Php symfony and software lifecycle

PHP, Symfony & Software lifecycle,[object Object]
Pierre Joye,[object Object]
Pierre Joye,[object Object],@pierrejoye,[object Object],,[object Object],IRC Freenode, EFNet,[object Object],@Pierre,[object Object]
Pierre Joye,[object Object],PHP (core) Developer,[object Object],PHP Bugs Generator,[object Object],The crazy guy behind PHP/Windows,[object Object],Portability Fanatic,[object Object]
Pierre Joye,[object Object],Works with the Ancient Dark Side,[object Object],OpenSource Tech Center/Microsoft,[object Object],I Worked w/Johann@Mayflower too,[object Object]
Won’t talk too much about Symfony,[object Object]
Who uses PHP?,[object Object]
Who uses Symfony?,[object Object]
Professionally?,[object Object]
?,[object Object],?,[object Object],?,[object Object],?,[object Object],5.2,[object Object],5.3,[object Object],?,[object Object],?,[object Object],?,[object Object],?,[object Object],?,[object Object],6 ?!,[object Object],4 !?,[object Object],?,[object Object],?,[object Object]
intl,[object Object],phar,[object Object],ifsetor,[object Object],windows,[object Object],enchant,[object Object],closure,[object Object],namespace,[object Object]
Closures,[object Object],$myarray= array(3, 9, 2);,[object Object],$myarray= array_filter(,[object Object],$myarray,,[object Object],function ($elm){,[object Object],	return $elm > 5;,[object Object],},[object Object],);,[object Object],var_dump($myarray);,[object Object]
intl,[object Object],$fmt2 = newMessageFormatter("de_DE", "{0,number,integer} Affen auf {1,number,integer} Baumensind {2,number} Affen pro Baum"); ,[object Object],echo$fmt2->format(array(4560, 123, 4560/123)); echo "<br/>";,[object Object],$fmt = newMessageFormatter("en_US", "{0,number,integer} monkeys on {1,number,integer} trees make {2,number} monkeys per tree"); ,[object Object],echo$fmt->format(array(4560, 123, 4560/123)); ,[object Object]
phar,[object Object],Jar for PHP,[object Object],Easy way to distribute applications,[object Object],Custom format or use tar/zip,[object Object],Mapping requests to a file inside the phar,[object Object]
enchant,[object Object],UTF-8 support,[object Object],MySpell/HunSpell (OpenOffice) support,[object Object],Zemberek (Tuerkisch),[object Object],One API,[object Object],AppleSpell on Mac OS X,[object Object],Aspell/Pspell,[object Object]
Developpers?,[object Object],Designers?,[object Object],Project managers?,[object Object],CTO?,[object Object],CEO?,[object Object]
Ruby,[object Object],Seen by ..,[object Object],Java,[object Object],C,[object Object],PHP,[object Object],Java,[object Object],C,[object Object],Fanboyz,[object Object],PHP,[object Object],Ruby,[object Object]
PHP is ugly,[object Object]
PHP is incosistent,[object Object]
PHP core has no plan,[object Object]
Not enough releases!,[object Object]
Right!,[object Object]
But… ,[object Object]
It is not about Art,[object Object]
It is not about Beauty,[object Object]
We are not Artists,[object Object]
We are craftsmen,[object Object]
Aspiring to be Masters,[object Object]
Before he could be elected to become a master craftsman. He would then have to produce a sum of money and a masterpiece before he could actually join the guild.,[object Object],Wikipedia(,[object Object]
#4 in The Tiobe Index,[object Object],x4 more popular than Ruby,[object Object],x2 more popular than Python or C#,[object Object],,[object Object]
Horde of Idiots use it,[object Object]
Php symfony and software lifecycle
Php symfony and software lifecycle
Php symfony and software lifecycle
until recently :->,[object Object]
Php symfony and software lifecycle
Php symfony and software lifecycle
Seven of the top #10 Site in Germany use,[object Object]
Frameworks?,[object Object]
Symfony let you focus on ,[object Object],Your business,[object Object]
Symfony enforces cleanness,[object Object]
And prevent you,[object Object], to develop,[object Object], the best framework,[object Object],we ever seen,[object Object],(NB: We never asked to see another one),[object Object]
Or at least ensure ,[object Object],that everyone else ,[object Object],can follow your,[object Object],(organized) chaos,[object Object]
Release management?,[object Object]
History Of PHP,[object Object],2001,[object Object],2001,[object Object],2002,[object Object],2005,[object Object],2006,[object Object],2009,[object Object],2005,[object Object],2000,[object Object],2004,[object Object],2011,[object Object]
PHP(.net) Release Cycles,[object Object],[object Object]
Almost 3 Years support
Mostly full BC within a branch
Security release during lifetime,[object Object]
5+ Years support
Security release during lifetime,[object Object]
Symfony 2+ Release Cycles,[object Object],[object Object]
Up to 3 Years support
Full BC for the branch lifetime
Secutiry releases, no limit,[object Object]
Php symfony and software lifecycle
Php symfony and software lifecycle
Php symfony and software lifecycle
Php symfony and software lifecycle
[object Object]
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Php symfony and software lifecycle

Editor's Notes

  1. Stay in contact
  2. Stayin contact
  3. That’s for the keynote users ;)
  4. Do you know the new features or improvement in 5.3?
  5. +30% speed improvement (EZ for example)
  6. But that’s the plan 
  7. But that’s the plan 
  8. But that’s the plan 
  9. But that’s the plan 
  10. Use now hiphop.Up to 300M Users, ALWAYS clicking on refresh, chatting, posting, etc.
  11. Patents, sun, mysql, unknown roadmap
  12. T-OnlineYahooWerKennt WenSchueler-VZstudiVZPro7MeinVZ
  13. Why?
  14. We can still write crap
  15. Release what?
  16. Via
  17. Via linux distributions
  18. 1.0. 22 releases, EOL 2010!1.1 9 releases1.2 12 releases1.3 8 releases1.4 8 releases
  19. ConvinceDistros to package and support release
  20. In your projectsYou have other issues to solve than switching to another language.
  21. We are at a crossroad
  22. Industralization
  23. Support all major and dying OSes
  24. NoSql is an evolution, No OS is the revolution
  25. NoSql, persistent, almost persistent, eventually persistent
  26. NoSql, persistent, almost persistent, eventually persistentNode.jsEtc.
  27. The cloud? PHP is theretoo.
  28. NoSql is an evolution, No OS is the revolution