SUCCESS EXPO - In San Jose & West L.A.


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Are you ready to mingle with sophisticated investors and TOP-level professionals from around the nation? We have investors joining us from California as well as out of state. Our events bring serious investors together. Join us as we travel the country to connect with our readers, fans, and subscribers.

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SUCCESS EXPO - In San Jose & West L.A.

  1. 1. * JULY 13 - Santa Barbara, CA * * AUG. 24/25 - San Jose, CA * To RSVP call 310.499.9545 or sign & fax below * OCT. 5 - West Los Angeles * To RSVP call 310.499.9545 or sign/fax below TOP INVESTORS FROM AROUND THE NATION * NETWORK = NET WORTH * Learn, Mingle, Connect FREE - IT’S ON US Learn to Build Wealth Today To RSVP Sign & Fax to 310.499.9545 - RSVP via email at: Venue information and confirmation will be sent along with a welcome letter. NAME:______________________________________________________________________________ ADDRESS:___________________________________________________________________________ CITY________________________________________________________ STATE__________________ PHONE______________________________________EMAIL__________________________________ Learn more @ www.REALTY411GUIDE.COM/EVENTS OPT OUT: Your office is a place of business and public information, if you prefer to opt out of this database, please fax this form back to 310.499.9545 with DELETE on it, thanks! Lots of Special Vendors & Educators Success is Yours Today Hosted by Linda Pliagas publisher/agent investor/mom Realty411Realty411Realty411Realty411Realty411Realty411Realty411Realty411Realty411Realty411Realty411Realty411Realty411Realty411Realty411Realty411Realty411Realty411 SUCCESSSUCCESSSUCCESSSUCCESSSUCCESSSUCCESS EXPOEXPOEXPO * OCT. 5 - West Los Angeles * FREE magazines and our newspaper too!!