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Mickey Mouse #3 W Music 2


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Mickey Mouse #3 W Music 2

  1. 1. Today’s Objective(s) Good Morning: Feb 23, 2006 BAT: Define & Describe properties/characteristics of a compound (Progressing) Summarize “real world” examples for specific compound (Satisfactory) Design experiment to test or demonstrate properties/characteristics (Mastery)WILY : Today’s Journal Prompt - covalent bonding – “What’s the connection?” Materials needed WILY Folder Today: Field Notebook 1.) WHAT’S THE BIG IDEA ? Secrets of the Universe list Valence models 2.) Secret Of the Universe # 5 Intro Sharp Pencil Notes & Connections Pen/colored pencil(s) Simple demonstrations 3.) Q&A / Terminology check Handouts NoteKeeper 4.) Assignment/project selection (Presentation notes available) Goal Objective Possible Resources Assessment Links 5.) Have Selection checked before you leave today !
  2. 2. k e y M o u s e is t h e K e y t o L if e in t h e U n iv e r s e H2O ( a s w e k n o w it ) M H ost abundant compound H I ce Floats + + C lear ilocalories of energy K - E xpands when frozen oUniversal Solvent Y
  3. 3. M ost abundant compound 75% of the planet is covered with MICKEY 70% of you is MICKEY MICKEY is in the air MICKEY is underground MICKEY is into practically everythingWould an alien arriving for the first time really call this planet...Earth ??! Or would it be ..... Aqua? Life starts in an aqueous solution. Challenge: Life started in an aqueous solution. Where wouldn’t you find MICKEY?
  4. 4. I ce floats One of MICKEY’s “unusual” properties: Solid MICKEY is less dense ( see: Secret of the Universe #4) than liquid Mickey. Life under MICKEY continues, even when the surface is frozen solid.The calving of Icebergs from glaciers “distributes”freshwater to the marine environment. Challenge: What would happen if icebergs sank, building up on top of one another, year after year after year?
  5. 5. C lear While the angle of incidence affects some solar radiation, because MICKEY is transparent, light is able to penetrate the surface.In MICKEY’s Photic zone, Photosynthesis occurs,allowing the food chain to begin (and flourish.) Challenge: What might the effects on phytoplankton be if MICKEY Increased reflection / refraction / absorption of light?
  6. 6. K ilocalories of energy As MICKEY moves/changes from one “state of matter”to another, measurable energy is involved. MICKEY is a standard by which we compare/measure energy. The formula and definition of calorieChallengeWhat energies are involved in a water drop moving through the water cycle?OrWhere does the energy that drives a hurricane come from?
  7. 7. E xpands when Frozen When MICKEY freezes it expands by almost 10%. In the winter, melting snow, in the form of MICKEY, seeps into the cracks and freezes at night, bit by bit prying and opening cracks, making them ever wider. This erosion process, frost wedging / frost shattering, is one of MICKEY’s contributions to “creating” new soil and releasing “rock-bound” minerals.Challenge:What are some of the “civil” consequences/costs ofMICKEY’s contribution to erosion?
  8. 8. YoUniversal Solvent (Hey, some metaphors aren’t perfect) Almost everything dissolves in MICKEY. Stone, iron, pots, pans, plates, sugar, salt, and coffee beans all dissolve in MICKEY. MICKEY is the great mover; rivers, oceans, underground..... constantly moving dissolved solutes around the planet. Things which dissolve are called solutes and the liquid in which they dissolve is called a solvent.Mickey moves dissolved nutrientsfrom the soil into the plant. It’s MICKEY’s magnetic personality that does the trick. Challenge: Is Mickey’s ability to dissolve solutes affected by his temperature?
  9. 9. Coming up next : MICKEY’s dipolar personality There is a positive (hydrogen) side And a negative (oxygen) side to MICKEY. Like a magnet. Substances (things with positive and/or negative charges) easily attract water molecules. The water molecules surround the charged solute; positive hydrogens close to negative charges and negative oxygens close to positive charges on the solute molecule. All this interaction suspends the solute molecule in a sea of water molecules; it disperses and dissolves easily.
  10. 10. Notekeeper: Date: _____/ _____/____ What’s the Big Idea? Sketch/ diagram of _____________________________ _______________________________ Mickey Mouse is the key to life in the Universe _______________________________ Preview/Predict ? _______________________________ ______________________________________________1.(intro?)_______________________________________2.____________________________________________ M_____________________________________________ I3._________________________________________________________________________________________ Terminology ry Pu up Lo k it Ch it gl t In sa ow ec ok C4.____________________________________________ os Kn_____________________________________________ Aqua / aqueous K5._________________________________________________________________________________________ angle of incidenceInteresting FACTOIDS Don’t forget !!______________ __________________________ photic zone Questions to ask:____________ Phytoplankton _________________________ Frost wedging _________________________ _________________________ (Continue on back ? [ ] )
  11. 11. Continued. Summary / or Three most important things I learned:6.______________________________________ E_______________________________________7.______________________________________ Y_______________________________________8._____________________________________________________________________________9._____________________________________________________________________________10:____________________________________________________________________________ Webbing or concept map = matter = Action/energy