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Generation 2 vs.  Generation Y

September 4, 2014 by Robert Maynard (Edit)

A recent article in Forbes magazine describes ...
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Generation Z vs. Generation Y: Entrepreneurship


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As the co-founder of LifeLock, Robert Maynard discusses generation Z's entrepreneurial drive.

Published in: Business
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Generation Z vs. Generation Y: Entrepreneurship

  1. 1. Generation 2 vs. Generation Y September 4, 2014 by Robert Maynard (Edit) A recent article in Forbes magazine describes (1.47 the entrepreneurial difference between GENERATION Z: n " generation Z and generation Y. Generation Y [3[]llllElJlED Fll[]l. l BIRTH. (. was presumed to be the most entrepreneurial 9°'"mil"'99“$l°2“'“- . , ~‘ generation of our time, but recent studies show I that generation Z might be taking the entrepreneurial throne. Generation Z is described to be people born between 1994 and 2010, with a population of about 21 million. Randstad US, one of the largest staffing companies in the United States, recently did an entrepreneurial survey and found that 17% of generation Z’s wanted to start their own business while only 11% of generation Y’s wanted to become entrepreneurs. There are many theories as to why Gen Z’s are more interested in starting their own businesses. One of the hypotheses is that the Gen Z’s have easier access to information and resources. Future generations will all have easier access towards entrepreneurial resources. These resources allow easier access for entrepreneurs to gain entrepreneurial knowledge. These generations will also be able to get back on their feet a lot easier if they fail, making starting a company less of a risk than before. Gen Z’s also have a lot more access to multiple programs that support young entrepreneurs. Along with the development of technology, comes easier educational accessibility. Gen Z’s will be able to take advantage of this as online entrepreneurial programs take flight in this recent generation. Whereas studies show that Gen Y’s really focus on company culture, Gen Z’s are more geared towards entrepreneurial culture. Gen Z’s tend to be more interested in advancing their entrepreneurial skill set and advancing through their companies. This expressed desire for entrepreneurship in Gen Z’s have made companies cater to these needs to attract this generation. Many companies are offering greater responsibilities along with leadership training so that Gen Z’s can fulfill their entrepreneurial desires. Filed Under: Entrepreneurship Tagged With: Business, Business Development, company, entrepreneur, Entrepreneurship, generation Y, generation Z, Lifelock, Robert Maynard, Robert Maynard Lifelock