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Free Software Evaluation e-Guide


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This e-Book will help you start the evaluation process and ensure you ask the right questions when evaluating room booking tools.

It will dive into the top 5 criteria you should use to evaluate the different tools:

– Ease-of-use
– Integration
– Digital Signage
– SaaS Performance
– Professional Services & Support

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Free Software Evaluation e-Guide

  1. 1. Guide to evaluating a room- scheduling solution right for your business
  2. 2. Define the Problem Make sure you know exactly what your company needs. There are many tools out there each with different functionality. It is imperative that you understand the internal problem you’re trying to solve. Steps to take: I.  Interview internal stakeholders to understand their perception of the issue II.  Understand how the problem is being managed or ‘solved’ currently III.  Understand the scale of the issue IV.  Research what other companies your size are doing to solve the issue Ultimately, you should know: •  Whether you need a small business or enterprise solution •  Whether you need basic functionality or complex functionality •  If you’re looking for detailed reporting on utilization •  And, how to make a business case for room-booking software
  3. 3. Decide on your criteria Services & Support SaaS Performance Ease-of-Use Digital Signage Integration After having seen many RFPs come our way, we have determined these high-level criteria to be most important to enterprise businesses
  4. 4. 1. Ease-of-Use •  Is it easy to learn? •  Is it easy to remember? •  Is it efficient? How many clicks? •  How long does it take to complete task? •  Is it flexible and customizable? •  Is there a native mobile app? •  What’s the reported adoption rate? It takes an average of 4.75 hours a week to arrange average of 8.9 meetings / week without scheduling software (1)
  5. 5. •  Does the tool work within already existing business processes? Can it adapt to fit? •  Does it integrate into existing platforms? Internal business applications, such as CAFMs? •  Does it integrate with digital signage such as room screens and wayfinding? 2. Integration
  6. 6. •  How do you solve the ‘no-show’ problem? •  How do you ensure booked conference rooms are actually in use? •  How do you promote your brand within your workspace? •  What does the room booking workflow look like with digital signage? •  How is it streamlined? 3. Digital Signage
  7. 7. 4. World-class SaaS 1. Can the software scale resources on demand as needed? 2. Are there data centers in your office’s regions? 3. What is the impact of latency on the application? 4. What are the Service Level Agreements? 5. What is the disaster recovery policy?
  8. 8. •  How is the system implemented? •  Is there a proven methodology? •  What expertise is provided? •  How accessible are the support services, regionally and globally? •  How does the company measure performance? 5. Professional Services & Support
  9. 9. Rank & Weigh Criteria Scale: Rank: 1 – Low, 5 – High Ease-of-Use Scalability & Reliability Support R&D Integration Total Tool #1 Tool #2 Tool #3 Tool #4
  10. 10. Identify deal breakers What are the features the software absolutely needs to have in order for your business to use the tool effectively and gain value out of it? Some examples: •  Outlook integration •  Digital signage integration •  APIs •  Local support Deal Breaker
  11. 11.   How Stacks Up Knowledgeable Technical Engineers, Project Managers and Software Trainers Condeco class implementation and training Dedicated, single point of contact Condeco makes it easy for you to book rooms & desks whether you’re an end- user or a super- user Native mobile apps for Windows, Android, and iOS Simple and detailed workflows depending on what you need Ease-of-Use Run fully redundant datacenters to provide global high availability for our clients as well as support global disaster recovery should that be needed Global NOC supports 24/7/365 performance monitoring World-class SaaS Software scales resources on demand as needed, utilizing best in class virtual technology (Hyper V) Provide regional data centers across the globe Support 7/24/365 follow-the- sun support, live phone support in every major geography Industry leading service level agreements Design, manufacture & support all our software & hardware Quarterly business reviews to measure success Integration Integrates into your existing scheduling platform APIs integrate with your internal applications, i.e. security badge system, HR system, space planning Professional Services Condeco manufactures digital signage in-house ensuring continued, seamless connectivity between the systems RFID check-in feature Clear, sleek meeting display Digital Signage
  12. 12. Have questions about finding the right room booking tool? Contact us! +1 408 508 7330 Sources: 1.