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Ananya pdf


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This is one of my exclusive luxurious apartment project At Bashundhara , Baridhara , Dhaka, Bangladesh

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Ananya pdf

  1. 1. il“fl7l71.— an exclusive luxurious apartment venture in Dhaka. ‘. .1. a‘, ’.1
  2. 2. ¢: ,<‘; ,‘v -’, .:y: }.. .‘. r‘v: ... v . .,, - . ,. Honorable Clients, In the emerging shape of the capital city Dhaka's present urban outlook and lifestyles, Lalbag Real Estate & Developers Ltd. is the name of trust that has newly marked its success as one of the distinct real estate developers company in the horizon of real estate business in Bangladesh. It promises the essence of time and quality within the reach of the urban dwellers. Lalbag Real Estate & Developers Ltd. is awell known real estate company in Bangladesh. The company is engaged with the construction of building projects. Lalbag Real Estate & Developers Ltd. has started the apartment business to solve the residential needs of urban area in Bangladesh. The objective of the company is to serve its esteem clients with devotion and continuous effort for the best quality up to their satisfaction to fulfill the rigorous demands of its clients, Lalbag Real Estate & Developers Ltd. is working with its ever efficient team of architects, engineers. corporate staffs and experienced management body. Lalbag Real Estate & Developers Ltd. is the symbol of customer's entire confidence and satisfaction. So, we always believe in commitment, quality & service. I-hi-liiluizw-i-, '? «.‘-‘,9,/ « '3// ,,~. b '/ ‘/I--/ :.’«, I— . '.l—. inr. i:l'| iig»-ll: -.i-it-i zil-r: ig. :(: r.l‘linitzw | l’—l'l1lI-l-lilk = .(-. 3-im: in ADVISER: Business Development Concord Real Estate 8 Developers Ltd DIRECTOR: Land & Development Ainin Mohammad Foundation Ltd HEAD: HR 8. Land 8. Development Asset Development & Holdings Ltd HEAD: Legal‘ 8. L0glSl| CS Department Advanced Development 8. Technologies Ltd
  3. 3. Ca mm: »zw2t_<. _( .0 WNS :00: xvi 2. :2: mzoccsoo »2_<<. :_<. .( .0 imizz EEOC $+oz:9._. uKo . m.: (.§Q . uz_o:3m . <:. :3. no. (571 nzf 2.5.02. vz_u<. 1.25.0 3:. .. ZS ‘ <x(: n . <x<Ia_= (m . S.<zn_z_. ::S_ .0 ‘ «Q0; 5.: , ~05 3 ‘D(O. ._ $En_n< 5:05. <>ZZ<Z< 0/3:3 | <Mrz‘(-.4 9:§
  5. 5. 1—'r= ".* _. .__. ... ._: .‘ . __. __§. .—: .4 TYPICAL FLOOR PLAN Ilfillr 3743 L an Kclllmt‘ lmm". IlIn‘ln‘Il‘ll‘ 7:u'aIIl1 Imlau : ‘ ‘unnat- ;4 vA: mwm: ' IQII = Ilo: -Iawl-. w|r: cull! ' 4’; —‘, , . I I 1.: _ ’, ’v', E- I ‘. - ' —u I 1 ~. & _ L- ‘I ‘fit-. = G. BED 11‘-0' X11‘-0‘ LMNG 10'-0' x 1030" '” TOILET 723- x 4'4- TOILET 7'4)‘ x 5-3- mass 523' x 327- C. BED ‘1._D. x11,_o. ' «Or omnms 16’-2' x 10'-o" TOILET 7uo- x eno- F. LIVING 10'0' X 7'-6" 5 U'Xl 3‘ 501473’ 5, L N . - § I 2 E I -; A I z I ‘T — '“ K KITCHEN «x F; 7'-0' x 620' g I” M‘ 350 13'—0'X11'—0' _' n_, "_J -1- PLAN PAGE
  6. 6. FEATURES &AMENITIES II: -' Izucw nilaiiciv -‘I-tsllrttt , '-uI. ut: lt. ‘i4 uillquluia Isl Win‘! -1: Nada’-Itel. ‘ | et: r.s {(IlII' (ei- IP lIl: I:I‘ : . ‘, o;. ~.vmoIc amtqz IIIIIII ‘: Ol»‘I>‘I1+. zll0l-‘K II" ll: .