction/Facilities New World Restaurant Group, Inc. Einstein Bros Bagels
  6. 6. Hobby Lobby Creative Centers Company Profile: Solution: Hobby Lobby Creative Centers is America’s largest OAKLEAF analyzed every regional area with a Hobby and most complete creative center. With 362 stores in 28 Lobby store for recycling rebates. OAKLEAF was also states, Hobby Lobby sells craft and hobby supplies for able to put a system in place to track the volume of picture framing, jewelry making, fashion fabrics, floral, waste and recycled materials. cards and party, baskets, wearable art, home accents, holiday supplies, and many more. Results: Challenge: As a result of OAKLEAF’s persistence, they were able to obtain a higher return on Hobby Lobby’s cardboard Hobby Lobby wanted a more favorable return on their recycling. The accurate tracking of tonnage, along with cardboard re-cycling, more competitive pricing on waste accurate and timely reporting, has made a significant removal, and more accurate tracking of tonnage. difference in Hobby Lobby’s overall trash management program. ”OAKLEAF has done everything they said they would do for Hobby Lobby. They did not make unrealistic promises or guarantees in order to get the account. Hobby Lobby is a Christian-based company, and we enjoy doing business with a company that treats us with honesty and integrity. Based on our experience, it appears that OAKLEAF’s employees have a genuine desire to help with any problem that might come up.” --Don Foster Director of Store Planning Hobby Lobby Creative Centers
  7. 7. Storage USA Solution at a Glance: OAKLEAF would accomplish savings through consolidated billing, where the customer issues one OAKLEAF provided a 15% savings on external costs check. Recycling was set up where it benefited the while providing ongoing management services that client to reduce costs. provided another 5% soft cost savings and continuously improved administrative efficiencies. Results: Challenge: Achieved goal for cost reduction of 15% for external savings through bid process. Deliver cost reductions while simultaneously simplifying administration resources for the customer. Soft cost savings achieved by providing a monthly report Most challenging was verifying valid service with billing to show customer increased services so they specifications and billing information for each facility. can be monitored and changed if necessary. Administrative cut back and realignment was resulted Solution: from waste and recycling management services, saving OAKLEAF bid out all of the customer locations, right the customer more money. sized the services to achieve optimum service levels and consolidated invoices and processes. This process primarily drove the cost reductions. OAKLEAF’S proprietary technology aids in the administrative simplification, and efficient bidding.