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Iatefl18 - Brighton


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Make your students interested in their future.
Forum on Global issues

Published in: Education
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Iatefl18 - Brighton

  1. 1. Bildkälla: Sara Bruun - Sweden Make Your Students Interested in Their Future
  2. 2. Sara Bruun Teacher English/ German 7-9 Ed Tech Teacher Trainer University of Malmö Author Blogger Lecturer @SaraBruun3
  3. 3. Never Give Up A cross curricular perspective Swedish, English, History, German - WW2 and nowadays The blog gives structure Bruun's classroom
  4. 4. Different perspectives are important Skype in the Classroom
  5. 5. Literature and digital tools ”A multimodal text uses a combination of two or more communication modes, for example print, image and spoken text as in film or computer presentations” (AISNSW 2017) You are journalists from the BBC during WW2 ...
  6. 6. Authentic tasks - Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump? Green Screen by Do Ink
  7. 7. Make the students interested in their future Green Screen and Youtube
  8. 8. Flipgrid
  9. 9. GLOBALGOALS1718 #stopplasticpollution
  10. 10. #stopplasticpollution #globalgoals iMovie and Youtube
  11. 11. Twitter:@SaraBruun3 Contact: Books:
  12. 12. Questions?