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  • IAN - Introduce one by one
    Richard thought it important & valuable that we explain and maybe reinforce what we do – destroy misconceptions
    More depth as to why and not just what
  • EMMA:
  • JULIE:
  • IAN:
  • Tx Community coffee morning

    1. 1. Why Community Service? BIS Community Service Projects
    2. 2. Introduction Thank-you for coming Meet The Team - TX Parent Community Service Representative Why we are here this morning Not just an overview but more “Why” do we do it? Please try to keep questions to the end
    3. 3. The Community Service Team •Community Service Project Manager: Emma Morris Ian Wilson •AP2 Community Service Campus Co-ordinator: Daphnee Deleporte •AP1 Community Service Campus Leader: Julie Fisher •TX Community Service Campus Leader: Heather Robinson •AP2 Community Service PTG Rep: Jay Nielsen •AP1 Community Service PTG Rep: Abi Miguel •TX Community Service Parent Rep: ??? AP1 Campus Service Group AP2 Campus Service Group TX Campus Service Group Community Service Project Group SMT
    4. 4. Today’s Presentation Objectives Our Vision statement ‘Why’ we have a Community Service Program Preparation Action Reflection Acknowledgement Progression through the Community Service Program The Value of Community Service on a local and global scale Club provision Contacts Questions
    5. 5. Our Vision  Moving away from the focus of purely fund-raising  Emphasis on giving time and energy Opening doors and creating opportunities Developing positive characteristics - empathy, care, consciousness, respect; Taking responsibility towards - people, the environment On a Local and Global scale
    6. 6. Our Commitment as BIS Provision of Staff  full time office (manager & assistant)  Campus co-ordinators Transport – for our children & partners Refreshments Resources CPD – Inset days for all staff PTG A full Curriculum and Clubs program across the spectrum
    7. 7. FOBISIA Leading Community Service within the federation Chairing the FOBISIA Executive Annual CPD Conferences Regional opportunities for students Eg. Garden International School visiting from KL Developing the FOBISIA connection to Eco-Schools Leading the way with commitment to training inspectors
    8. 8. Characteristics IB characteristics:  inquirers  knowledgeable  thinkers  communicators  principled  open-minded  caring  risk-takers  balanced  reflective.
    9. 9. Characteristics Confidence: Social confidence Creativity Able to think on your feet Flexible Dynamic Overcoming: language barriers social barriers ability or asthetic barriers
    10. 10. Hart’s Ladder Roger Hart, a sociologist for UNICEF The Ladder of participation First three rungs to represent forms of non- participation. First rung generally represents the threat of “attend or fail” Rungs 6, 7, and 8 generally represent “young person/adult partnerships”, programs designed to foster authentic engagement in communities. The rungs of the Ladder can help students and teachers identify how are currently involved in communities, and give them goals to aspire towards.
    11. 11. Preparation In class discussions Background information on the community partner Our partnership Photos and video of previous sessions with the partner Why we connect What to expect - senses What to expect – emotionally Growth Mountain Developing understanding of impacts on partner Activities, schedule What to bring Role play Preparation of resources or activities
    12. 12. P.V.C - which were you? A Prisoner, Vacationer or a Changemaker? PrisonerI am not enjoying this experience and wondered….when will this be over? VacationerEnjoying the experience, positively making the most of it and cruising along…. ChangemakerEmbracing the experience, being conscious, asking questions, considering what you can do to make a change, thinking how you can make a difference… being a leader…
    13. 13. Growth Mountain Where would you place yourself? Relaxation Ridge This task easy and enjoyable… Growth Peakchallenging but okay.. PanicCliff pastcapacity,needhelpfromothers…
    14. 14. Reflection – Why? Reflection allows you to connect with your experience, to observe, consider and conclude on: Your behaviour, feelings and thoughts. on the behaviour, thoughts, emotions and the feelings of others. Reflect means to observe and consider and conclude Therefore you will become more conscious, aware of others, your surrounding, how you engage and make positive change
