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Yieb members bar mitzvah guide


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Yieb members bar mitzvah guide

  1. 1. YIEB Bat Mitzvah Guide Dear YIEB Family, Celebrating a Bat Mitzvah at YIEB is a very exciting time in your child’s life. We understand that it takes a lot of preparation and therefore we have prepared the following guide to help you along. This is a general guideline and will vary depending on the nature of the Bat Mitzvah. If at any time we can be helpful in preparing for this event, please be in touch with Rabbi Weinstein or the YIEB President.  Date: As soon as you have decided the date for your child’s Bar Mitzvah, you must reserve it on the shul calendar. You do that through the event manager on the YIEB website. If you have any difficulty, you can contact o Additional rules and policies regarding prioritization of dates can be obtained from the Shul office.  Name and information for the Siddur is submitted at the beginning of the year to The following information is needed: 1. Exact and complete English spelling of the child’s name. English only. No Hebrew lettering. 2. Date to be inscribed and 3. Parsha  As soon as you have finalized a date and Bar Mitzvah teacher, contact Rabbi Weinstein to inform him of the plans.  Learning Project: It is recommended that your son embark on a learning project in preparation for her Bat Mitzvah. It could be learning about his Bat Mitzvah Parsha or any other Mitzvah/Jewish Topic she finds interesting. This will help your daughter in preparing a d’varTorah.  Chessed Project: Your child is encouraged to have some type of chessed/volunteer project. This does not have to be done by the date of the Bar Mitvah but can be done afterwards. If you need ideas, feel free to contact Melissa Rosen or Rabbi Weinstein.  Honors Form: Families who sponsor either a Kiddush or Seudah Shlishit for the shul are entitled to the various kibbudim on Shabbat morning. Please contact Rabbi Weinstein a month before the Bar Mitzvah to receive the form. The honors form should be returned to Rabbi Weinstein by the Tuesday before the Bar Mitzvah.  For all of your catering needs (Kiddush, Seudah Shlishit or a meal), please be in touch with Barbara Goldman at or by cell phone at (732) 599-6390. o All information regarding fees can be obtained from Barbara.  To sponsor Seudah Shlishit contact Debbie Chustkie at  For all your building needs, table arrangements, room setup, microphone/projector (which incurs an extra cost), contact Milty Goldman at Please contact him well in advance of the event for any special needs or requests.  If you plan on throwing candy at the Bar Mitzvah, the candy bags must be purchased through the Sisterhood. To order bags, contact Shelley Goldman at The candy may only be thrown by women and should not be given out until half way through the Haftorah.  Speech: Rabbi Weinstein is available to help guide your son in writing and practicing to deliver a D’var Torah. Please contact Rabbi Weinstein at least 2 months before the Bar Mitzvah to schedule meetings times (usually once a week for 3-4 weeks). You are responsible for bringing the speech on the day of the Simcha. It is recommended to print out two copies (one to have at home and one to leave at the shul).  You must email your Bar Mitzvah/Mazel Tov announcement to the newsletter, email before noon on Wednesday prior to the Bar Mitzvah. It will not appear unless you email it.  Please contact Rabbi Weinstein two weeks before the Bar Mitzvah to have one final meeting to finalize and review everything for the Simcha.