~I1:rVrn: — ELECTRICAL WORKS: Standard concealed wiring in PVC conduits for lights , tan and sockets plug points Flushed fan hooks in ceiling . Best quality switch. socked etc. Provision torNC point in Master & other 2 bed. Concealed satellite TV cable in living . Plug points for retngerators/ freezers etc. at convenient locations. Generator connection lor emergency. Separate electric meter for each apartment. Separate eclectical distribution box for each apartment. Intercom system from reception desk to each apartment SANITARY AND PLUMBING LINE: Concealed GI/ PVC pipe in walls and shaft. Water pump of pedroilo lor lifting water. BUILDING ENTRANCE: Secured decorative MS gate. Attractive apartment logos. Comtortable Intemal driveway. Guard post. etc. RECEPTION LOBBY: Floor of reception lobby/ guard post of tiles (RAK I any other equivalent best quality). Intercom from guard posllreception to each apt. ROOF TOP: Protective parapet wall with standard height. Cloth drying stand. LIFT LOBBY 8. COMMON SPACE: Spacious lobby with suflicient light facilities Floor will be best tiles of (RAKI any other equivalent best quality) UTILITY CONNECTIONS: DESA 03 phase power supply for main line. Individual DESA meter for each apartment. Double burner gas connection in each kitchen. WASA water supply 7 sewerage system. LIIr‘I': Best quality imponed lift of 04 persons capacity. GENERATOR : Best quality & capacity imported generator. Structure : The building will be a framed structure of reinforcement cement concrete (RCC) Extemal wall : External wall will be of 5' thick solid brick. Internal wall : Intemal wall will be of 5" thick solid brick. Exterior color : Exterior surface of the building will be painted with snowcem / weather coat of elegant color. Interior color 2 Cement plastered brick walls and ceiling painted with SP0. Roof Top : Lime terracing on rooftop for protection from overheating. Storage : Overhead storage space above toilets. Floor : RAKI or any other equivalent top quality homogeneous tiles of size 16' x 16' other than stair. Doors : Main door of solid timber (Malaysia/ Indonesia). best quality plastic door in toilets and solid timber (Gamari) in verandah. Windows : Aluminum works with 5mm. thick glass, grill with flat bar. Provision for double burner gas out let over concrete plattorm. Provision for single bowl stainless steel sink, exhaust fan. Provision for wall cabinet from 7-0” to ceiling . Floor tiles: (RAKI any other equivalent equivalent best quality) size-16" X 16" All water and waste water lines are concealed. Provision lor hot 8. cold water in master toilet. Fittings and fixtures will be of Nazma brand or any other equivalent best quality. commode, lowdown 8. basin ( RAK or any other equivalent quality). Best Quality While Wash Basin with Mirror. Railing ot GI pipe with attractive design. Hand rest of teak chamble/ Chittagong leak. PAC E
  7. 7. TERMS 5: CONDITIONS I Illi , ‘1'l'l[[re--IlOI>. ‘ ‘IIIOII-"-IIs‘I v-wivitan TIII-I v-In «mu Irzwln Lvlltl “ ‘. Ilct-‘I: - . Itoi. ~ {lI3UI>‘IF I-. 'Ak‘Ill61‘: II' It1-V»‘b1lIt- A'Av't>‘V'fl1i'AII>‘I i . ... ... _i. APPLICATION: interested buyer shall submit application on the prescribed lorm duly signed by hlmlher along with earnest money Lalbag Real Estate 5 Developers Ltd reserves the right to accept or reyect any application without asslgningony reason ALLOTMENT : Allotment will be made on lirst come rirst serve basis on acceptance ol application A earnest mciliey, Lalbag real estate 5 developers lid will issue ail nilarinriiit Intlvr to trio applicant on receipt or which he or she will start to make the payment as per the schedule payments III the brochure or as per negotiation with the particular Client, until 5 unless make the luii payment or installments