    15. 15. Reflection – How? Wide angle, microscope, Mirror Speaking: in small groups, in large groups, one-on- one, oral reports Writing: essays, diary entries and journals, guides for future volunteers, advertisements, articles, songs Activities: role-play, teach others, create a puppet show, hold a celebration party Drama and Art: photo essays, paintings, drawings, collages, dances
    16. 16. Growth Mountain Where would you place yourself? Relaxation Ridge This task easy and enjoyable… Growth Peakchallenging but okay.. PanicCliff pastcapacity,needhelpfromothers…
    17. 17. Elements of The Program All projects span the following areas: The Environment Animals People Scaling: Local Regional Global
    18. 18. Current Aims of the TX Programme Range and balance in current projects people, animals, environment, disability Raising the profile of Community service improve general understanding greater awareness through continued reporting in newsletters and other media increased participation in clubs Use of BISCAT booklets throughout the school Eco-Schools – Green Flag Award application
    19. 19. The TX Curriculum Overview TX Campus 2013-2014 EYFS ARC (Animal Rescue and Care) Animals Yr 1 Binh Trieu School People, Education Yr 2 Tran Khanh Du School People, Education Yr 3 Thien Phuoc People, Disability Yr 4 PdV (Poisseurs de Vie) Film project People, Education Yr 5 EAST (Endangered Asian Species Trust) Animals, Environment, Education Yr 6 PdV (Poisseurs de Vie) Art project People, Education
    20. 20. EYFS Respect and care for animals;
    21. 21. Year 1 – Binh Trieu School People; Education;
    22. 22. Year 2 – Tran Khanh Du School People; Education;
    23. 23. Year 3 – Thien Phuoc People; Disability;
    24. 24. Year 4 - PdV People; Education;
    25. 25. Year 5 - EAST Animals; Habitat/Environment; Education;
    26. 26. Year 6 - PdV People; Education;
    27. 27. The AP2 Curriculum Overview AP2 Campus 2013-2014 (ILS) Yr 7 Green Beans Madagui Charity School Yr 8 Overcoming Disability –Thao Dien Khiem Thinh School - Lam Dong, Dalat Yr 9 AIP - Helmets for Kids (Media Focus) Yr 10 Mai Tam Presentations and Activity Sessions Yr 12 – CAS Lessons Binh Tho School Swimming Football Tournament (Sports Leaders) Yr 12 – Community Service Committees KonTum VinaCapital Heartbeat Foundation Operation Smile Project Aware
    28. 28. Progression through the program Brief overview of AP2 shows how students can develop through service learning throughout school career Similarities in focus but introducing new topics Natural progession but more student led More suitable projects for older children End goal is by Year 12 students are taking ownership & organising their own projects within community
    29. 29. Clubs – the Basics What? A voluntary extension of community service Why? To give students more opportunity to develop the characteristics already discussed How? What needs to take place: 1. Teachers to volunteer to lead it 2. Students to sign up (via CHQ) to attend 3. Partner to link with and join with us
    30. 30. Clubs - current position & aims Numbers – number of clubs and students involved growing year on year, term on term Choice – offer appealing clubs to all year groups Adaptation – willing to change to cater for our students and partners needs and suitability Events Not all students can attend community clubs weekly Opportunity to join in events such as Football Tournament, Seasonal parties, Pagoda visits and more!
    31. 31. Clubs Overview These clubs normally run after school and therefore compete with all the other available clubs/sports for your Children’s attendance Day Name Monday Eco-Warriors Wednesday Arts & Craft Club with Poussiers de Vie Eco Warriors & Scouts TX Centre Club (still to be confirmed)
    32. 32. What can you be involved in? BISCAT – home activity Curriculum  Discussions with your children at home about their Community experiences Clubs & Events  Volunteers welcome  Get your children involved Donations & Fund-raising – formal or informal
    33. 33. How to get involved? First point of Contact: Heather Robinson – heatherrobinson@bisvietnam.com For more general school enquiries: Ian Wilson – ianwilson@bisvietnam.com Emma Morris – emmamorris@bisvietnam.com TX Parent Community Service Representative: ???