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Shelby Catlett Electronic Career Portfolio


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Shelby Catlett Electronic Career Portfolio

  1. 1. Electronic Career PortfolioShelby CatlettMercy Academy FBLA
  2. 2. Introduction• The slides included in this presentation displays my accomplishments throughout high school.
  3. 3. Table of Contents• Letters of Recommendation• Transcripts• My College Essay• Work Experience• Academic Accomplishments• Clubs/offices
  4. 4. Table of Contents• Achievements• Recognition• Community Service• Leadership• Honors• Paintings• Acceptance Letters
  5. 5. Letters of Recommendation
  6. 6. Letters of Recommendation cont.
  7. 7. Letters of Recommendation cont.
  8. 8. Transcripts
  9. 9. Transcripts cont.
  10. 10. Transcripts cont.
  11. 11. My College Essay
  12. 12. Volleyball and Basketball Concession Stand:referee and score keeper: 2011 at Saint Mary2009-2011 at Saint Mary AcademyAcademy Lawn Service: 2007-present File Clerk at Sales Tillman Walbaum Catlett and Satterly law office: Work 2007-present Experience
  13. 13. Principal’s List 3x: All A’s for the semester Academic First Honors 3x: Achievements Perfect Attendance 3x No more than 2 B’s for the semester Class Rank: 2 of 170Poem in Literary Magazine Governor’s Cup
  14. 14. Service Outreach:9, 10, 11, 12 National Clubs Honor Society: 11, 12 Promoting FBLA: Active 9, 10, 11, 12 Wellness in Students: Spanish Honor Society 9, 10, 11, 12TEAM Mercy: Business9, 10, 11, 12 National Honor Society
  15. 15. FBLA SLT rep: 12 Student Leadership Team Treasurer: 10 Publicist: 11 Vice President: 12 Project Life Secretary: 10 President: 11, 12 ClubOffices Student Development Committee President: 12
  16. 16. Member of the National Society of High School Scholars Achievements SWIFT GE Member of Mensa Engineering ProgramMember of the National Honor and Merit Scholar Society
  17. 17. Track-First TeamAcademic All-State:10, 11 State Track Team: 4x800 meter relay State Track Atta-girl Award: Event: high 10,11,12 jump SportsTrack and AchievementsField VarsityLetter Award:10, 11, 12
  18. 18. Cross Country Varsity Letter Sports Award: 11, 12Achievements Atta-girl award: 10, 11 12
  19. 19. RecognitionInterviewwithCatholicSports Featured in school newspaper Featured Athlete in the Mercy JagWire
  20. 20. Featured in Recognitionthe BusinessFirst, FirstHonorsPublication Featured in the Courier Journal
  21. 21. Community ServiceSalvation ArmyAngel Tree Sorting Angel Tree Shopping Norton Hospital Volunteer St. Mary’s Center Dare to Care
  22. 22. Community ServiceCleaning upHenryville aftertornado Habitat for Humanity Vacation Bible School Painted sign for Vintage Village Maryhurst Collection
  23. 23. Community Service Prader-Willi Pantene Locks of Love Syndrome Fundraiser St. John Center for Homeless MenMercyAcademy:Open House,Phon-athons, SalvationFreshmen School Supplies Army SoupLockin Collection Kitchen
  24. 24. Leadership Youth Rights Conference Quest Leadership Program Muhammad Ali Center Council of StudentsTake a Stand: I won’t bethe one drug and alcoholresistance conference Peer Leader
  25. 25. Bell Award Governor’s Scholars ProgramYMCA YouthCharacterAward Honors
  26. 26. AP Scholar AwardHonors Centre Accepted to Fellows Award Murray State Commonwealth Honors Academy
  27. 27. Paintings
  28. 28. Colleges Accepted to:TransylvaniaUniversity University of Kentucky Centre College