Research on Decalin Market (Decahydronaphthalene) in China, 2012-2017


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Research on Decalin Market (Decahydronaphthalene) in China, 2012-2017

  1. 1. Research on Decalin Market (Decahydronaphthalene) in China,2012-2017Report Details:Published:November 2012No. of Pages: 66Price: Single User License – US$2200Decalin is mainly used as a solvent for paints, for the extraction of fats and waxes; replaceturpentine used for shoe polish and floor wax manufacturing; it can mixed with benzene andethanol to be a fuel of the internal combustion engine, but also can be used as a refractive indexdetermination liquid. So far, decalin producers are mainly organic reagents companies, such as J& K Technology Co., Ltd., Shanghai Meryer Chemical Technology Co., Ltd., Sinopharm ChemicalReagent Co., Ltd., and the larger producers are mainly concentrated in the eastern and northernChina.In China, the decalin output was 11,900 tons in 2010. Decalin annual output reached 14,400 tonsin 2011, representing an increase of 21.0% over 2010. During 2008- 2011, the average annualproduction growth rate of decalin is 13.47%. With the rapid development of the coal chemicalindustry, China decalin market potential is huge; decalin market growth rate in the future will benot less than 10%. Huidian Research estimates that China decalin market supply in 2012 willreach 15,800 tons, 17,400 tons in 2013, and 25,500 tons in 2017.Companies Mentioned in this report:•J & K•Shanghai Meryer Chemical Co. Ltd.•Sinopharm Chemical Reagent Co. Ltd.•Alfa Aesar (Tianjin) Chemical Co. Ltd.•TCI (Shanghai) Co. Ltd.•Tianjin Heowns Biochemistry Co. LtdGet your copy of this report @ points covered in Table of Contents of this report include
  2. 2. 1. China Decalin Products Overview1.1 Products Overview1.1.1 Definition1.1.2 Cis-decalin1.1.3 Trans-decalin1.1.4 Impact on the environment1.2 Industry Characteristics1.2.1 Consumption Characteristics1.2.2 Product Structure Characteristics1.2.3 Raw Material Supply Characteristics1.2.4 Concentration Characteristics2. Industry Development Environment in China2.1 Economic Environment2.1.1 Economic Development Status2.1.2 GDP2.1.3 Fixed Assets Investment2.1.4 Total Import & Export Volume and Growth Rate2.1.5 China Macro-economic Development Forecast2.2 Policy Environment3. China Market Structure3.1 Competitors3.2 Potential New Entrance3.3 Substitutes3.4 Bargaining Power of Suppliers3.5 Bargaining Power of Purchasers4. Industry Chain in China4.1 Upstream Industry4.2 Downstream Industry4.2.1 Paint Solvents Industry4.2.2 Internal-combustion Engine Fuel Industry4.3 Related Industries5. China Market Scale, 2008-20115.1 Market Scale, 2008-20115.1.1 Output, 2008-20115.1.2 Consumption, 2008-20115.2 Industrial Supply Factors5.3 Production Regional Structure5.4 Analysis and Forecast of Demand
  3. 3. 5.4.1 Demand Field5.4.2 Demand Forecast5.5 Price Trend5.5.1 Average Market Price, 2007-20115.5.2 Current Market Price5.5.3 Factors Affecting Price5.5.4 Price Forecast, 2012-20175.6 Marketing Channel6. China’s Import and Export6.1 Cycloalkanes, Cyclenes and Ring Terpene Import and Export Volume and Amount6.2 Main Import Countries Assorted by Trade Volume6.3 Main Export Countries Assorted by Trade Volume7. Industry Financial Situation in China7.1 Industry Scale, 2009 to the First Half of 20127.1.1 Output Value, 2009 to the First Half of 20127.1.2 Revenue, 2009 to the First Half of 20127.1.3 Total Asset, 2009 to the First Half of 20127.1.4 Number of Enterprises, 2009 to the First Half of 20127.1.5 Number of Employees, 2009 to the First Half of 20127.2 Economic Benefit, 2009 to the First Half of 20127.2.1 Rate of Return on Capital, 2009 to the First Half of 20127.2.2 Profit Rate on Funds, 2009 to the First Half of 20127.2.3 Cost Profit Margins, 2009 to the First Half of 20127.3 Industry Efficiency, 2009 to the First Half of 20127.3.1 Ratio of Liabilities to Assets7.3.2 Current Assets Turnover8. Key Enterprises at Home and Abroad8.1 J & K8.1.1 Company Profile8.1.2 Operating Management8.1.3 Strength8.2 Shanghai Meryer Chemical Co. Ltd.8.2.1 Company Profile8.2.2 Operating Management8.2.3 Strength8.3 Sinopharm Chemical Reagent Co. Ltd.8.3.1 Company Profile8.3.2 Operating Management8.3.3 Strength
  4. 4. 8.4 Alfa Aesar (Tianjin) Chemical Co. Ltd.8.4.1 Company Profile8.4.2 Operating Management8.4.3 Strength8.5 TCI (Shanghai) Co. Ltd.8.5.1 Company Profile8.5.2 Operating Management8.5.3 Strength8.6 Tianjin Heowns Biochemistry Co. Ltd8.6.1 Company Profile8.6.2 Operating Management8.6.3 Strength9. China Industry Development Forecast9.1 Output Forecast, 2012-20179.2 Consumption Forecast, 2012-20179.3 Output Value Forecast, 2012-20179.4 Sales Revenue Forecast, 2012-201710. Synthesis Technology10.1 Synthesis Process10.2 Status Quo of Synthesis Technology11. Investment Prospects and Opportunities11.1 Industry SWOT Analysis11.1.1 Strength11.1.2 Weakness11.1.3 Opportunities11.1.4 Threat11.2 Investment Value11.2.1 Development Prospects11.2.2 Profitability Forecast11.2.3 Investment OpportunitiesContact: for more information.