buyer shall have no right to lrarisler the allotment to another party except any special reason PAYMENT: All payments shall be mado by M: payee cheque or Bani dralt or pay. ordcr in lavor or Lalbag Real Estate 8 Developers Lia aangiadestiis residing abroad may remit payments by TT or DD Buyer must strictly loliow the payment schedule Lalbag real estate 5 developers ltd may issue roniini-leis to the buyer lei delay or any payment beyond due date the buyer is liable to pay a delay charge tag I *7/r per day on the amount or payment delayed ior dues time It the payment is delayed beyond 90tnInt= ly) days Lalbag Real Estate 5. Developers Ltd . shall have the right to cancel the allotment wllhrtul Showing any reason in siich an lgvlynl the gmg ngnnin bylhg »_tUyg,5_i.3ili_. e.a nneg age, deducting 5% or the total deposited amount tk 1 oo 000l—(nne Lac nnlyl whichever is higher This deduction is also applicable in the event or cancellation in any means COMPANY'S RIGHT: The company may make minor changi-s in tire design both archiicciurnl is slriiciilralollhe protect company should become necessary Limited changes in the specrlication and laciiiiies may be made by Lalbag Real Estate 5 Developers Ltd lor the overall interest oi the venture HAND OVER: The possession ol the aoartmont will be handed over Wlllilrl committed time schedule except tor reasons beyond control oi Lalbag Real Estate ta. Developers Lltl such as lorce ITr1|t“tllV! nniirrai CaIfiml’lP§ political tunnnii strikes act or god or economic conditions etc Fiat hand over will be made only alter the lull payment ol installments UTILITY CONNECTION: connection lees security deposit lot water gas and electricity & lncldenlal cost relating to this are not Included in the pnce oi apartmtint REFUND: For any reason beyond the control ol Lalbag Real Eslllle s Developers Ltd like torce nlrlletlfe. natural calamities political turmoil strikes. act oi God or economic conditions etc the coriipany may be bound to abandon the prcllecl In such an event the buyer wi‘i be ent rlrio in lclurid ol all illslallmenls along with the earnest money already paid by him/ her wllhoul any compensation or claim TRANSFER OF OWNERSHIP: Proportionaie share or undivided a. iindernnrcntan ianrt wi he registered in Invnr til each niiottnc as ptir the current rules & regulations or concern authority TRANSFER COST: All costs relating to transier cl ownership ot the proportionate share at I: irlt1 wil- be borne by the a‘Iol'ee on actual basis MANAGEMENT‘ The buyer must undertake to become a member ol the owner s cooperative society that w ii be lorrrieri by the owners or tile aparti-ieiits lot the Iflztlltlgvlllelll oi LOIIVIIOII seniices such as iilt pumps soctirity (.0r“. pDLlid etc each aliottee must iiiiiinity deposit lk 25000 00(lwetlly live thousand) only in the restzrvt: luntl o' the association or company tor maintaining management expenses oi the complex PAGE
  8. 8. . . 1 r 7 S. h. .2 N4 .3 . !.. V.. l!. , 4. .1» : - . :o. _—<. $ 10: :1: :35 -95:53, V nil : L‘H1l(; ." , lu'I:1[o)_oI: J4: 7.0", uhnu b We always believe in quality, commitment & service. .. , , :.. uu , P . .L__1.. .. F L E. | . 305 5.3.m H00 100 [D2 15C uF4 $90 uam nflm 4/Ia 1 nnh gem . ,mD W1@ NW .0e mm mam . .<. n 5 Ha Nmh. «P 15a «a gym e 21% W Owb 6. . | H R1,. 4 ON 4 5a 7M 5 7 3 6 0 w C . ._~ . , . r 4» : a.. .:. _ufi$. .«. in 3.. .=. .uw. :.. mEflnm_ . _.Tw>a. _:m:5.. .wad. .fi—§. n.3:—(! Sm: m_ 2.2.. , xv. ..-M